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COVID-19 Update: We continue to monitor the novel coronavirus pandemic. Board member, Dr. Alta Price, MD, asks that we follow CDC guidelines regarding mask-wearing. Fully-vaccinated people at out-of-doors events are not required to wear masks, but may choose to do so.

Events listed on our website and calendar will clearly state whether they will be in-person, via Zoom or phone-in.  

Our Office Manager, Julie, can set up Zoom meetings on behalf of members or affiliates. Contact her via, her cell (563-508-2209) or the PACG Office (563-676-7580).
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A Message from the President

Prof. Kristin Henning's Book is Available Now!
Read The Rage of Innocence: How America Criminalizes Black Youth

(first published 10/19/2021)

A Message from the President

In June of this year, PACG, along with the Juvenile Justice Coalition of the Quad Cities, LULAC, NAACP, OHF-QCA and UUCQC, sponsored the "Race, Adolescence and Trauma" webinar with guest speaker Professor Kristin Henning of Georgetown Law. We are pleased to announce that Prof. Henning's book, The Rage of Innocence: How America Criminalizes Black Youth  has been published and is readily available in local bookstores and digitally. The links below are some of the reviews of the book.

As a result of our webinar, PACG continues to work in coalition with others to address the issues that Prof. Henning raised - the Adolescence, Race and Trauma discussions sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Coalition of the Quad Cities have been ongoing since June. 

PACG is proud to have been part of bringing this important work to the Quad Cities!

The Rage of Innocence reviews:
LA Times
Good Reads
Penguin Books

Allison Ambrose
PACG Events

Juvenile Justice Coalition Meeting via Zoom
Friday, October 29th at 4:00 pm

(first published 10/19/2021)

Juvenile Justice Coalition

Join our group dedicated to working on issues that affect and prevent incarceration of our youth. This group works closely with PACG's Civil Rights Forum and with the Adolescence, Race, and Trauma group.

With Davenport’s move to build an expanded Juvenile Detention Center (aka prison), our work is important. We are also strongly advocating for a Youth Assessment Program, which would reduce the need to incarcerate our youth.

To receive a Zoom link, contact Michael Guster.

Health Care Reform Forum Meeting via Zoom
Wednesday, November 10th at 2:30 pm

(first published 10/12/2021)

Health Care Reform Forum

Join the Health Care Reform Forum for a Zoom meeting Wednesday, November 10th at 2:30 pm. We share information and actions to improve the Affordable Care Act, reduce prescription costs, and connect with lawmakers.

Contact Julie Ross to get the Zoom link.

Julie Ross
No Hate In Our States

The Museum of Silenced History

(first published 10/19/2021)

From the museum’s description: “The Museum of Silenced History offers a space for minority, underrepresented, and marginalized members of society to share their stories and have their voices heard, perhaps, for the first time. It is a place that such members can identify with, and a place of healing and reconciliation.”

Check it out:

Julie Ross

'The Greatest Heist In History': How Haiti Was Forced To Pay Reparations For Freedom

(first published 10/12/2021)

Haiti has been maligned and punished by the developed world for being the first country on earth to declare slavery illegal. Economic instability has been exacerbated by unlucky natural events.  

Learn more:

Julie Ross

Podcast: "Our nation’s Haitian double standard"

(first published 09/28/2021)

Gain more info of the plight of Haitians at the southern border of the US. Listen to this LA Times podcast:

Julie Ross

Racial Equality Now! Rally 
Saturdays from 12:00 noon - 12:30 pm

The Slumberland/Party City Corner of
John Deere RD & 16th ST
Moline, IL (across from South Park Mall) (

(first published 06/16/2020)

Note: We will continue to gather every Saturday unless there is lightning from an active thunderstorm.

Civil Rights Forum

Join us every Saturday to stand up for the rights of Black People, specifically, and all People of Color in the United States of America! The purpose of this local Racial Equality Now! Rally is to support the current movement for racial equality and justice that has spread across this country, and to ensure that it keeps going for as long as it takes to see real and meaningful progress toward racial equality in America.

The half-hour you spend with us is empowering and unifying.  

If you join us on Saturday, please wear a mask and expect to participate in social distancing. (Note: We were all vaccinated and stood closer for just a few minutes while taking this photo.)

Although I made a few extra signs, please bring some of your own if you can. Ideas for signs include “Honk for Justice,” Honk for Equality,” “Black Lives Matter,” “I Can’t Breathe!,” “Let’s Talk!,” “No Hate in Our State,” or “No More Deaths,” and many others.

