Beef Cattle Showmanship - Part III
4-H International Exchange Programs
4-H Working Ranch Horse - Spring Calving Clinic
Photography and Geocaching - April 2nd
4-H Small Animal Clinic - April 16th
4-H Fitting & Showing & Judging Clinic - April 16th
4-H 101 Leader Education Sessions
4-H Horse ID Sheet Reminder
Livestock Health Form Reminder
Purchasing Out-Of State Livestock
4-H Scholarship Reminder
IRS Notice
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring is officially here! We hope you find opportunities to enjoy out-door activities. But for now, please take just a few minutes of "screen time" to review this E-News!  You might discover some important 4-H information or even some new activities to get you "out & about"!

Let me know what you and your 4-H group are doing! Would love to share in this newsletter!

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions?
Let us know!
Karen Robertson, WSU Extension Program Assistant
Lincoln-Adams or 509-659-3209

Beef Cattle Showmanship (Part III)
by Randy Williams,
Lincoln/East Adams 4-H Program Coordinator

Show Day Preparation
Show day is finally here! There are many things that you will need to consider, now that you have spent months in preparation. All your hard work in selecting, feeding, managing, and training will finally be realized…TODAY!
You should be able to find out the show day schedule a day or so before the actual “show day”. Check to see which class you are showing in so that you can proceed with your agenda accordingly. On show day make sure your calf’s stall is clean and that they are fed and have . . . Complete Article
Urgent Need:  Hosts for Finnish Delegates!
We are still looking for host families for several Finnish delegates during their stay between June 29th and July 24th 2016. Families must have a young person of the same gender and within two years of age as the visiting delegate.  This is a great way for Grant-Adams County families to experience the world and share their lives for one month during the summer.  Interested families, please begin an application at  and contact Carolyn Russo  at
Mikko            male age 16
Interested in piano, running, computer games, social studies, chemistry
Eva              female age 18
Interested in piano, art, running, riding, yoga, martial arts, dancing
*vegan and requires a non-smoking home
Pinja             female age 19
Interested in dancing, reading, drawing, movies, horses
Reetta           female age 18
Interested in horses, rideing, outdoor activities
Sonja            female age 17
Interested in dancing, going to the gym, traveling, shopping
*cannot be placed with cows or dogs
4-H International Exchange—Month Long Hosting Opportunities
2016 Marks the 44th anniversary of Washington State participating in the one month International Exchange with Japan.  We are searching for families with youth (age 9-16) who would be interested opening their home to a young person (age 12-18).  This year's hosting dates are Sunday July 24 through Saturday August 20th.  To begin the online application, visit  For more information contact Carolyn Russo at
4-H International Exchange—Year Long Hosting Opportunities
Hosting an exchange student is an amazing experience.  Families welcome students age 15-18 into their homes for the school year.  Japanese or Korean youth have their own spending money, insurance and must attend a local public school.  Potential host families do not need to have young people living in the home and they can be retired or single.  
Download a list of the yearlong high school students seeking hosts.
For more information, to request an application or more details on a specific delegate, please contact Carolyn Russo (509) 431-0719  email

4-H Working Ranch Horse: Spring Calving

Davenport, WA
April 2, 2016 10 am – 6 pm

Registration due by  March 28th
Registration Flyer

Activities that will happen that day:  Ranch Roping,  Animal Science,  Low Stress Sorting

How to make your experience a success:
1. All participants must be on time.
2. All horses 4-H certified and safe.
3. All tack must be ranch horse appropriate:
a. Rope halter and long lead rope.
b. Helmet, long pants/riding boots with heel. Dress in layers
c. Rope/lariat: Suggestions North 40 Poly 9.0. Not required.
d. Breast collar & Back cinch (strongly recommended) .

Contact: Kate McCloskey – 509-477-2165 or email.

Saturday April 2nd the Birds of Play and Cool Threads 4-H clubs invite you to join them at the Ritzville, WA Park Gazebo at 10 AM for a photography program presented by Barbara Heimbigner.  Bring a camera.

Lunch on your own or bring a lunch.

Meet at the Ritzville, WA Park Gazebo at 1PM we will have an afternoon of geo-caching If you have a hand held GPS please bring it.  If you want to take something out of a standard geo-cache you need to bring something a similar value to put in the cache.
(key rings, jewlery, travel bugs, lapel pins, miniatures, sports pins, organization pins,patches etc.)
For more information, contact Janette Hollenback at 509-646-3473
4-H Small Animal Clinic
April 16, 2016 - 10 am - 12 pm
Lynn Dee's Training Center
2704 N Colville Rd, Spokane, WA 9922

Watch for more details and registration flyer on the Spokane County 4-H Calendar
Or contact Summer Goetz  509-477-2048

Also see calendar for details coming soon on a
4-H Fitting, Showing, and Judging Clinic
8:30am — Jensen Youth Ranch
also on April 16th!

4-H 101 Leader Education Sessions

4-H 101 Leader Education session dates are set for the rest of the year!
Must have at least 5 firm RSVP's to schedule!
Those of you assisting with or planning to volunteer in the Grant, Adams, or Lincoln County 4-H Volunteer program, and who have not yet completed your certification training should mark your calendars and RSVP ASAP to attend a 4-H 101 Part 2 and or 4-H 101 Part 3 session. (ALL 3 sessions are required; Part 1 is on-line, and Part 2 & Part 3 can be taken in any order.) 

