February Newsletter


     I am very excited to begin my internship here at the CommUnity Zone! I am excited to be meeting everyone that is involved here. One of the many things I’ll be involved in and am eager to start up, is the Tech Tutoring program again! If you need help with or would like to learn new things about your device, bring your Ipad and/or Iphone alone and we can get going! I’ll be at the CommUnity Zone every week Tuesday-Friday 1pm-5pm. I look forward to meeting many of you!! 

     Our TimeBank is up and running! Eighteen members, six more in progress, and over 100 hours exchanged! We've traded cooking, transportation, logo design, drum lessons, overnight stays, home organization, poster making, oven cleaning, social media assistance, and more. As we grow, the exchange possibilities will be even more exciting.
    We will be hosting an Info Session on March 7 from 6:30 - 8:00pm at the Public Library for Union County in Lewisburg. Please come!

     What exactly is a TimeBank?
          A community group where members share their talents and services, record their hours, and then “spend” them later on services they want. In this network of neighborly service exchanges, time is the currency and everyone's hours have equal value. Please visit our website and like our Facebook page

Hello all,
     My name is Olivia, rather Liv, Manner. I’m a freshman here in Lewisburg at the high school. Over the course of this year, I’ve learned so many things about the world and about myself. I’ve learned which subjects I’m still not the best at (i.e. math), which clubs I love (Debate), and I’ve explored new subjects that weren’t available to me last year in the middle school. One of these courses is, that I’ve discovered that I love, Advanced Placement Environmental Science. AP Environmental Science, or APES, is one of those classes that I wasn’t expecting to love going into it. But the world around us, as it turns out, fascinates me.
     It turned out that APES has inspired me enough to want to pursue more than just studying the environment every-other day in the classroom. As of about a month ago, I began the process of starting a chapter of the National Green Schools Society here at Lewisburg Area High School. The administration was extremely receptive to the idea, and it was all possible with the help of a few teachers and other students, I was able to start the club rather quickly. Currently, I’m in the process of putting together a leadership team so that the club can start fully with the next school year. NGSS aim is to bring sustainability and environmentally focused thinking to students and community members of all ages, which is why I’m excited to try and have our club be a part of this June’s Protect-Preserve-Play event, organized by the CommUnity Zone in coordination with Susquehanna Valley Climate Action /  Rivertown Coalition for Clean Air and Clean Water.
     Protect-Preserve-Play goes hand in hand with the message of NGSS, which is bringing sustainability to people of all ages and walks of life. I am certainly excited to try and make the club a part of this wonderful event that is happening this June. How we’ll be involved, that I don’t quite know yet. But, our main goal is to bring the idea of environmental awareness to all people, and to make sustainability accessible to everyone.
    Anyone who’d like to know more about the event can come to CommUnity Zone Tuesday-Friday between the hours of 11a.m.-5p.m., or you can contact Cynthia Peltier at her email: . Or, you can follow this link to the website to learn more: . If you’d like to know more work about the National Green Schools Society, feel free to contact me at .
     In closing, I hope everyone reading this feels encouraged to attend Protect-Preserve-Play on June 4th this year, and to think about the world you live in and how you can make an impact here in your local community!

-Liv Manner

We will shortly be sending out a note to all whose memberships expired December 31, encouraging renewal before registration opens January 23.  It'll be one less step when you're ready to register for classes.


Here is a note from Matt Silberman, President of the Senior Bucknellians group (Bucknell retirees):
On Tuesday, January 10, Steven Stumbris, Director of Bucknell's Small Business Development Center will be discussing Bucknell's role in assisting small business development in the Central Susquehanna Valley.  Part of the Senior Bucknellians retiree organization's lecture series, the talk will take place in the Weis Center lobby from 10 a.m to 11 a.m.  Coffee and doughnuts will be available at 9:30 a.m.
Members of the BILL program are welcome to attend.  Unfortunately, we can only accommodate up to ten guests, so participation will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis.  If interested, please contact Matt Silberman, President of the Senior Bucknellians organization, at