There is always parking in the adjoining Slumberland/Party City/Enterprise parking lot, so please bring a friend and join us to help promote racial justice and equality for all People of Color!  If you can’t make it this Saturday, join us on Saturdays as often as you can. Together we can make a difference!

Caryn Unsicker
Community Events

Supervisor Croken Invites Public Comment on ARPA Spending
Wednesday, October 20th at 6:00 pm 

Scott County Library - Eldridge
200 N Sixth AV
Eldridge, IA (map)

(first published 10/05/2021)

Adolescence, Race and Trauma Group

Scott County Supervisor Ken Croken announced that he will host another public comment session on the proposed spending plans for $33.6 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds. The first of two “Community Conversations” was held on Wednesday, October 13th in Davenport. The second meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, October 20 in the main Scott County Library System facility, located at 200 North Sixth Avenue in Eldridge. Other sessions may be scheduled in response to public reaction.

Citing the United States Treasury website, Croken reports that Scott County’s $33.6 million portion of this “much-needed federal relief” is intended to 1) fund urgent COVID-19 response efforts to decrease the spread of the virus and bring the pandemic under control; 2) replace lost revenue for the county to maintain and strengthen vital public services and help retain jobs; 3) enhance immediate economic stabilization for households and businesses; and, 4) address systemic public health and economic challenges that have contributed to the disproportionate impact of the pandemic. “In my view, the overall preliminary spending plan before the County Board of Supervisors does not achieve these goals and we need to hear from the community,” Croken said.

Developed by Scott County staff without benefit of public input so far, the current county list of proposed projects includes: $11.6 million for Park View storm water drainage; $5 million for Mount Joy storm sewers; $4.5 million to help more than double the size of the Juvenile Detention Center; $3 million for air handling systems at the county’s Administrative Center; $3 million for services to the homeless provided by the Salvation Army; $2 million for Scott County Park updates; $1.6 million for sewer line extension on the western edge of Locust Street; and, more than $1 million to the county for the administrative costs of distributing the money.

Croken is urging members of the public to bring their “best thinking and creativity” to the meetings. “The American Rescue Plan Act funds provide our community with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make smart decisions that benefit the entire county and especially those most adversely affected by the pandemic,” Croken said. “This is ‘public’ money and a ‘public’ decision. The County Board needs to listen.”

Julie Ross

Sister Circle: Share the wisdom of your mothers on reusing, repurposing, recycling
Thursday, October 28th at 6:00 pm 

501 Brady St  
Davenport 52803 (map)

(first published 10/05/2021)


Join us to share knowledge acquired from your mother (or other wise people) on actions that save the earth and its resources. Light refreshments will be served. CDC Guidelines will be followed. Bring a friend!

Glenda Guster

20 Days to Glasgow UN Climate Change Conference - Action Alert
Various Actions and Times/Dates

(first published 10/19/2021)

COP 26 - UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties

We now have only 20 days until the next world climate negotiations begin in Glasgow. We need important climate action to give us a chance to prevent climate change from getting significantly worse.
If you haven’t done so recently, please contact your U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators to urge them to pass climate legislation and to publicly support the Glasgow negotiations. Tell them it’s urgent, and that we have many solutions that work. Please call both Democrats and Republicans.
You can reach Representatives and Senators directly at their office numbers, or you can be connected through “Call 4 Climate” at 202-318-1885 or through the website:
There are many upcoming events addressing climate change. Please participate in those that make sense for you, but remember, it is critical that you also speak with elected officials.
Thursday, October 28th, noon Central time - “Episcopal Climate Advocacy at the UN COP26 kick-off with the Presiding Bishop’s Delegation.” This is a virtual event available at:
Friday, October 29th, "24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real" - This is sponsored by the Climate Reality Project, which is encouraging people to use the hashtag, #LetsGetReal. More information is available at:
Friday, October 29th, "Fossil-Free Future" - Youth groups are organizing to urge financial institutions to stop fossil fuel infrastructure projects. For more details, visit:
Saturday, November 6th, "Global Day of Action for Climate Justice" - Please find or organize a local event and speak to your elected officials for support of climate justice. To find local events, and for more information, visit:
November 13-14, Citizens Climate Lobby Fall Conference - For more details, visit:
This information is via Iowa State Senator Rob Hogg, Cedar Rapids
Telephone: (319) 247-0223
Twitter: @SenatorRobHogg

Lori McCollum
Of Interest to Our Community

Meet Davenport Mayoral Candidates 
Thursday, October 21st at 3:00 pm

Davenport Public Library
6000 Eastern Avenue
Davenport, IA. 52807 (map)

(first published 09/14/2021)

Iowa Women United

Thursday, October 21st at 3:00 pm - Meet Mayor Mike Matson -  Listen to Davenport Mayor Mike Matson talk about why he's running for re-election. The public is invited, and questions are welcome. Masks are recommended per CDC Guidelines.

