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TC LifeSafety December Newsletter
Fire Extinguishers, a pathway to Life Safety.

For the most part, our fire detection and signaling products are passive devices. They sit and wait till a fire occurs and they warn us but do nothing to prevent or stop the actual fire. Fire Extinguishers are not passive devices, they are active devices that you can use to put out or curtail a fire so you can escape safely.

Kidde Fire Extinguishers

Nobody manufactures and sells more fire extinguishers than Kidde. TC LifeSafety carries two of their lines of extinguishers. We carry their Disposable Line and their Rechargeable Line. 
Each has its benefits, the disposable line (MTL) is great for residential and recreational use. These devices are inexpensive and good for 12 years (unless used). The rechargeable units (PRO) are better for facilities with a large number of extinguishers, they are good for 6 years between refills and are reusable so the cost of the body of the unit is paid upfront and can be reused for life.
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Enguage and the Amerex Extinguishers

Engauge is another of our Vendor Partners that specializes in the Fire Extinguisher world. They have partnered with Amerex, a manufacturer of Rechargeable Fire Extinguishers, and developed a status gauge that can be connected to an electronic monitoring device and report status to a Fire or Security panel.
This En-Vision Module (EVM) not only monitors the extinguisher's status gauge, but it also reports if the extinguisher has been removed from its enclosure or if the extinguisher's access has been blocked. 

NFPA 10 states that all Fire Extinguishers must be visually inspected every 31 days, in a hospital or college campus where literally hundreds of extinguishers can exist, an electronic means of ensuring the status of those extinguishers can be invaluable.
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National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 10, Standard For Portable Fire Extinguishers is the guiding document for the application, dispersal and testing and inspection of Fire Extinguishers.

Guard against small fires with new NFPA 10, your all-in-one resource for a portable fire extinguisher.  Whether you're a servicer, facility manager or owner, or technician, you can depend on this important Standard for current, comprehensive rules for the distribution, placement, maintenance, operation, and inspection of equipment -- as well as testing and recharging.

TC LifeSafety is an Authorized NFPA Book Reseller.
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Dave's Tech Tips
A video from our Youtube Library. Learn about the various types of Extinguishers and what TC LifeSafety can offer you with support for your application.
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