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Why we love what we do...

As psychotherapists and helping professionals we have a special role in people's lives and we know it.  We honor this validating presence with each client story and are committed to helping them reach the next step in their lives.  
I moved to private practice, roughly 6 years ago, and love the work; the hours, the intensity of the cases, the rapport building, the tension of working through tough problems, the "Aha" moments that bring about change, and the feeling that goes with connecting with and releasing a happier and more stable life.  

But I did miss one thing, I missed that camaraderie that comes with working side by side with other like-minded people. After creating the Therapists-Network listserv, and True Balance Counseling Collective LLC, I thought that I may be able to support other therapists.  I am a helper by nature, that is just what I do, and so are you. If you are new to private practice, work in a solo office, would like to grow your client list,  or would like to be a part of a larger community you may want to think of joining TBCC.  

With your monthly membership you will have web presence (we are getting a healthy dose of hits) and monthly group supervision and self-care options. Until the end of May, I am offering 6 hours of  Free Group Space  in our suite to all members (new and old).  These hours can be used at your leisure within your membership year. This Freebie will just about pay for your membership for one full year!  Please feel free to call me or check out our website for more information on membership or to see pictures of our beautiful space.  Coming soon... discounted CEU's for members, and a chance to blog on TBCC.

Below you will find some terrific insight regarding resistance, and how to embrace this with your client.  Bill Denison has a coaching practice that compliments therapy in a unique way.  Also, take a look at the offerings at TBCC for the following month, CEU's and a Therapists-Network Happy Hour!

I want to offer CEU's at TBCC! 

Do you have a specific passion in your work, or expertise, that you would like to share?  Have you considered speaking or training other therapists in a particular technique that you are proficient in? Now is your time! 

I am creating a CEU Work Group, a group of professionals who would like to create a workshop to be offered here at TBCC.  If you are passionate about a topic, or would like to share your expertise with a wider audience, please contact me. I am submitting paperwork for sponsorship status. We will complete the paperwork as a group, I will share the application, certificates, evaluations and more to make it easy for you.  Please send me an email or give me a call (contact info below) for more details.  

Popcorn, Soda, Action!

I would like to offer my space to view DVD home study materials (via projector) with 6 CEU options  as a group. The fee would be between $20-40 depending on the number of folks interested (Discount for TBCC members), and you would purchase your CEU separately at $19.99. (We can complete the testing together.)
Popcorn and soda included!
Doesn't this sound like fun?

The current title I am offering is:
Shame and Loathing in the Treatment of Trauma,
by Janina Fisher

If you are interested in joining in the fun, contact me and we will find a mutually convenient time for viewing!

Contact Info:
Vivian Morgan, MS, LCPC
True Balance Counseling Collective
Phone: 443.377.0546

Monthly peer supervision/consultation for members only:
Last Thursday of the Month
Self-Care: contact Vivian for possible self-care options.These are for members only at this time.  We are looking into CEU options for participating. 

Happy Hour for
Therapists-Network Listservers!

Join us at Cafe Troia for some happy hour  networking and socializing.  Next Friday March 10 @ 5:30 at Cafe Troia in Towson. They have complimentary valet parking, and there is corner parking in Towson. Here is a link for their happy hour specials:
The Positive Intent of Resistance
By Bill Denison

Ever experienced wanting to move forward in some aspect of you life only to discover for some reason it proves almost impossible or worse, you seem to sabotage yourself? Yeah, me too! As with all life experience, this dynamic of resistance to change may indeed be a rich and potent messenger.

As Rumi says:
“This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival…
…meet them [life’s difficulties, i.e.resistance]
at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.”

Well, this particular “guide” is not so far away after all. In fact, this resistance dynamic is always standing close enough to have your ear. This “guide” showing up as resistance, although seemingly an impediment to you or your client, is actually a voice to be grateful for and to welcome wholeheartedly! It is a part of ourselves we can happily engage, draw out, honor and ultimately collaborate with as a co-counselor. In my Shadow Work® coaching experience we refer to this part as the Risk Manager. We invite it to be front and center from the start. It has an anointed role in the entire coaching process from start to finish.

What we’ve learned is the Risk Manager has only our best interest at heart. Yes, at times it does stop us from moving forward. Why?  Because it’s job is to protect us! It’s always looking out for risks and has been doing so for most of our life.

When we look beneath the actions of the Risk Manager we can begin to understand its positive intent: to protect us from embarrassment or to keep us safe in the ways we learned to cope as children. When we appreciate its attempt to contribute, and honor the important role it’s been playing, the Risk Manager feels seen, heard and understood.

It can then can relax. The tension subsides. A new and updated role for the Risk Manager can now be considered - a new job description more accurately reflecting current life circumstances, i.e. support and available resources.

It’s never about getting rid of the Risk Manger (a common concern!) but instead eliciting her/his deep love and caring in service to ourselves. After all, it’s been there, stalwart and valiant keeping watch for a long time. Ultimately it wants nothing more than to support us. When we greet the Risk Manager “at our door laughing and invite them in…” and honor them with a seat at the table, harmony and compassion naturally arise. It’s unconditional positive regard at the micro level! Healing and transformation begin.

If you would like to learn more about the Risk Manager from the Shadow Work® perspective and how it might fit with your therapeutic process, call me at Centric Coaching 443.794.9828.

I will be offering a free presentation of Shadow Work for therapists in the near future at TBCC. Details will follow.

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