Lots of improvements to Flex

Let your users reschedule bookings. Define your image dimensions freely. Build faster with the help of more tutorials and a new design template.


Sharetribe Flex has seen a huge number of updates in the past weeks. Here's a collection of the most important releases.

Update bookings and make proposed bookings

It's common that a user wants to reschedule their appointment after they’ve made a booking. Earlier, they needed to cancel the initial booking and create a new one. Now, Flex has a new action you can add to your transaction process to allow customers, providers, or both to edit booking details without canceling it.

In addition, it's now possible to initiate "proposed" bookings. These are handy in situations where you want to keep track of suggested bookings but don't want them to block slots on a provider's calendar yet. For example, a provider can receive multiple booking requests for the same slot, approve one, and decline the others.

To start using these features, read more about booking states and see the updated transaction process action reference for bookings.

Have your images in the dimensions you want

Earlier, Flex defined a fixed set of default listing image dimensions you needed to choose from. If your unique design required other dimensions, you needed to resize the images in the front-end, which made it challenging to use custom image sizes in your designs.

A recent Flex update fixes this issue. You can now define image variants freely. You can crop them to the exact dimensions and aspect ratios you want. Learn more about how to take custom image variants into use.

Complete design template for FTW-hourly

Creating a unique visual design for your marketplace becomes a lot faster when you can compile your design files by modifying the Flex design templates instead of building them from scratch. Earlier, there was only one template, built on top of FTW-daily. Now, you can find a complete design template for the other Flex Template for Web, FTW-hourly, too.

You can open and edit these template files in your favorite design application, like Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma.

New chapters to Flex tutorial

The best way to get started with Flex is to follow the steps in the Flex tutorial. Part 1 of the tutorial was released in the spring and discusses the basics: things like changing branding and adding custom pages. Two more parts were recently added to tackle more advanced customizations. 

In Part 2 of the Flex tutorial, you learn to extend Flex’s data model to collect custom information about your listings, display this data to your users, and filter search results based on it. The third part discusses changing the transaction process: customizing pricing, creating new email notifications, and even creating a completely new transaction process.

The Sharetribe team works hard on developing Flex, and improvements are released every week. If you haven’t already, join the Flex developer Slack channel to get the news about all big and small releases.

How can we make Flex better for you? Let us know by replying to this email!

On behalf of the Sharetribe team,

Juho Makkonen
CEO, Sharetribe

P.S. If you have any questions, just reply to this email and we'll get back to you as fast as lightning! ⚡️

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