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Cramond Association Members' Newsletter
September 2015
This newsletter covers:
  • Does this care home look right in Cramond Village?
  • Visit to Bruntsfield Golf Club
  • Our new committee for 2015 - 16
  • Next meeting on 28 September 2015
  • Have you paid your membership subscription?
  • Great success on proposed changes to the River Almond weirs
  • Roman invasion in October 2015
  • Family Fun Day on 16 Aug – hot dogs were a great success 
Does this care home
look right in Cramond Village?
Proposed Care Home in Cramond Village
The planning application for this care home at 18 Whitehouse Road (behind the Old Post Office) is now on the Edinburgh Council portal. There are 31 Documents available. The care home will have 61 bedrooms. You can see the details on the Council’s website.
Please note, this is a separate care home to the one at 49 Cramond Road North, where demolition has already taken place and construction started.

The Cramond Association, Cramond & Barnton Community Council and the Cramond Action Group are monitoring the situation closely and are in dialogue with Council planning officers and Councillors. 

If you haven't already, please do join the Cramond Action Group. Signing up will ensure you receive updates and will provide you with the key points of objection to the planning application. You can also get updates on their Facebook page.
We do all need to let the Council planning officers and the Councillors know this is a totally unacceptable development in the Cramond Conservation Area. If you write to the council, please say how badly the care home will impact on the amenity and character of Cramond Conservation Area.  
Visit to Bruntsfield Golf Club
Bruntsfield Golf Club
Welcome to Bruntsfield

Founded in 1761, the Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society is the fourth oldest in the world and one of Scotland's most prestigious clubs. There are beautiful views from the clubhouse over the mature parkland style course. As a testament to the quality of the course, the R&A since 2011 have selected Bruntsfield as a Qualifying Venue for the Open Championship.

We are delighted that David Paterson, Captain, has invited us to visit the course and clubhouse on Friday 9 October 2015, from 5.30 to 7.00pm. There will be a walk around part of the course looking at some fascinating features such as the old quarry. Informal dress is the order of the day (no ties needed) but walking shoes must be worn. There will then be coffee and scones in the clubhouse with the opportunity to buy drinks and refreshments at the bar. Tickets for 30 members are available from Margery Naylor.
Brunsfield Golf Club
Our new committee for 2015-16
Margery Naylor 
Tel 312 8956
Vice President 
Prof Anthony Seaton
Tel 336 5113
Gena Wylie
17 Barnton Park Drive, EH4 6HF 
Tel 312 8907
Diana Hart 
4 Braehead View EH4 6BQ
Tel 339 8285
Cramond Heritage Trust
Kathleen Dods 
Tel 336 2124
Cramond History Section
Una Woof       
Tel 336 5233
Committee Members 
Sandy Anderson Tel 339 6867
Alan Brebner Tel 538 6392 
Richard Bright Tel 336 3846 
Lois Bryden Tel 336 4797 
Adam Cumming Tel 312 8963 
Ian Huggan Tel 467 2165 
Bert Scott Tel 339
Stefan Slater Tel 312 6779
Angela Smith Tel 336 2031 
Bill Weir Tel 312 8147 
Tom Wylie Tel 312 8907
Please feel free to contact any member about matters of concern within our Community. Your ideas for the development of the Association’s programme or activities are most welcome.
Monday 28 September - Nairn's Oatcakes
Mr Russell Clink will give us an insight to their history, production and sales operations. Do come to the first meeting of the 2015-16 session at 7.30 in Cramond Kirk Hall.
Nairn’s Oatcakes
Oatcakes and cheese are a classic combination, but it’s time for the oatcake to come out from the shadows of cheese and be enjoyed on its own or in a range of different ways. If you don’t have time to make your morning porridge or you’re looking for something more filling than toast, try oatcakes for breakfast, topped with banana, peanut butter, jam or just a little butter. Swap your lunchtime sandwich for a salad or bowl of soup accompanied by some oatcakes to help release energy slowly throughout the rest of your day or boost your energy mid-afternoon with oatcakes and hummus or smoked mackerel pâté.
Have you paid your subscription for membership of the Association?

A message from our Treasurer

Thank you to all who have paid their subscriptions and a reminder that subscriptions are due by the end of September.

Many thanks to members who included a donation with their subscription the Association is very grateful and they will make a significant contribution to our overall funds.

For members who have chosen not to include a stamped addressed envelope for their programme can I point out that the annual programme details would have been enclosed with the letter, are on the website and on the noticeboards at Cramond and Barnton.

Gena Wylie,
Treasurer, Cramond Association 
Great success on proposed changes to the River Almond weirs 
We were present in good numbers at the presentation made on 27 Aug about the proposed changes to the weirs on the River Almond. The consultants are now proposing that the weir at Fair a Far should be kept and the fish ladder improved. The weir at Dowies Mill could be partially removed but the mill pond and Cramond Brig would not be seriously affected. 

A copy of the presentation including the visualisations is now available on the website. It is well worth looking at the slides.
Roman invasion in October 2015
Delve into Cramond’s past this October with a trio of exciting events! ‘Cramond Roman Fort: 60 Years of Excavation and Research’ will kick things off at the University of Edinburgh on Saturday 3 October. This conference will explore the history of the fort and how Cramond fits within the wider Roman world, and will culminate with the presentation of new research into the sixth-century burials found from the site of the bathhouse.  
Storytellers and archaeologists will then team up on 25 October for ‘Dig It! 2015 at Cramond’, as part of the International Storytelling Festival. Join the experts to explore Cramond before, during and after the Romans with a series of engaging talks around the village.

The Cramond Association and Cramond Heritage Trust will also to launch a new app at ‘Dig It! 2015 at Cramond’! Developed by the University of St Andrews, this innovative app will allow people to digitally explore Cramond’s heritage – from the very first people to live by its shores, all the way up to its industrial heritage.

 If you would like to attend the conference (cost £20) or storytelling event (free but ticketed) please visit the Dig It! 2015 website or contact, or visit the British Archaeology News Resource website.

AND THERE’S MORE: Cramond Heritage Trust and Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society are holding a combined Doors Open Days and Scottish Archaeology and Heritage Festival event on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September at the Maltings from 11am to 5pm.  There will be an Ancient Skills Workshop and Excavation Finds Processing, guided walks at 2pm on either the Riverside Iron Mills or Historic Cramond.  The exhibitions cover Cramond’s Story from 8500 BC to 2015 AD, the Impact of World War One on Cramond and Cramond Island.
The first ever family fun day hosted by Cramond Association took place on Sunday 16th August at The Maltings. It was a new joint activity between the Cramond Association and the Cramond Heritage Trust.

Numbers were less than we hoped for although all who did attend enjoyed the various activities including creative play with cardboard boxes. The hot dogs were a great success.

Feedback from those who did attend has been very positive and it is hoped to repeat the event next year taking on board the helpful suggestions.
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