September 2019 Issue
Keeping your Homes and Facilities Safe

The Silent Killer.

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that mixes freely in the air and is the product of incomplete combustion and improper ventilation of products of combustion.  Most of our homes, offices, hotels/motels, schools, hospitals.. you name the facility, has some form of "fossil fuel" burning equipment that could be a potential source of this deadly gas.

At TC LifeSafety, Inc., our very name ensures you that we have the products to keep you, your co-workers and loved ones safe.

For your home and office:

Gentex, a premier manufacturer of quality Smoke Alarms for residential use has a line of CO Detectors that can exist as a single point of detection and notification and be interconnected with other CO and Smoke Alarms to give complete detection for your home or office

The CO1209 (120VAC/9VDC) Series of electrochemical sensor carbon monoxide alarms is for use as an evacuation device in all dwelling units, including but not limited to homes, apartments, hospitals, hotels, and motels. The CO1209 Series is in compliance with UL 2034 and NFPA 720.


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For your home and office Fire/Security System:

Macurco is the leader in commercial/industrial Gas Detection Technology. They have a line of affordable "system connected" products for both CO and Combustible Gases.

The Macurco CM-E1 combines sophisticated sleekness with a smooth and easy installation system to provide state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detection in residential and commercial office environments. The CME1 in compliance with NFPA® 720 and meets the standard requiring CO sensor functionality and sensitivity testing effective 2012 and 2015 respectively. It also complies with UL 2075 listed: Certified for system installation in both residential and commercial applications.


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Commercial / Industrial Applications:

Macurco also manufactures Gas Detection for strictly Commercial/Industrial applications. These are not limited to CO, they make detectors Combustible Gasses, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ammonia, Refrigerants, Carbon Dioxide, and others. 

The Macurco CM-6 is a programmable, low voltage, dual relay carbon monoxide detector, controller and transducer. This electronic detection system measures the concentration of carbon monoxide and provides feedback. It includes an automatic fan exhaust control to help ensure a safe environment in parking garages, maintenance facilities and other commercial applications.

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Commercial/Industrial Applications:

Air Products and Controls (a division of Apollo America), is a leading supplier to the HVAC and Fire Alarm Industries.

The SL-701-KIT Duct Carbon Monoxide Detector Kit provides early detection of carbon monoxide in air moving through the HVAC duct supply, return, or both in commercial, industrial, or residential applications. The SL-701-KIT is fitted with a UL Listed electrochemical sensor that notifies at for distinct levels of carbon monoxide PPM published hazardous by both OSHA and the NFPA, and has a life of approximately six years in normal environmental conditions.

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