February 25, 2016
This month YG focused on helpfulness - congratulate all these helpful students when you see them next! 
K     Camila Peralta Angeles
1      Isaac Crowder
2      Sylas Brewer
3      Alexis Hipp
4      Benjamin Walker
5      Madison Mihm
Have you bought your tickets yet?
Auction Ticket prices go up after March 1st.
Early birds save $5 and help us get a
good head count for the party!
$25 now - but $30 after March 1st.


We're Getting Excited!
This year we will play a game of "Heads or Tails" to win a cash pot of cold hard cash -  just a $5 purchase could bring you riches (well, at least some excellent spending money for the other auction items).

Sushi Dinner for 6 at YOUR house
Chinese dinner with a Dragon Dance at YOUR house
Bi-Mart Country Music Festival Passes
Leather Recliner in the MAN Package
Birthday parties (martial arts, Beeter's Bakery, pool party)
Summer camps
Beach weekends
Disney park hopper passe

Plus so much more...Timbers tickets, kendamas, Eugene Emerald's swag, Rexius bark, trees for spring planting, growlers and wine...just ask and I bet we have it!

Follow YG on Facebook and you'll see updates on auction activities and some of the fun things we have planned.  Hawaiian shirts encouraged...get ready for VACATION mode! 

Many thanks to Rita Gillihan and her volunteers for the great STEAM night on Wednesday on our gym. The hands-on exhibits gave students from YG and Corridor a wonderful way to look at science and art-based learning in ways designed to be a fun and inspire further exploration.

Next up, SCIENCE FAIR! Hope your children found some good ideas and are ready to get started. 

Thanks to the Science Factory, UO Education Department, River Road Art Bus, and the Hawaiian Snack Food Cart for contributing to the great night.

Join YG as we say goodbye to our spring interns on Wednesday, March 2nd from 5:3--7:00pm in the Cafeteria.

Do you have a sibling you want to enroll at YG for any grade level? Then the 4J school Choice is your ticket to apply! Please go to http://4jschoolchoice.com before February 29th! Out of district applications will be open March 1st.

  • Tuesday, March 1: Last day to buy discounted YG Auction tickets
  • Friday, March 11: 28th Annual YG School Dinner & Auction
  • Friday, March 18: Professional Development Day. No School.
  • Monday - Friday, March 21-25: Spring Break. No School.

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