From the Lewisburg Arts Council (folks who have taken our Digital Photography classes will get a duplicate message):
Have you been longing for a local group that shares your passion for the art of photography?
If so, you will be pleased to learn that the Lewisburg Arts Council is forming a Photographers' Group, for amateurs and professionals alike.
Similar to the Artists' Guild, the Photographers' Group is a special-interest group under the auspices of the Lewisburg Arts Council;  it is open to all Lewisburg Arts Council members who share a serious interest in photography
Plans for the group include:
 • once-a-month meetings for speakers, critiques, photo challenges, outings, and discussions on various aspects of photography
 • workshops
 • assist with organizing the Photography Contest held during the annual spring Celebration of the Arts

If you are a photographer and would like to help to formulate the group’s details (such as choosing a meeting time and crafting a Mission Statement), please contact Dan Hyde ( by January 20.  

The high schoolers and community members of Active Millennials for Progress (AMP) are continuing our campaign to win public recycling containers along Market Street. With several recent changes to the Union County recycling budget in 2017, AMP is working to strengthen our proposal in the eyes of Town Council. Specifically, we are seeking help in raising funds to help off-set the initial cost of purchasing the containers. After reaching out to Bucknell, the University pledged more than $1000 to the project! We've also been in touch with the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership and several local business owners. We're encouraged by the positive response we've received, but there's still more work to do.

In addition to our recycling campaign, AMP members are producing progressive short films for an upcoming festival, coordinating some upcoming actions in response to Trump's oppressive policies, and growing our membership through recruitment and skills training. The more active, educated, empowered young people we have in our community, the more we can do moving forward!

Aaron Troisi

On Friday, February 17th, 2017 from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, Bucknell University and Susquehanna University are co-hosting an event supported by a generous grant from the Pennsylvania Campus Compact. Entitled "Sowing Change: Promoting Food Access Through Campus and Community Gardens", this convening is designed to explore the concept of establishing a support network for campus and community garden programs that seek to address food insecurity in the central Pennsylvania region. The convening will take place in the Elaine Langone Center on the Bucknell campus. Registration is now open at

Based on a 2015 study conducted by the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and Feeding America, 11 to 15 percent of households in our region suffer from food insecurity. Community gardens are an important tool for increasing food access. However, these programs often lack the necessary resources and expertise to function effectively. Many universities in our region have begun to address food insecurity through gardening and farming, and have tremendous resources to offer the community. Stakeholders from multiple gardens in the area have expressed a need for a regional support network connecting campus and community gardens in order to share resources. This network would provide myriad avenues of support, including volunteer recruitment, workshops and skill-building sessions, and increased access to food storage, processing, and distribution sites.

This convening will serve as the first opportunity to bring together various interested parties and stakeholders to develop a plan for establishing this network. Whether your organization has an established garden program, or you are attempting to develop one, whether you are affiliated with a university or a community organization, we invite you to join us and share your input as we begin to shape what we hope will become an invaluable resource for addressing food insecurity in Pennsylvania.

Speakers for the event include:

Opening Plenary - Joe Arthur, Executive Director, Central PA Food Bank
Panel Discussion - Joe Arthur (Central PA Food Bank); Dr. Mark Spiro (Bucknell/Lewisburg Community Garden); Dr. Alissa Packer (Susquehanna/SU Campus Garden); Jennifer Partica (East Snyder Community Garden); Sara Lauver (Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way); Lizzie Cooper (Gettysburg/Painted Turtle Farm)
Keynote - Alan Jennings, Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley

Poster Session Students and affiliates of community gardens are invited to share their models, research, and best practices related to food insecurity and/or garden programs in a poster session (faculty may assist in the projects or programs depicted, but not in the creation and presentation of the material). These posters will viewable throughout the event, and presenters should be prepared to give a general explanation of their displays and engage in discussion with others during an afternoon poster session.

