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Do Simple Better. It is one of Cubs' Manager Joe Maddon's many philosophies, and one we all witnessed last night when the Cubs won their first World Series championship in 108 years. Culture is not something you state and it instantly works. You need to surround yourself with individuals who are equally committed to the overall goal. It is the persistent teamwork, by all of the talented individuals involved, that brings the win.

Carlson Dash strives to simplify things. This month we go back to the basics and look at the anatomy of a lawsuit. After covering the basics, Carlson Dash can focus on the actual issues at hand in order to take the most effective and least complicated path when handling your matters. 

We also take a moment to reflect on several successes we have had this year as a firm in Legal Tidbits.

Collections Roundtable

On October 11th, Kurt Carlson and Bryce Cox were keynote speakers at The Wisconsin Credit Union League's bi-annual Collections Roundtable event. Kurt and Bryce spent the morning discussing Pre-Litigation, Forbearance Agreements & Deeds in Lieu, Best Practices in Litigation (Personal & Real Property), Differences of Settlement and Judgments and Effective Post-Judgment Remedies.

"This was the firm's first time participating at this event and it was an enjoyable and incredibly rewarding experience. The professionals that attended were interested and engaged, posed intriguing questions, and provided excellent feedback. The opportunity to provide people with legal and practical solutions to real world problems is the foundation of our profession, and the part we most enjoy." - Kurt M. Carlson

Construction Appointments

James Dash was recently appointed as Vice-Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Construction Law Section Council. Jim formerly served as Chair of the Chicago Bar Association's Construction and Mechanics Lien Subcommittee and has been active in the construction bar for more than 20 years. 

Jim also was recently elected to serve as Treasurer of the Society of Illinois Construction Attorneys, of which he is currently the Secretary. In addition to being the Secretary, Jim also serves on the Steering Committee, the Membership Committee and the Construction Insurance Committee.

You’ve Been Sued, Now What? The Anatomy of a Civil Lawsuit

Being sued or bringing suit against a person or business is stressful. While no two lawsuits are exactly alike, knowing the overall process of a lawsuit will help you understand where you are at all times. Read on.  


Recent Carlson Dash Results

Carlson Dash and our clients work closely together and commit to investing in one another resulting in lucrative results. We, as a firm, have seen several of these successful outcomes in the most recent quarter and would like to share them with you.

Full Coverage

Carlson Dash often obtains settlements, judgments and other recoveries for our clients. One of our most recent cases resulted in our client being awarded an arbitration judgment in which the insurance carrier was ordered to pay our client’s full claim.

Persistence Pays

Obtaining a judgment is not the end of a matter. In one case, shortly after the judgment was entered the debtors filed an appeal. The appeal was dismissed, reinstated, and once again dismissed. However, before we could complete the commercial foreclosure sale and collection of the multi-million dollar, commercial judgment, the debtors filed bankruptcy. After several unsuccessful hearings to lift the stay on the judicial sale Carlson Dash stepped back and tried a different direction with a newly filed adversary. That change in course paid off when the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Northern Illinois granted confirmation of the commercial foreclosure sale allowing our client to take possession and remove the debtors within 60 days. This was a hard-fought victory.

You Paid How Much?!

Following two years of litigation (including a receivership) our client was granted a judgment of foreclosure and sale on a commercial property in Woodstock, IL.  The property was auctioned and sold to our client as the highest and only bidder. The trial court confirmed the sale without any objection or response filed by defendants.  However, thirty days thereafter the defendants filed a motion to vacate the sale arguing, among other things, that the sale price was improper because the price was so inadequate.  After hearing evidence and testimony, the trial court denied the defendants’ motion to vacate the sale ruling that defendants had not met their burden.  The ruling was affirmed by the appellate court which found it was not against the manifest weight of the evidence or an abuse of discretion for the trial court to find that defendants had not proven that the sale price was unconscionable.

Carry On

A business owed our client a tremendous amount of money and decided to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an effort to avoid liability. The company sought to use our client’s money and other collateral in the bankruptcy, but Carlson Dash prevailed in defeating the company’s motion to use cash collateral as it was clear that the business’ financials painted a bleak reorganization picture. This allowed our client to continue to pursue its legal rights.

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