Susan Meenan
After Action Reports

Letter of Concern to Mayor Rayapati - After Action Report

(first published 10/12/2021)

Environmental Forum

On September 16th, an article in the Argus/Dispatch caught our attention because it noted that the city of Moline was “…examining bottling and selling the city’s award-winning water…”.  Members of the PACG Environmental Forum sent a letter of concern noting that single-use plastics are a source of pollution from the point of creation to the point of disposal. We pointed out that there are many health concerns related to the chemicals that leach from plastics into food sources and cause health problems, and we encouraged Mayor Rayapati to consider a different way of providing their water to interested parties, such as using 5 gallon refillable water dispensers.

We also complimented the City of Moline on other environmental policies such as providing each homeowner with a recycling bin and supporting the Metrolink solar project and electric buses. Further, we noted that Moline’s representative to the Rock Island County Waste Management Agency’s Board was one of only two votes to maintain the drop-off recycling centers.

The mayor answered our email the next day with a thoughtful response, stating, “Thank you very much for bringing your viewpoints to our attention. They are valid and definitely need to be considered as we try to be environmentally aware in not only intention but in action. Thank you for recognizing our work to this point as well. Please feel free to reach out with more ideas for alternatives to single-use water bottling as you think of them.”

It was heartening to get a timely response, and to hear recognition of our concerns. We would like to find a way to be proactive in learning about other Quad City municipal actions that impact our local environment. If you become aware of local projects that impact our environment, either positively or negatively, please let our forum know, and we will reach out to the appropriate city staff.

Lori McCollum

Closing of Rock Island's Drop-Off Recycling Centers - After Action Report

1504 3rd Avenue, Rock Island, IL
(first published 09/28/2021)

Environmental Forum

The Environmental Forum has taken RICWMA to task for their decision to close all 4 of Rock Island County's Drop Off Recycling Centers.

We have written letters and made phone calls, issued press releases, written a joint op-ed in the local paper, been interviewed on local television stations, and attended board meetings in an attempt to keep these centers open. We may not have been able to change their minds YET, but we have increased community involvement.

There were 25 people in attendance at the September board meeting, and they expressed heartfelt concern about this issue. The board appeared unwilling to revisit the issue at this time, which means nothing will be done until the next fiscal year. This is an appalling waste of waste. Because they backed out of their contract with Republic Services early, they wasted $5000 tax-payer dollars, and now 80 tons of recyclable material will be flowing into our landfills and probably our ravines EACH MONTH.

If you are a Rock Island County resident, please call 309-788-8925 to keep up the pressure. RI County residents are able to take their recycling to the Waste Commission of Scott County if they don't have access to curb-side recycling, and we certainly encourage that choice.

Lori McCollum

9th Annual Picnic and Pie Auction - After Action Report

Fejervary Park, Davenport
(first published 09/21/2021)

PACG Board

The 9th Annual Picnic and Pie Auction was a HUGE success!  We had over 60 people in attendance, who were excited to connect with other progressives in person. Picnic goers interacted with each other over a get-to-know-you BINGO game. A delicious meal was provided by Taste of Ethiopia; information about all the great things PACG is doing was shared; Monarch butterflies were released; and, best of all, we raised close to $1400 with our pie auction! It was a great time!


Check out more great photos on PACG’s Facebook page: Here and here.

Allison Ambrose

World Clean Up Event - After Action Report

Davenport RiverFront Bike Trail
(first published 09/21/2021)

Environmental Forum

We had 7 energetic volunteers on Saturday, September 18th to clean up along the Davenport RiverFront Bike Trail. We even worked our way into the woods on the north side of the trail, finding tires, a foldable chair, and a cooler of empty beer cans. All told, we collected 8 large bags of trash, and had some fun sharing our energy between PACG, NAACP and CCL (Citizens' Climate Lobby)  friends! Thanks to everyone!

Lori McCollum

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