Sync your transactions with third-party systems

You can now invoke operator transitions and store data to transactions programmatically. This makes many advanced features in your transaction process possible.

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When you can sync your marketplace transactions with each other or third-party events, many advanced features in your transaction process become possible.

The latest Sharetribe Flex improvements allow you to invoke operator transitions via the Integration API and add metadata to them. You can also pass parameters to operator transitions, something that wasn't possible before. In practice, this means that events on a third-party service or a transaction on your marketplace can impact another transaction. 

Here are a few examples of features these improvements make possible:

  • You can allow a customer to send the same booking request to three different providers. When one of them accepts the request, the two others are automatically canceled.

  • Your third-party delivery provider updates the status of a purchase to "delivered". This triggers an automatic email to the customer, reminding them to review the provider. The change in delivery status also automatically releases the payout to the provider.

  • You can store the status of the delivery (e.g. "waiting for pick up", "on its way", "delivered") to the transaction whenever it changes in the third-party system and allow your customer to track their order without leaving your platform.

  • You can block transactions from moving forward before a verification has happened in a third-party system. 

You can also edit the metadata of a transaction from Console, which comes in handy too. Sometimes you, as the operator of the marketplace, need to take manual actions to facilitate a transaction, and this functionality makes it easier for you to do that.

To learn more about this new functionality and take it into use in your marketplace, see documentation about operator transitions via the Integration API, Integration API reference for transactions, and action reference for privileged-update-metadata. In addition, you might want to refresh your memory about privileged transitions, a feature released earlier this year.

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CEO, Sharetribe

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