Issue #1 // 7.22.15
What better time than now?


Eames Chair
No other piece of furniture seems to have become as ubiquitous as the Eames Molded Shell Chair. Although it seems to be popping up more and more on every blog and lifestyle page everywhere. You can't help but notice that it never looks out of place. Dwell dives into the chair's background and recent popularity in this article. 


In August 2014, this guy walked into the Seattle Airport, took off on a flight and hasn't stop come back yet. Since was 13 he has been "airline hacking", flying around the world non-stop, for free. This is his job. Most of the time he doesn't even leave the airport. Continue Reading...


Daniel Craig stars in the new Bond film, Spectre. The 24th Bond film, to date, features the usual arsenal of explosions, beautiful women, exotic locations, an Aston Martin that shoots flames and other high-tech gizmos. Watch the first trailer here.


While it may be the Champagne of beers, showing up to a party with the case of Miller High Life you bought on the way there isn't the best move. You should step up your game with some cheeses, meats or even a little wine. In this piece, Maxim gives some great advice on how to prepare a top-notch Charcuterie plate. Save the "Champagne" for the frat house.


This photo is one of many in Stephen McMennamy's ongoing combophotos series. He photographs and combines two vastly different photos into one unique and perspective-twisting image. You can see the rest of his work on his tumblr, instagram, or website.
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