Registration is limited to first 100 registrants, so register now at

There is a fee of $25 for guests from Pennsylvania Campus Compact member institutions, $40 for those from non-member institutions, $15 for affiliates of community-based organizations, and no charge for students.

Please contact Kyle Bray with Bucknell University at or Pam Frontino with Susquehanna University at with any questions. We hope that you can join us in taking the first step towards increasing the capacity and effectiveness of garden programs in our region!

Kyle Bray

You are invited to:
American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania
2017 Annual Awards Dinner
Sunday, March 26, 2017, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Front Street Station Restaurant, 2 Front Street, Northumberland PA

Follow this link for registration info

Awards to be given:

  • Susan Mathias, Community Catalyst and Leadership Award
  • Chris Brady, Journalism Award
  • Stephen Mazzeo, Justice in Law Enforcement Award
  • Ann Keeler-Evans, Religious Leadership Award
  • Arin Lohr, Transgender Freedom of Liberties and the Thomas Paine Awards for Citizen Journalism: letters to the editor

This year's event will feature a keynote address from Tracey McCants Lewis, Esq., President of the Board of Directors of the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

Also from the ACLU   
Questions, comments, or a desire to get involved in the ACLU?  

ACLU of Pennsylvania Statement on the Officer-Involved Shooting of Sean Ryan Hake 

PHILADELPHIA (January 11) – The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania reacted today to the death of Sean Ryan Hake, a 23-year-old transgender man who was shot and killed by police in Sharon, Pennsylvania, on Friday. The following can be attributed to Reggie Shuford, executive director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

“Our thoughts and concerns are with Sean’s family and friends at this difficult time.

“As with any officer-involved shooting, it is imperative that the Pennsylvania State Police, the Sharon Police Department, and Mercer County District Attorney Miles Karson commit to full transparency and accountability in this case. The public deserves a full accounting of how and why Sean died. This must include the release of all relevant information, including but not limited to any existing video recordings, audio recordings, and the name of the officer who felt compelled to shoot Sean.

“According to press accounts and social media comments by friends, Sean was in the midst of transitioning. The ACLU of Pennsylvania encourages anyone who reports or comments on this tragedy to recognize and respect Sean’s gender identity as a man.

“Relations between the transgender community and law enforcement have long been fraught. In the wake of Sean’s tragic death, we must insist that police and prosecutors respect transgender Pennsylvanians and work to build strong, positive relationships with the community.”


ACLU of Pennsylvania Statement in Support of Philadelphia City Council Resolution Against Islamophobia

PHILADELPHIA (January 26) – The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania proudly stands today with members of the City Council of Philadelphia and with members of the greater Philadelphia community in support of our Muslim friends and neighbors and against Islamophobia. The ACLU of Pennsylvania supports Councilwoman Helen Gym’s resolution reaffirming Philadelphia as a welcoming place for all.

The following can be attributed to Reggie Shuford, executive director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania:

“Pluralism and a commitment to equality are part of what defines America. The principle of religious freedom enshrined by the Founders in our Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of our values. American Muslims have been an integral part of the nation since its founding. They are our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. They are us.

“Unfortunately, recent history has seen the rise of hateful rhetoric targeting Muslim Americans and immigrants based on their faith. This is dangerous and un-American. We should resoundingly reject any politics of nativism and fear used to cast blanket suspicion on whole nations and all American Muslims. We should resist these politics through the very values that make us great – a commitment to equality and religious freedom, which are principles enshrined in our founding documents and reflected in our laws.

“Policies targeting entire communities for increased surveillance, excluding the citizens of entire nations for refugee status, or banning the people of an entire faith from entering the country are not only discriminatory, but counter-productive as well.

“The ACLU of Pennsylvania is committed to fighting any efforts by any politicians to enshrine discrimination into the law. We are grateful to Councilwoman Gym and her colleagues who reaffirm the best of American values.”

