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Rodeo City Classic Clinic and Jackpot Show - July 29
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Exchange Host Families Still Needed
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Friday, June 16, 2017

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Karen Robertson, WSU Extension Program Assistant
Lincoln-Adams or 509-659-3209

10 Things That Matter WAY More Than Where You Place With Your Livestock

Posted with permission from Ranch House Designs*

As a young person, I was very fortunate to spend nearly 10 years showing in junior and open cattle shows with my family. And, we were also very thankful to have tremendous success at all levels. My sister and I still hold the record for the most number of grand championships . . .

It has been more than 10 years since I showed in a junior show (wow I feel old), but now that I look back on showing, I have realized that there are certain things that are WAY more important than where you place at the show, and how much you spend on your animal. These are things that NO ONE can take away from you, no matter how old you are, where you are from, or where life takes you.

  1. Do your own work. 
  2. Be kind of others. Basic kindness is one of the most important things you can practice when you’re at a livestock show. There are thousands of opportunities to do this at a show, . . .
  3. Say Thank You. You can never say thank you enough . . .
  4. Learn from successful people. When you go to a show, it doesn’t take too long to realize the people who are “in the know”. . . .
  5. Enjoy family time together. . . .
  6. Inspire someone else. Trust me – you will – even if you don’t realize it. Right now, no matter who you are, where you are from, or how old you are, I promise you there is someone out there who looks up to you. . . .
  7. Learn the business side of things. Showing livestock teaches you a lot about business, and that is something you will always use. . . 
  8. Make friends. . . .
  9. Apply For (And Earn) Scholarships. The scholarship aspect of being involved in showing livestock is huge! . . .
  10. Learn that It’s Okay to Fail.  . . . It’s hard to lose. It’s hard to fail, whether it is in a show ring, in life, in school, in elections, in businesses, or in relationships. But everyone has failed somewhere. And the good thing is, it is never too late to start over or try again. Showing cattle teaches us to take risks.  . . .
Complete Article:
Thanks to Randy Williams, Lincoln-Adams 4-H Program Coordinator, for spotting and sharing this article.
Rodeo City Classic and Jackpot Show July 29

Kittitas County’s Sheepsteers 4-H Club will be hosting the second annual Rodeo City Classic and Jackpot Show for 4-H Sheep and Goat project members on Saturday, July 29, at the Kittitas County Fairgrounds.
The sheep showmanship clinic is led by Alyx and Ashley Hanson of Hanson Livestock and is followed by a jackpot show judged by Cooper Bounds. The goat clinic will be hosted by Maddie Fenton and Trevor Clemens.  Showmanship classes and a jackpot show with prizes to follow.
A quiz bowl and seminar lead by Alyx Hanson of Hanson Livestock to be held
Friday night at 6 PM.
We are excited for kids and parents to come and learn more about their sheep and goat project, meet fellow showmen, and compete in the jackpot show.
For more information, please visit and
Registration Form:
Contact Person:  Jill Wade, 509 899- 4770,

Livestock Quality Assurance

Pork Quality Assurance Training for 2016—June 27th,
A Youth PQA+ training has been scheduled for June 27th, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at the Fuller Building on the Grant County Fairgrounds.  This will be the last PQA training offered by the Grant/Adams Extension Office for 2017. 
- - - - - 
All youth exhibitors that plan to sell a market animal at fairs/junior shows in the state of Washington must complete and be certified in a Quality Assurance Training Area. Some fairs enforce only for swine exhibitors, others require for all market livestock species.

The Pork Quality Assurance Program (Accepted by many fairs/shows for all species) training and testing is available online. 
Go to, scroll over the ‘Certification’ tab and click on ‘Program Details’   
Help Sheet:
- - - - -
Youth Without Internet Access can take PQA Plus Pass-Out Test At  the Moses Lake Extension Office: 
Intermediates and senior youth wishing to take the pass-out test may take the test after the training on the June 27th or may take the test on Wednesdays between July 1st and July 15th between 1:00 and 4:00 pm at the Extension office in Moses Lake.  Youth planning on taking the test at the Extension office need to call (509) 754-2011, Ext. 4313 and verify attendance at least one business day prior to the testing date.  Intermediate and senior youth do not have to attend a classroom training to certify by test.  However, no supplemental information maybe used during the administration of the test; the test is a measurement of unassisted knowledge.
Host Families Still Needed!
States' 4-H International Exchange is in need of host families for the academic year program and the summer program (July 23 – August 17). Please consider this opportunity to open your home and share your world with an overseas student! 
States’ 4-H has offered short term and long term hosting programs for over 40 years. Host families come in all shapes and sizes and reflect the diversity of the United States. What they have in common is their eagerness to open their homes and hearts to a young person from another culture.
Hosting provides our host families the opportunity to:
- Experience a different culture
- Represent the United States to other countries
- Learn culture and customs from international youth
- Develop intercultural competencies and cross cultural communication skills
- Give an international youth an unforgettable experience
- Build lifelong international friendships
Ready to host? Take the next step!
Apply to become a host family!

Summer Sizzler
4-H Horse Show

Tomorrow, June 17th
Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds
Davenport, WA

Stevens County 4-H Horse Leaders
4-H/Open Schooling Horse Show

July 15 a a.m. Performance Horse show
July 16 8 a.m. Western Games

All Entries due by June 17th
Debbie Harbin - 509-690-0664
Classes & Registration

Annual Horsemanship Clinic
Sponsored by the Ritzville Rodeo Association.
July 12 - 14
Ritzville Rodeo Association Arena adjacent to Wheat Land Communities Fairgrounds.

Not sponsored by 4-H, but a good opportunity for young and old to learn horsemanship skills!

