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Cramond Association Members' Newsletter
April/May 2016
low-flying plane
We wish to draw your attention to the establishment in January of an Airport Action Group for Cramond, sponsored by Cramond & Barnton Community Council (CBCC). This will consult with Edinburgh Airport and take whatever action may be required to address the aircraft noise-nuisance to the community.
An organising committee has been formed and has already met with Airport representatives who have undertaken to look at a number of factors. These include whether eastward departing aircraft might be re-routed to reduce the extent to which they overfly Cramond and whether easterly arrivals – the main source of noise – might come in across Cramond at a higher altitude. They will also look at the efficacy of their noise monitoring. The committee is encouraged by these and other undertakings and will soon be meeting again with the Airport to determine progress.
The committee would be very pleased to receive expressions of interest from anyone about joining the Group and any comments about the Airport at People who would like to receive updates on the Group’s progress should provide contact details - name, address and email. These will be kept strictly confidential by the Secretary. The current membership of the committee is:
  • Mr Bob Brough, 108 Whitehouse Rd (Chairman and Secretary)
  • Mr John Cranston, 84 Whitehouse Rd
  • Mr Ross Hunter, Gamekeeper’s Rd
  • Mr David McGowan, 18B Gamekeeper’s Rd
  • Mr Andrew Mather, 21 Inveralmond Dr *
  • Dr Stefan Slater, 80 Whitehouse Rd *
*Andrew Mather, Chairman of CBCC, and Stefan Slater, Committee Member, Cramond Association, represent their organisations on the Edinburgh Airport Consultative Committee (EACC) – see Stefan’s annual report on the EACC on the Association’s website at 
Margery Naylor, President, and Stefan Slater, Committee Member & Airport Representative
Craigiehall Village: Proposed Development - Invitation to view development proposals

Members of the public are invited by Hallam Land Management Ltd to view plans for a proposed new village concept of up to 1200 new homes at Craigiehall, South Queensferry, Edinburgh. A manned public exhibition will take place on Monday 18th April at Queensferry Parish Church (Queen Margaret Hall), 1pm to 7pm.

Comments and feedback to be made by the 29th April to: RFA, 3 Walker Street, EH3 7JY or via email to Comments must be sent to the above address and do not constitute formal representations to the City of Edinburgh Council. An opportunity to make formal representations to the Council will exist if a subsequent planning application is made.
A note from Richard Adlington, Chair of Friends of the River Almond Walkway 
About the Almond Barriers Project

The Good news
The retention of the weir at Fair a Far has been confirmed by the official bodies tasked with improving fish passage up the River Almond.

The Bad news
The fate of the weir at Dowies Mill just below Cramond Brig is less certain. The Consultant Engineers are due to report on their final recommendations by the end of May. Their stated preferred option is for removal of this weir. Our fear is that this will be driven through despite assurances that other options such as considerably cheaper easement alternatives are still in play. The concern is that if the weir is removed, then the appearance of the river just below Cramond Brig would be completely changed, particularly in times of low water, and that river banks would be damaged in consequence. 
A recent email to us says that “Whilst detailed design work is still to be finalised I can assure you that maintenance of these water levels is a key design criteria”.  It is intriguing how this could be achieved if the weir is removed. We will be asking for clarification.  We will also be continuing to confirm to relevant authorities the considerable public support there is for retaining the Dowies Mill Weir and the beautiful pool of water just below Cramond Brig.