- March 30 - Part 2 - 6:00 - 8:30 pm - Ritzville  CANCELED -
                                                                           Not enough RSVPs
- April  12 - Part 2 - 6:00 - 8:30 pm - Moses Lake 
- April 13 - Part 3 - 6:00 - 8:30 pm - Moses Lake
(April 12th & 13th MAY be offered in Ritzville via videoconference.
 Watch for details on April 1st)
- June 14 - Part 2 - 6:00 - 8:30 pm - Ritzville
- June 21 - Part 3 - 6:00 - 8:30 pm - Ritzville
- November 9 - Part 2 - 6:00 - 8:30 - Davenport or Ritzville
- November 10 - Part 2 - 6:00 - 8:30 - Moses Lake
- November 16 - Part 3 - 6:00 - 8:30 - Davenport or Ritzville
- November 17 - Part 3 - 6:00 - 8:30 - Moses Lake

Reminder: 4-H Volunteer Application must be on file at least 1 preferably 2 weeks PRIOR to attending your first 4-H 101 session. Contact Karen Robertson for details and to RSVP or 509-659-3209 

Lincoln-(East) Adams Deadline
for Horse Project Enrollment
and Horse ID submission is
April 1st!
Click for More Information

Take a "Livestock Health Form" when you go to PURCHASE your animals! There is a spot on the form for the premise ID # AND a SIGNATURE from the PRODUCER of the animal.
Click HERE for QA Livestock Health Forms.
Purchasing Out-of-State animals for 4-H and FFA projects
Many of you are preparing to receive your animals for the 2016 fair season.  With the internet, many transportation options and limited availability of project animals in the area (especially pigs); we see families sourcing livestock from outside of Washington State to show at fairs and jr. shows.  It is great to see youth and families research all their options for sourcing the project animal that will best meet their expectations and desires for the upcoming show season.  However, when purchasing livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and poultry) from out-of-state you must have proper documentation to bring the animal into Washington.  If the animal is not purchased from a Washington producer at a Washington address, you must follow the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Livestock Import regulations.  These regulations are in place to protect not only you and the animals you purchase, but also Washington livestock.  With our area highly dependent on the commercial livestock industry (commercial producers, feeders, processors, etc), it is even more critical that we take every precaution to protect their animals and their livelihood.
If you are purchasing an animal from outside of Washington you need to work with the out-of-state producer to receive a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) prior to you picking up your animal and transporting them to Washington.  Each species has specific requirements to allow them to be permitted into Washington.  These requirements have been put in place because of disease concerns in other states and the desire to protect Washington livestock industry.  The producers’ veterinarian will contact the WSDA to get specific requirements for the species you are importing in and make sure the CVI reflects these requirements.  For more information on WSDA requirements for importing livestock into Washington go to or call WSDA Animal Services Division at (360)902-1878 or email
Everyone purchasing new project animals need to pay attention to biosecurity practices to prevent disease of their newly purchased animals and the spread of disease to other animals on their farm or in the area.  Be sure to isolate animals
(3 weeks) and monitor your animals for sickness.  Contact your veterinarian if your animals display any unusual symptoms.

Sarah M. Smith
Extension Regional Specialist--Animal Sciences
4-H Scholarships Reminder for H.S. Seniors

March 31st is the deadline for  
   Avista/NWFCS 4-H Scholarships
   Garber Family Scholarship
        (Lincoln or Adams only)
   WSU CAHNRS 4-H Scholarship

Information HERE

Application is completed ON-LINE
Review pieces needed and make sure you have all in PDF files before starting the application.
Lincoln and (East) Adams County 4-H Leaders

Your clubs 990 N and any other IRS tax reporting responsibilities are handled by your 4-H Leaders' Council Treasurer:
(East) Adams: Alice Weber
Lincoln: Terry Connolly
Please contact Terry or Alice or the Extension Office (Randy Williams at 509-725-4171 ext. 19 or Karen Robertson at 509-659-3209) if you receive ANY correspondence from the IRS concerning 4-H Club accounts.

SCAM ALERT: the IRS will NEVER ask you for any Tax information via an Email. DO NOT click on any links or respond to any such messages.
Lincoln-Adams WSU & 4-H Contacts
Lauren Hrncirik,

4-H Youth Development Regional Specialist
509-754-2011 ext 4314
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
1525 E Wheeler Rd., Moses Lake, WA 98837

Randy Williams,
Lincoln & (East) Adams 4-H Program Coordinator
509-725-4171  FAX 509-725-4104
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
PO Box 399, Davenport, WA 99122

Karen Robertson,
WSU Extension Program Assistant
Lincoln-Adams Area
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
205 W Main Ave., Ritzville, WA  99169

Bridget Rohner,
WSU Extension Lincoln County Director
Youth, Family & Community Education
509-725-4171  FAX 509-725-4101
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
PO Box 399, Davenport, WA 99122
Aaron Esser,
County Director, Adams County
Agronomist, Lincoln/Adams Area
(509) 659-3210

Kuber, Paul, Ph.D., 
NE WA Regional Livestock Specialist
(509) 725-4171 – Davenport
(509) 477-2185 – Spokane

Adams Co. 4-H Leaders’ Council
All 4-H volunteers, family, & teen leaders are welcome and encouraged to participate!
Facilitator: Camille Nelson
Treasurer:  Alice Weber
Record Books:  Alice Weber
Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Council
All 4-H volunteers, family, & teen leaders are welcome and encouraged to participate!
President: Joy Wilken
Treasurer: Terry Connolly
Record Books: Jenny Kane
Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Leaders
All volunteers, family, & teen leaders involved in horse projects
Facilitator: Robin Nachtigal

Camp Na-Bor-Lee
Director: Marci Dayton
Visit us on the web at:

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