Class descriptions and Registration Form

Spokane County 4-H Horse Events

Check out the Spokane Co. 4-H Calendar for multiple events. Most are open to neighboring counties!
- - - - 
Reminder: It's mosquito season!  Protect your equines from West Nile Virus!
Horse Health Notes
WSU Has Miscellaneous Food Safety Resources
There is a WA State Food Safety Facebook page: and a Twitter feed: where Stephanie Smith, Ph.D., Statewide Consumer Food Safety Specialist, regularly posts food recalls and other timely information.
There is also a state food safety website that provides a lot of food safety and preservation information.
Other resources include:  and . 

The National Center for Home Food Preservation at is a wonderful resource. All of the recipes/processes on this website have been researched and are safe.

4-H Events Calendar

Camps        Fairs  
(Not all camps/fairs/shows are posted below)

June 2017

10 – 4-H Fishing Derby at Camp Princess Pine
12 – Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Meeting
16 – 18 Na-Bor-Lee 4-H Youth Camp Counselor & Staff Training
17 –  Summer Sizzler 4-H Horse Show – Davenport, WA
17 –  Entries Due for Stevens Co 4-H Open Schooling Horse Show
19 -  Summer Sizzler Committee Post Show Meeting
24 – 4-H Rabbit and Poultry Show 
       Show at the NE WA Fairgrounds, Colville, WA
24 –  Small Animal Fun Show at the NE WA Fairgrounds, Colville, WA

July 2017

4 – 4th of July Holiday – WSU Extension Offices Closed
4 – Horse Judging Clinic and Contest with Groom Squad Contest, Melody Riders Arena
10 – 4-H Fishing Derby at Camp Princess Pine
12-15 Camp Na-Bor-Lee
12 - 13  - Ritzville Horsemanship Clinic (Non 4-H sponsored)
15 – 4-H and Open Horse Schooling ShowColville
15 Last Day to Enroll in 4-H or Add/Change Projects for This Year (Lincoln-East Adams)
15 Last day to submit Complete Livestock Judging Contest results to count towards State Fair Qualification
29 – Entries due for Aug. 5-6 Horse Show in Chewelah
30 – Stevens Co. Dog and Cat State Qualifying Show

August 2017

4 – Livestock, Horse, Record Book, & Ed. Poster Entries
      due for Lincoln Co. Fair

5-6 – 4-H and Open Horse Show – Chewelah
13 – 20 Grant County Fair, Moses Lake, WA
13 – (East) Adams Co. 4-H Leaders’ Council Mtg. – Time t.b.d.
15 – Livestock, Horse, & Record Book Entries due
        for Wheat Land Communities Fair

24-26  Lincoln County Fair, Davenport, WA
24 – 27 NCW Fair, Waterville, WA
25-27 Clayton Community Fair
31 – Sept. 3 – Wheat Land Communities Fair, Ritzville, WA – Facebook

September 2017

Aug. 31 – Sept. 3 – Wheat Land Communities Fair, Ritzville, Wa Facebook
1-24 State 4-H Fair, Puyallup
1 WA 4-H Council Recommendations Due
1 WA State 4-H Advisory Board and Fair Board Applications Due
8 - Farm to Table Event - Ritzville
13-16 Adams County Fair – Othello, WA
28 4-H New Year Kick-Off – Moses Lake

October 2017

1 New 4-H Year Begins
1-7 National 4-H Week
National 4-H Youth Science Day
11 4-H New Year Kick-Off – Ritzville
12 4-H New Year Kick-Off – Harrington or Davenport
18 4-H New Year Kick-Off – Moses Lake
20-22 State 4-H Forum, Grand Mound, WA
31  4-H Club/Group Annual End of the Year Financial Reporting and Secretaries’ Books Due

November 2017

20 4-H 101 Part 2 Volunteer Leader Training – Ritzville
29 4-H 101 Part 2 Volunteer Leader Training – Moses Lake

December 2017

4-H Enrollments Due for returning clubs and members
1 4-H Chartered Club and Family Group Annual Plan for 2018 Due

Lincoln-Adams WSU & 4-H Contacts
Lauren Hrncirik,
4-H Youth Development Regional Specialist
509-754-2011 ext 4314
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
1525 E Wheeler Rd., Moses Lake, WA 98837

Randy Williams,
Lincoln & (East) Adams
4-H Program Coordinator
509-725-4171  FAX 509-725-4104
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
PO Box 399, Davenport, WA 99122

Karen Robertson,
WSU Extension Program Assistant
Lincoln-Adams Area
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
205 W Main Ave., Ritzville, WA  99169

Bridget Rohner,
WSU Extension Lincoln County Director
Youth, Family & Community Education
509-725-4171  FAX 509-725-4101
Mailing Address: WSU Extension
PO Box 399, Davenport, WA 99122

Judy Boutain,
Office Assistant,
WSU Lincoln County Extension
Aaron Esser,
County Director, Adams County
Agronomist, Lincoln/Adams Area
(509) 659-3210

Kuber, Paul, Ph.D., 
NE WA Regional Livestock Specialist
(509) 725-4171 – Davenport
(509) 477-2185 – Spokane

Adams Co. 4-H Leaders’ Council
All 4-H volunteers, family, & teen leaders are welcome and encouraged to participate!
Facilitator: Camille Nelson
Treasurer:  Alice Weber
Record Books:  Alice Weber

Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Council
All 4-H volunteers, family, & teen leaders are welcome and encouraged to participate!
President: Joy Wilken
Treasurer: Terry Connolly
Record Books: Jenny Kane

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Leaders
All volunteers, family, & teen leaders involved in horse projects
Facilitator: Robin Nachtigal

Camp Na-Bor-Lee
Director: Marci Dayton
Lincoln-Adams WSU Extension Website
Grant/Adams/Lincoln 4-H Facebook Page
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