Happy April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day! Let’s Celebrate Together...

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This year, we are celebrating April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day through a meaningful campaign that makes a difference in the lives of thousands of rural students in Türkiye.

Please join us in giving back to these Six Facebook BTF 23Nisan4Kids Causes here.

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All of Bridge to Türkiye Fund’s Programs are focused on Under-Served Turkish Children. Since its inception in 2003, BTF has completed thousands of projects totaling over $3,900,000, all benefiting rural Turkish Children.


Thank you for supporting Bridge To Turkiye Fund. You are empowering adolescent women with educational micro-scholarships, enabling teachers in rural schools with classroom materials and supporting elementary school students in-need in Turkiye.

Click here to read about our 23 Nisan4Kids Donation Campaign "Bu Bayram Baska Bayram"

Mutlu Bayramlar:)

In case you missed it...

Please click here to read (Bugün Birim Yarın Bin Olacağım…) how one of our teachers is delivering change on the field.

Click on the links to read about how BTF's latest 4Kids Projects, Music4Kids and Art4Kids are transforming classrooms. Also follow the links to read about East-West Camp and  BTF Cinema4Cause featured movie “Müzikli Bir Hikaye” (A Story with Music). The film is about a young music teacher’s dream to break children free from restrictive traditions imposed by rural life through the power of music. It was produced and directed by Jale Incekol, an accomplished filmmaker whose career has spanned over a period of more than 25 years in the television industry in Turkey. Also check BTF Calendar of Community Events for events happening near you...
Ya ümitsizsiniz, Ya da ümit sizsiniz.
Ya çaresizsiniz, Ya da çare sizsiniz.
- Behçet Necatigil
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