Replacement of the Salvesen Steps
May 14 will mark 50 Years since the steps were opened following the generous granting of the land and construction costs by the Salvesen family. After what must be the passage of hundreds of thousands of people, the steps are in dire need of replacement by a lower-level structure around the rock-face. The Council which has the statutory duty under the Land Reform Act (2003) to keep it open for use has had this in mind for a long time. Unfortunately actual workable plans have been very slow indeed to come to even initial fruition.  This is all most frustrating but we remain optimistic on balance and will continue to encourage action.
Salvesen Steps
We continue our work to maintain and improve the Walkway.  The implementation of our Community Woodland Project has progressed well with lots of volunteers helping and we have started work to improve the entrance to the Walkway by the Boat Club.  
John Barclay
Note from John Barclay:

Thank you very much for assisting at the Litter Pick at Cramond Car Park on Wednesday 23rd March 2016.   We had 6 volunteers who collected 13 black bin bags of litter.  The car park is a lot more presentable now, thanks to everyone’s hard work. 

Many thanks again
John Barclay
What did we do in 2015-16? A huge range of activities! Here are some of the highlights.
  • Our monthly talks programme from September to April each year – a real success story! We continue to have a great turnout for all our talks and also continued the fascinating talks in the History Section, led by Una Woof
  • Led by Anthony Seaton, we have begun work towards applying for Scottish charity status to make it easier to attract funding to carry out work to enhance the quality of life in the community
  • Woodlands Group – some of our members, led by Stefan Slater, with others, have put in a great deal of hard labour to make a significant improvement to the paths in the woods around Cramond Kirk
  • Provided news and updated information and about local events and new developments in the area through our monthly email newsletter, Facebook, and our noticeboards – thanks to Sandy Anderson. And Richard Bright is leading on improvements to our website on 
  • Organised guided walks whenever we are asked – for example Bill Weir is organising a guided walk to Cramond Island for French students from the University of Rouen. And he has also led the Programme Group with Bert Scott, Angela Smith and others
  • Started providing more activities for families – Gena Wylie and Kathleen Dods ran a Family Fun Day in June 2015
  • Given members exclusive priority access to our hugely popular Carols by Candlelight Christmas family concert, with mulled wine brewed up by Diana Hart
  • Kept in touch with residents in Cramond Village, thanks to Lois Bryden
  • Ensured our members have access to a team of experts who can provide advice into a range of local concerns, including development and planning, with the help of our planning adviser, Alan Brebner
  • Effectively managed our finances and register of members, and our committee minutes thanks to Gena and Tom Wylie
Activities with partner organisations and other groups
  • Continued to work closely with other organisations in Cramond through the ‘Cramond Collaborative’ – an informal partnership meeting of local organisations, the Cramond Association, Cramond Heritage Trust, Friends of the River Almond Walkway, Friends of Cammo, and the Community Council, e.g. in the bid to retain the weirs on the River Almond at Fair a Far and Dowies Mill
  • We have representatives who attend the Neighbourhood Partnership; the Airport Committee, Community Council meetings, and the Cockburn Association.
  • Led by Adam Cumming, we worked with St Andrews University and the Cramond Heritage Trust (CHT) to produce an app on the History of Cramond. We also worked with the CHT, St Andrews University and the Society of Antiquaries to stage the DIGIT event – a storytelling event and exploration of the history and archaeology of Cramond
  • Collaborated with the other local organisations and students from Edinburgh University on a project to improve the look of the Foreshore – it’s called ‘New Visions’ - and we are still working on it
  • Submitted a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund, with neighbourhood partner organisations, to improve the signs and appearance of the area and assist people to be more aware of the area’s cultural and natural heritage and recreational opportunities and visitor facilities
Achievement of these activities is the result of the enthusiasm and initiative of members of the Committee (pictured below). I am very grateful indeed for all the hard work and stimulating input which they make to the work of the Association.  And we have fun while we are doing it!
The Committee
We couldn’t achieve all our activities without the support of our members. Thank you for joining us in looking after the area and promoting its attractiveness. We hope we can count on your continuing support next year.
And what about next year, 2016-17?
This is our last e-newsletter until we start our next session in September 2016-17, but we want to continue to develop our activities so that we are meeting the needs of the people of our area. Do you have any ideas about what we should be doing? If so, please get in touch with us and we can keep moving forward!
Margery Naylor, on behalf of all the members of the Cramond Association Committee
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