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Reminder: 2015-2016 $ Financial Reporting Due!
New Antibiotic Rules Starting Jan. 1, 2017
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Friday, October 28, 2016

There were some great workshops and motivational speakers at the WA State 4-H Forum last weekend in Pasco. Unfortunately, I had other obligations and couldn't attend the whole weekend. Also - there were several different workshops that were held at the same time as a required staff training session or at the same time as other interesting workshops I attended. Randy Williams was able to attend one workshop but also had other commitments. Unfortunately, no Lincoln or (East) Adams volunteers were able to attend this year to help bring back information, tips, and "A-has" to share. :-{

Thanks to all who have submitted enrollment information to the 4hOnline system for this new 4-H year! MOST volunteers who were certified and enrolled last year are being accepted & enrolled as re-enrollments are submitted. If I have not received a leader & project list from the Club General (head) leader, your enrollment activation will be delayed till I receive. Also - there a couple of people who submitted applications last year and took training - but some certification requirements were not met. YOUTH member enrollments in the 4hOnline system will be accepted on December 1st providing they are confirmed by club enrollment managers and all New Year Club/Group requirements have been met.

There are SOME adults showing up in the 4hOnline system that were not previously enrolled and who do NOT have a 4-H Volunteer Application on file yet! It is VERY important that these adults submit an application ASAP and let us know whether you plan to attend one of the scheduled 4-H 101 Part 2 Leader Trainings. General leaders, be sure to communicate this to any of your potential new leaders! They may not receive this E-News! ALSO - be sure and provide a copy of this E-News letter to any leaders, potential leaders or families in your club who do NOT have email!

If you have ANY questions about 4-H enrollment status for individuals or Clubs/groups, be sure and contact me. My schedule will continue to flex around different obligations in November. I will get back to you as soon as possible if we miss connections. 

Karen Robertson, WSU Extension Program Assistant
Lincoln-Adams or 509-659-3209

4-H 101 Part 2
Volunteer Training

November 9, 2017

Based on the responses received from Lincoln and (East) Adams 4-H Volunteer Applicants,
November 9th from 6-9 pm at the WSU Extension office in Ritzville was selected for the required face-to-face portion of 4-H 101 Leader Training.
Refreshments will be provided.
To date, we have received WSU 4-H Volunteer applications from the following:
K. Bageant
C. Buchanan
T. Chrisman
B. Cook
D. Correll
T. Correll
J. Ellis
S. Gloyn
C. Guhlke
S. Hamilton
I. Horter
A. Noser
T. Noser
J. Peterson
B. Simmons
If your name is listed above - and you have NOT re-contacted Karen Robertson, we will assume you ARE planning to attend the 4-H 101 Part 2 session in Ritzville on November 9th!

If you or someone you know is planning to be a new 4-H Volunteer this year, and the name is NOT listed above, we need a Lincoln-Adams WSU 4-H Volunteer Application ASAP! Even if not able to RSVP for one of the 4-H 101 Part 2 Leader Trainings scheduled so far! 

Other 4-H 101 Part 2 Opportunities:
Thursday, November 17th
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Grant Co. Fairgrounds, Moses Lake
RSVP- Jeannie Kiehn

January 21, 2017
During 4-H Super Saturday
in Moses Lake
RSVP- Jeannie Kiehn

Remember, you must return your 4-H Volunteer Application and complete Part 1 of the training (online modules) prior to attending the in-person 4-H 101 Part 2 session.
Application & more Information

Thank you and contact us if you have questions,
Karen Robertson -  509-659-3209
Randy Williams –  509-869-1818
Lauren Hrncirik –  509-754-2011 Ext. 4314

Annual Financial Summary Forms from ALL 4-H Chartered Clubs, Family 4-H Groups, and Councls/Commitees
are due Oct. 31, 2016
If you did not handle money - note on the Financial Summary Form, sign, and date the form.

Clubs and Council Committees who have club owned equipment or supplies must also submit a Club Inventory List!

Clubs and Council Committees who handled money must also submit:
  • Treasurer's Book and/or Ledgers of expenses & income with descriptions.
  • Copies of bank statements, receipts, deposit slips and other supporting documentation
  • Copy of Bank Signature Card
  • Minutes from the 2015 - 2016 4-H year.
More details on: 

Congratulations to those who have submitted their 2015-2016 Treasurers Records and/or Financial Summary:  Almira 4-H, Pasture Pals II 4-H Club, Reardan Livestock. Lincoln Co. 4-H Leader's Council, East Adams Co. 4-H Leaders' Council, Cool Threads 4-H Club, Birds of Play 4-H Club, Manke Family 4-H, Olson Family 4-H, and Saddle Warmers 4-H Club (needs Treasurer's signature.)

New Antibiotic Rules Will Apply to Youth Livestock Exhibitors

From Article written by Marlys Miller,
Pork Checkoff Report Magazine Summer 2016

Even though the following article is directed to youth swine exhibitors, FDA’s Guidance 209 and the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) rule will apply to ALL large animal livestock; beef, sheep, swine, lamb and goats intended for food consumption.

For youth swine exhibitors, parents and project advisors, Jan. 1, 2017, will usher in major changes in accessing medicated feeds for show pigs. That’s when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will implement new rules, known as Guidance 209, for antibiotic use in all animals raised for food.
Antibiotics identified as medically important (to human health) will no longer be available for . . . See rest of article and a link to a video on understanding the use of medicated feeds on:
Lincoln-Adams WSU & 4-H Contacts
Lauren Hrncirik,
4-H Youth Development Regional Specialist
509-754-2011 ext 4314
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
1525 E Wheeler Rd., Moses Lake, WA 98837

Randy Williams,
Lincoln & (East) Adams
4-H Program Coordinator
509-725-4171  FAX 509-725-4104
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
PO Box 399, Davenport, WA 99122

Karen Robertson,
WSU Extension Program Assistant
Lincoln-Adams Area
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
205 W Main Ave., Ritzville, WA  99169

Bridget Rohner,
WSU Extension Lincoln County Director
Youth, Family & Community Education
509-725-4171  FAX 509-725-4101
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
PO Box 399, Davenport, WA 99122

Judy Boutain,
Office Assistant,
WSU Lincoln County Extension
Aaron Esser,
County Director, Adams County
Agronomist, Lincoln/Adams Area
(509) 659-3210

Kuber, Paul, Ph.D., 
NE WA Regional Livestock Specialist
(509) 725-4171 – Davenport
(509) 477-2185 – Spokane

Adams Co. 4-H Leaders’ Council
All 4-H volunteers, family, & teen leaders are welcome and encouraged to participate!
Facilitator: Camille Nelson
Treasurer:  Alice Weber
Record Books:  Alice Weber

Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Council
All 4-H volunteers, family, & teen leaders are welcome and encouraged to participate!
President: Joy Wilken
Treasurer: Terry Connolly
Record Books: Jenny Kane

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Leaders
All volunteers, family, & teen leaders involved in horse projects
Facilitator: Robin Nachtigal

Camp Na-Bor-Lee
Director: Marci Dayton
Lincoln-Adams WSU Extension Website
Grant/Adams/Lincoln 4-H Facebook Page
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