Administrative Bulletin 2015-2016 v. 8
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PARCC Administrative Bulletin, Volume 8
December 8, 2015

Thank you for your participation in the PARCC 2015 Fall Block Assessments. We are in the middle of PBA assessments and beginning the EOY assessments. This edition of the Administrative Bulletin includes information and procedures to help Test Administrators and Test Coordinators with managing students who transfer schools, reporting irregularities, moving student registrations, and voiding tests.


The purpose of this Administrative Bulletin is to provide important information to districts and schools administering the PARCC 2015 Fall Block Assessments. A copy of the Bulletin is also available at
In this edition of the Administrative Bulletin you will find information regarding:


Important Dates

*Please remember that these are the dates/date ranges available to the entire consortium. For additional information, please see your state’s specific “Fall/Winter Key Dates” located in Appendix C of the Fall/Winter Block Test Coordinator Manual.


Test Coordinator Information: Managing Students Who Transfer Schools

During testing, or between PBA and EOY, it is possible students will transfer between schools or districts. In the event of a student transfer, student registration information in PearsonAccessnext must be updated. This can be done via the user interface or data file upload process. Step-by-step directions for both processes can be found in the Transfer Student (CBT) Guidance and Transfer Student (PBT) Guidance document.
Whenever possible, it is recommended that students complete testing at the original school before transferring. For paper-based testing, Test Coordinators must review their state policy for their state-specific procedures on securely transferring test booklets or testing using a new test booklet. For computer-based testing, students will resume their tests in TestNav at the new school.
Note: Transferring student tests and registrations will require coordination between schools.
Additional resources to assist with transferring students :  

Test Coordinator and Test Administrator Task: Reporting Testing Irregularities and Security Breaches

Any action that compromises test security or score validity of PARCC assessments is prohibited. For examples, refer to Section 2.0 of the Test Coordinator and Test Administrator Manuals. If an incident must be reported, follow the protocol outlined below:
  • The incident must be reported to the School Test Coordinator immediately.
  • The School Test Coordinator or LEA Test Coordinator contacts the PARCC State Contact, according to your state policy.
  • Complete and submit a Form to Report a Testing Irregularity or Security Breach (or another form supplied by your state) within two school days of the incident unless otherwise directed by your LEA Test Coordinator or PARCC State Contact.
  • If follow-up documentation is required by your LEA Test Coordinator or PARCC State Contact, complete any additional documentation.
Additional resources to assist with testing irregularities and security breaches:  

Test Coordinator Task: Reassigning Student Test Registrations

Guidance is now available for how to transfer a student test from one student to another and switch tests between two students. A test may need to be moved in the following situations:
  • Computer-Based Testing:
    • If one student logs in to another student’s test using the other student’s testing ticket
    • If two students accidently tested using the wrong student test ticket and the students’ tests need to be switched to the correct student records
    • Two students completed testing under the wrong student test ticket
  • Paper-Based Testing:
    • If student ID labels are placed on the incorrect paper test booklets
  • Either Computer-Based Testing or Paper-Based Testing:
    • If two student records were created for a student within PearsonAccessnext (one record was created with an incorrect student ID) and the student tested under the record with the incorrect student ID, the test attempt can be moved to the correct student record
If students switched for one unit, but then tested a second unit in the correct record, the tests will need to be voided and the students may need to retest (follow your state policy for contacting the LEA or State for determination on retesting).
For accommodated tests, follow the directions in the PARCC Personal Needs Profile – Managing Incorrect Accessibility Features and Accommodations PNP Data document.

Additional resources to assist with reassigning student test registrations:  

Test Coordinator Task: Void Student Tests

If you think a test attempt should be marked void, follow your state policy for contacting the LEA or State to obtain approval. Voiding a test means the test will NOT be scored or used for reporting purposes. Only students with a test attempt can be marked as void.
For paper-based testing, test booklets that have been returned to Pearson for scanning and processing can be marked void only after being scanned by Pearson.
Refer to the Not Tested and Void Score Guidance document for step-by-step directions on how to complete these tasks.
Additional resources to assist with voiding student tests:  

PARCC Customer Support Center Information

If you have questions regarding the administration of the PARCC assessments or materials required for testing, please contact Pearson’s PARCC Customer Support Center:
1-888-493-9888 (open Monday through Friday, 5:30am to 6:30pm CT) or **Do not include any student’s personally identifiable information (e.g. name, date of birth) in emails.
If you have questions regarding state policies, please contact your state PARCC contact for the most current and relevant information.
For general information regarding PARCC and the PARCC administrations, please visit the PARCC website at or the PARCC/Pearson Portal at
We appreciate your participation!                                      
Pearson PARCC Program Team
Copyright © 2015 Pearson, All rights reserved.

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