Columbia County Against the Pipeline
Saturday, February 25 at 12 PM - 3 PM

Here is the Rally info: and fb link
Hearts & Bones Farm, 4 Covered Bridge Dr. Bloomsburg, PA 17814

     Meet - up at Hearts & Bones organic farm with fellow neighbors and community members to rally around protecting sacred lands from exploitation by natural gas pipeline construction projects, proposed or currently underway throughout the PA and NJ area. Hear stories from community about the ways in which large oil and gas Corporations have been bullying and pushing their way onto people's land to accomplish their own agendas and be greedy. 
     Strategize face - to - face to fight the degradation of the land and water against pipeline construction movements with groups that are already mobilizing and activated! 
     A ceremonial prayer service as well as a guided walk will honor the beauty of the land at the farm and Little Fishing Creek. Various speakers from anti - pipeline organizations will elevate the fight to mobilize and create a network of action against pipelines within the region.
     Food and drinks will be shared! 
     Hearts & Bones is an organic farm that is fighting against Williams Corp. proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline that will endanger their farm as well as the nearby Little Fishing Creek and Fishing Creek Watershed. 
     Come out to support the farm who tills soil for veggies and not the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline!
Co - Hosted by Hearts & Bones Farm, Shalefield Organizing Committee, Columbia County Against the Pipeline, Clean Air Council, and Juniata Watershed People Before Pipelines.
CommUnity Zone
417 Market St, Lewisburg, PA 17837

Advisory Committee:

Dave Ambrose, Steve Jacobsen, Nancy Libbey, Helen Nunn, Andrea Tufo, Patti Urosevich, and Farida Zaid
Without our Angels, Partners, Patrons, Friends, Supporters, and Volunteers,
we would just be another great idea. Thank you very much for you support!

David Ambrose, Caroll Blank & Helen Nunn, Iron Front Coworks

Kendra Aucker & Margaret Lehr-DeVolld, B.I.L.L., Community Alliance for Respect & Equality (CARE), CSVMC, Mary Hague, SUN Home Health & Hospice , Union Snyder Community Action Agency

ACLUPA Central Susq. Chap, Margaret & Tom Greaves, Amy & Brooks Gronlund, Stephen Lindenmuth, Cindy Nickelsen, Charles Sackrey, Ben Marsh & Janet Jones

Barbara & Roger Allison, Martha Donahue, Gale Duque, Rosaria Gabriele & Arlyne Hoyt, Steven Miller & Ellen Gauthier, Larry & Marie Ginsburg, Sylvia Gleason, Elaine Hopkins, Susan Jamison, League of Women, Lewisburg Arts Council, Lewisburg Prison Project, The Lewisburg Studio, Dee Mikita, Mary Jane Mitterling, Suzanne Murdza, Miriam Naugle, Ken & Linda Piercy, Mark & Alicia Reisinger, Marv & Raven Rudnitsky, Mary Russin, Elayne Sobel, Margaret Gates & Swan Stull, Libby Meadow & Paul Susman, Lois Svard & Peter Kresl, Patti Urosevich, Ben Willeford, Pamela & Paul Mauger, Karen Morin & Daniel Olivetti

Kyle Bray, Lynn Bressler, D. Toni Byrd, Nancy R. Caruso, Kimberly Daubman, Michael Drexler, Nicole Faraguna, Doug Orbaker & Penn Garvin, Christine Cooper Grace, Gary & Nancy Grant, Carol Graybeal, Jackson & Martha Hill, Steven & Paula Irwin, Bruce Jackson, Stephen & Marion Jacobsen, Linden & Vivette Lewis, Leona Martin, Paul & Suzanne McGuire, Saundra Morris & Harold Schweier, Hazel Newton, David & Jan Pearson, Meenakshi Ponnuswami & Mitch Hart, Charles & Martha Root, Gary & Sandy Sojka, Philip & Renee Sosland, Adele & Gerard Spegman, Elsbeth & Richard Steffensen, Sue Travis, Theresa Williams
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