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Our website has a wealth of information on important topics and upcoming meetings and field trips. Chapter Code for Burroughs Audubon Society of Greater Kansas City - NO2.

April General Meeting


Join us on Earth Day for our April Zoom General Meeting Thursday, April 22, at 6:30 PM. (follow link above and enter meeting ID: 737 440 7962 / passcode: k3eJ3S - lower-case k and e). Facebook protocols are ever-changing, but we'll also try to stream the program live to FB. Business and announcements will precede the program.  Please note the date change from the third Tuesday to third Thursday -- effective this meeting only.

Mary Nemecek will present "Enhancing Your Birding with eBird!" Ever-expanding, accessible to all, and a boon to scientists, eBird maintains the largest collection of ornithological data ever assembled, much of it contributed by ordinary folks enjoying time in the field. Managing your personal birding records with eBird is easy and fun, and now you can learn to utilize everything that the site has to offer. Mary's presentation will include "real-time" manipulation of eBird lists and data, and will be helpful to any birder, from novice to veteran. Mary has served as a Missouri eBird reviewer for 4 years, is a member of the Missouri Bird Records Committee, and is passionate about birding, education, and habitat preservation.

Mark your calendars for a Zoom program on Tuesday May 18! Anna Buckhardt Thomas, an Avian Ecologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, will tell us about the recovery and restoration of Trumpeter Swan populations in the Midwest. These huge, graceful birds (among the largest North American waterfowl) can be readily seen in our region during migration. More info to come.

Conservation News


• It's legislative season and there are a couple bills we're watching in the Missouri Legislature. The most urgent is HB 1046, calling for the sale of Eleven Point State Park. This bill is problematic in many ways. Its language applies to the entire state park, not just the 625 acres of the scenic easement along the river. These public lands belong to all Missourians, and this area is especially deserving of protection as one of the first rivers in the country designated under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 1968. If you have not yet let your representatives know the importance of opposing HB 1046, please do so. This link to the Conservation Federation of Missouri's Action Center provides a complete description of this bill and an avenue for Missouri residents to convey their thoughts to state legislators.

• Mentioned last month in BurroughsAnnounce, the City of Parkville, MO proposed to illuminate ball fields on the north side of Platte Landing Park, near a 70-acre wetland on the banks of the Missouri River. Lighted fields would be located only yards from the wetland, imperiling birds drawn to the new habitat, but the City has reconsidered its proposal. Burroughs Audubon applauds the City for announcing that no lights will be installed. We appreciate the efforts of vocal citizens opposing the high-intensity lights and the City's decision which will limit light pollution and protect wildlife.

• Spring migration is underway! Be sure to keep outside lighting turned off at night, now through May 20th, to help the birds move safely through Kansas City.  Closing curtains to block light coming from inside houses is also helpful.

BirdSafeKC is gearing up to monitor bird strikes in the Kansas City metro area during spring migration. A collaboration of Missouri River Bird Observatory (MRBO) and BAS, this grassroots project documents bird collisions and fatalities at buildings. Its goals are to encourage collision mitigation and enhance awareness of hazards that urban environments pose for birds. For more information, please contact Dana Ripper, MRBO Director, at, and a big 'thank you' to our friends at Missouri River Bird Observatory for all their work in helping make KC safer for birds.

Restoration work continues at the Berrier Memorial Conservation Area (formerly known as South Fork Prairie) in Cass Co., MO. BAS, along with our partners at the Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF), donated funds to save this remnant prairie. Now a Missouri Dept of Conservation property, but managed by MPF, this land is not far from another Cass Co. gem, Snowball Hill Prairie. We're excited to hear that restoration work is going well and glad to have played a part in saving a remaining piece of the once vast eastern tallgrass prairie ecosystem.

• Our annual native plant sale at the Backyard Bird Center will be on Saturday, April 24 from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Preorders only from Missouri Wildflowers Nursery and contact-free pick up. Thanks to Mark McKellar, Ruth Simmons and everyone who provides the venue and volunteer assistance. More native plants = more thriving birds!

For more information on these projects and ways to become involved, please contact BAS Conservation Chair, Mary Nemecek, at

Nature Center and Bird Sanctuary News

• The BAS Library & Nature Center remains closed to visitors, but will reopen on Tuesday, June 1! The plan depends on community spread of Covid at that time, as well as Jackson County public health mandates, but we feel confident. Volunteers and visitors will be required to don masks and social distance through, at least, early autumn.

• With reopening plans, we're happy to announce the return of the much-loved Bonnie the Biologist programs! There are four programs planned for the month, beginning Tuesday, June 1 and continuing on each of the three following Tuesdays. Programs will continue through November and will be announced here and on the BAS website.

• Not Audubon-sponsored events, but still worthwhile opportunities to explore the wild areas of the Kansas City metro, City Nature Challenge 2021 and the EF 21 Online Earth Day Celebration are multi-day events for the entire family.

City Nature Challenge, also called a BioBlitz, invites you to document the incredible biodiversity in the Greater Kansas City Area by making observations of WILD organisms in any of the nine counties that make up the Greater Kansas City Metro Area, April 30-May 3. For more information about City Nature Challenge 2021, contact Stacia Pieroni, Conservation Manager at the Kansas City Zoo, at

Earth Day is April 22, but you can join an early online celebration, EF 21 Online Earth Day Celebration, sponsored by the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City this coming weekend. Speakers and workshops on both Saturday, April 17 and Sunday, April 18 are topped of by a musical performance and convocation on Sunday evening. See a schedule of the presentations here.

Spring is absolutely our most joyous time of year--as one BAS volunteer describes it: "It's Christmas for birders"! There's so much to observe and the "cast of characters" changes daily from now through mid-May.

Ospreys can be seen cruising over area lakes, with a few reports of some staying to nest.
Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and orioles (Baltimore and Orchard) return to the KC area this month. If feeding, please keep hummingbird nectar fresh and free of food coloring.
Remember that young birds observed on the ground are generally not orphaned. Parents will continue to feed and protect feathered fledglings who have left the nest but not yet mastered flight. Keep humans and pets away from them. MO residents, if you have concerns about any bird, or other wildlife, please call Lakeside Nature Center at (816) 513-8960 for guidance. KS residents contact Operation Wildlife in Linwood, KS at (785) 542-3625. Federal law prohibits transporting wildlife across state lines without a permit, and BAS does not possess the necessary permits or personnel to rehabilitate injured animals.
Warbler sightings usually begin in mid to late April, reaching their peak in early May.
Winter sparrows, like juncos and White-throated Sparrows, return north with their niches here assumed by perky, rufous-capped Chipping Sparrows.

We wish everyone a wonderful spring! As Edward Abbey wrote, "It is important to fight for the land, but even more important to enjoy it. While you still can. While it's still here."

Field Trips


The BAS Field Trips Committee is happy to announce that it's offering limited field trips during spring migration this year. While Covid precautions will remain in place, the multiple trips to KCP&L Prairie Wetlands in Gardner, KS do not have a limit on the number of participants, and no registration is required.

We sincerely hope that all restrictions can be lifted by August or September and that we'll have several trips to offer then!
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