Webinars: How to Host Events With Cris Sardinia" | October 21 = Q4 Deadline | TDOR & D17 | New Chapter Coordinator, New BOD Additions | TO-Do's and MORE!
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November 20: Trans Day of Remembrance

Howdy Gang!

Hope you're relaxing and recuperating after a flury of activity in New Orleans! The weeks after Desiree have been a big regrouping, expanding, and incubation time for SWOP national! We've gained 5 amazing new board members...and a rock-star chapter coordinator to replace Derek Demeri, who we still love and will still miss.

We're now starting to jump into things - preparing for Trans Day of Remembrance and December 17th, getting new chapter training together, and implementing our advocacy plan...stay tuned for new details in the following newsletters!

Something we realized at Desiree was that it was important to communicate with as broad a group of Chapter members as possible. So to increase transparency and take some of the weight off Chapter Representatives, we invite ANY and ALL chapter member to subscribe to this newsletter! If you're a chapter rep, please forward this on! If this newsletter has been forwarded to you, please subscribe to the letter here

Lots of Love,

The SWOP-USA Board


What's In the Newsletter

  • 4th Quarter Funding Opportunities, Advice & Deadlines: Scroll down for more information! 

  • TDOR & December 17th 

  • Sun, September 25 Webinar: How to Host Events with Cris Sardinia of Desiree Alliance

  • Sun, November 27 National Call: Save the Date! 

  •  New Additions: Chapter Coordinator & SWOP-USA Board Member Additions!

  • Sex Work News 

  • SWOP Chapter News

SWOP-USA Webinars in August!

4th Quarter Funding is available!

October 21 is the Deadline for

Advocacy & Special Events Funding

Special Projects Funding

We will fund as many projects as possible, giving priority to SWOP projects that have a clear goal and process, and a thoughtful budget.

If you need help applying, reach out to If you have been given funding in the past, but have not filled out a report back form about how your used the funds, now is the time to do so.

We prioritize giving repeat funding to projects that document progress and how funding was used and share this with SWOP-USA.

**Note - We have no remaining conference funding for this Fiscal Year**

How did Desiree Go? 

If you received funding to attend Desiree, we want to know how it went for you. Please fill out this report back form to describe the experience, and send any photos you’d like to share to

Thanks so much, this feedback will help us raise money for future conference scholarships.

Have you or your chapter recieved SWOP-USA Funding? It's Report-Back Time!

Time to start thinking about Dececember 17th & Trans Day Of Remembrance!

SWOP-USA is in the process of updating our toolkits for each of these two important occasions.

For TDOR, 
We encourage you to reach out to local LGBTQI advocacy and community organizations to see how you and your chapter can help support what they are planning. You can begin by searching for groups that hosted TDOR events in 2015. If there are no local groups in your area planning a TDOR event, your chapter can consider how to honor this day of remembrance.

To start planning for Dec 17thyou can review our toolkit from 2015 for ideas.

We have funding allocated for both of these events! Apply for Advocacy & Special Events funding by Oct 21.

Get Educated!

How to Host Events

Sunday, September 25 4PM PST

We'll be talking with Cris Sardinia, Executive Director and organizer of the Desiree Alliance conference and others about how to organize events--from start to finish. The webinar will include practical guidance on organizing, from concept to clean-up. Topics covered will include:

  • Considerations when hosting sex worker-only and mixed events.
  • Coalition-building and getting diverse participation at all stages of your event. 
  • Making sure you have everything you need (permits, insurance, venue contracts, etc)
  • Common problems right before & during the event, & how to handle these with grace.
  • How to have a successful event!

Register HERE!

Have you or your chapter recieved SWOP-USA Funding? It's Report-Back Time!
NATIONAL CALL: Sunday November 27th
7pm EST/6pm CST/4pm PST
Conference Line: 712-432-1680 Access Code: 219655

The SWOP-USA Board has been evaluating our structure as a national organization, and some of you have conversed with us about what works and what doesn't. We're considering adjusting our structure to better enable individual participation, and to provide better support for new Chapters. This call will be an opportunity for us all to discuss our evolution. Materials will be sent out ahead of this call to outline our past, current, and possible future structures. Your voice in this is welcome and encouraged. 
Riley Johnson is an activist and consultant dedicated to connecting people to what they need. In addition to serving as SWOP-USA's Chapter Coordinator, Riley is the executive director and co-founder of RAD Remedy, an award-winning community-driven nonprofit whose Referral Aggregator Database is the first review and referral database for trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, and queer health. When not engaged in movement work, Riley takes delight in corny puns, collecting community-created safer sex materials, and cavorting with chosen and leather family.  
Katie Bloomquist
Katie currently holds a Masters of Science in social responsibility and Bachelor of Arts degrees in sociology and psychology. She is in her final year of an MA in marriage and family therapy at Saint Mary’s University working as an intern at the Sexual Wellness Institute and Rum River Counseling. She is pursuing specialized training in sex therapy and is passionate about promoting sexual health and reducing shame and stigma associated with all areas of sexuality, particularly atypical sexual interests and sex work. She has been an active member of the kink community for over a decade and is organizing the SWOP Minneapolis “I Am” Campaign. She currently has several sex work research publications under review and will be presenting on the sex workers rights movement, sex work stigma and the minority stress of sex work at the Sociologists of Minnesota conference, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality conference, and the Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapist conference.

Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta is a queer feminist activist passionate about sexual and reproductive rights, prison abolition movements and building communities with queer and trans folks. They are a member of Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR) and also previously served on the Board of Directors. They serve on the Advisory Group to The Guttmacher-Lancet Commission on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Youth Action Team of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Partnership. Ankit has worked on a range of issues from comprehensive sexuality education, public safety for young queer youth, especially trans youth to climate change and environment. Previously, they have worked as a consultant with International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and the YP Foundation.
Ceyenne Doroshow
Ceyenne was raised in Brooklyn and fought very hard for her day-to-day survival as a transgender girl. Escaping into the kitchen and learning how to cook became a source of power for Ceyenne, and to this day she sues food to bring people to together and get over their differences. She even published a memoir entitled “Cooking in Heels” based on her life experience. Now a grown lady, she has been blessed to be an advocate, caseworker, lover, and friend. Ceyenne is blessed to have Miss Major as her mother and mentor, and is featured in MAJOR, a film about Miss Major’s life. Ceyenne’s legendary storytelling skills are featured in the Red Umbrella Diaries documentary, and bring her all over the country as a sought after speaker, to share her wisdom, humor, and life lessons as a trans woman of color and sex worker. She also volunteers extensively at the River Fund in Queens, providing food, pantry, and other necessary services to people in need.
Serena Sullivan
Serena Sullivan is a feminist educator, writer, full spectrum doula, sex worker, community organizer, and activist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as Certifications in Birth, Postpartum, Loss, and Abortion Care, Childbirth Education, Lactation Education, Placenta Encapsulation, and Babywearing Education and is pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching English As A Second Language (Pre-K-12) and a Master of Arts in Teaching Social Science (5-12). Serena is passionate about using her academic, personal, and professional experiences to provide care and education to sex workers, low-income Women of Color, immigrant women, and survivors of gender-based violence and their children. Serena hopes to eventually transition into a career in Healthcare as a Physician’s Assistant in order to provide free reproductive healthcare and resources to sex workers in the future. During her free time, Serena enjoys volunteering with and adopting animals in need of loving care and homes, traveling, writing poetry, and binge watching Netflix shows.
Jacqueline Robarge
Jacqueline is a lesbian, feminist, survivor, and activist. She has spent more than two decades working to end gendered violence and oppression.  Her work includes trauma healing and justice projects, sex workers’ rights, white anti-racism organizing, action research, and a range of human rights advocacy. She is the director and co-founder of Power Inside, a Baltimore harm reduction and human rights organization for women and girls, formed in 2001. In her current role at Power Inside, she is the lead ally-organizer standing with sex workers who have experienced human rights abuses, sexual violence, and racial profiling by the Baltimore City Police.
Hiring! Chapter Coordinator

Targeted Attacks Against Street-Based Sex Workers in Philadelphia - Several Philadelphia street-based sex workers have recently been murdered, according to advocate MG Dante. Dante is working to get state senate support for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Read more here

Follow-Up on "The Review Board" Seizure and Prosecution - In an in-depth investigation, Elizabeth Nolan Brown of followed up on the January raid and seizure of Seattle-Based review board "The Review Board." This article deserves to be read in full, but in a nutshell, all of our instincts that this was a witchhunt using "trafficking" to attack commercial sex and undocumented immigration was essentially dead-on.

Clients are (Finally) OrganizingClients of Sex Workers Allied for Change was recently launched, as a place for clients to connect with each other for the purpose of advocating against criminalization and stigma. The group who founded CoSWAC has been in touch with sex workers involved with SWOP for input and guidance. They are open to constructive feedback, invite other clients to join them, and look forward to joining sex workers in our combined fight for autonomy and human rights. 

The ACLU is finally starting to speak up about Sex Work - This month, the New Jersey ACLU Executive Director issued a statement condemning sting operations against sex workers in the New Jersey Area. Looking for more to come!

Latesha Clay Appeal Date -  LaTesha has been given an appeal date - October 7th, 2016! LaTesha is a 16 year old woman who, at the age of 15, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for playing a minor role in the robbery of men who were, for all intensive purposes, committing a federal felony in trying to pay to have sex with her, a minor. For more information, click here!

Celeste Guap - Celeste was released from a Florida Jail on a plea deal this Tuesday. Last week, Guap, whose bravery prompted police sexual misconduct investigations across several California jurisdictions, was arrested at a drug rehabilitation facility in Marin County, FL on assault charges and subsequently held in solitary confinement without bail. 

We believe it is imperative to continue to place pressure on the the police departments implicated in her case, district attorneys, and the Martin Florida Sheriff to ensure Guap is safe and that investigations into police misconduct stemming from her case continue. For ways to take action, please visit the crowdfunder website organized by Guap’s mother, Monica Cedillo, and Tara Burns of Community United for Safety and Protection.

Gigi Marie Thomas - Gigi's trial date was postponed from September 13 to February 27, 2017. This means Thomas will have spent over 15 months in jail pre-trial without bond.  Penelope Saunders of BPPP & Bonnie of SWOP-MD have been waging a prolongued effort in support of Gigi Thomas. Click on the link to learn more about how you can provide support.

Hiring! Chapter Coordinator

SWOP-Kentucky - Has a new support line!  It is 502-771-1275! SWOP Kentucky has support from University of Louisville's Women and Gender Studies Dept Chair...WOOT! They're excited we are here!  Yay!!

SWOP-Las Vegas - Rocked it at the BBWConference in Vegas!
SWOP-Los Angeles - Will be representing SWOP-USA at CatalystCon this weekend! Thank you!


We want it!!! Email and share any scheming, plans, achievements and activities for the next Scarlet Letter!

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