Release and Renew

As I review our offerings this phrase comes to mind.  Renewal implies a type of release.  Being able to begin again, we must let go of what was.  This message must resonate with my counseling community, as we are in a state of shift much of the time as we sit with our clients. 

This fall many of us here at True Balance Counseling Collective have something new to offer.  Meditation, a parent lectures series, coaching, and a variety of yoga experiences have renewal and transformation in mind.  

For more information on all of these things and more, please see the details below, and feel free to reach out and contact True Balance members for more information.

Peace and Blessings,

Centric Coaching with Bill Denison

"All of you is welcome.”           
This is a powerful and courageous statement to make!
Fortunately I’m able to hear it and say it every week in my men’s group. We gather to help each other live and express the totality of being. We create a space free of judgement and shame. We honor all of our thoughts and feelings. In doing so we free ourselves to explore and honor whatever is present - the good, bad and the ugly.
Because it’s often due to the shame we hold for ourselves for certain aspects of our personalities that keep us stuck and trapped in our own self judgement. Sharing and healing those beliefs is liberating!
Similarly, in my life coaching practice I declare:
All of you is welcome.”
I believe in freely giving voice to all our thoughts and emotions we gift ourselves the opportunity to grow and mature. The decision (often unconscious) not to allow ourselves full expression is a challenging one to undo. The shame attached is like glue. Awareness and compassion help soften that glue. We then give ourselves the opportunity to remake our story and create a new richer identity - one that better serves us, our loved ones and our community.
As a life coach my intention is to support you in fully stepping into the totality of your life. I believe that it is possible – at any point in our lives – to begin to live our story to a new conclusion. One that is intentional and truly you.
All of you!
Bill Denison


Lecture Series for Parents
with Vivian Morgan


Vivian Morgan, MS, LCPC has worked with families and children for over 25 years and is offering skill based and researched supported suggestions for happier relationships with your children.  Come for one lecture at $20 per person, or pay in advance for the entire series for $100 (you will get one free!). You will have access to materials and tools you can use right away with your family and children.

6 sessions on the second Tuesday of the month from 7-8pm:

Nov. 14   Executive Functioning Explained with Supportive Tips for Parents  

Dec. 12   A New Take on DEAR: Drop Everything and Relax  

Jan.  9    Mindful Meditation and the Family

Feb.  13  Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping to Release Anxiety

March 13  How to Talk to Your Teen

April  10   Sibling Rivalry - Creating Peace in Your Home

Contact Vivian Morgan at 443.377.0546

or email at

Women's Yoga for Hormonal 
Balance During the Changing 
Seasons with Mira Tessman

Sat: Sep 30, 2017 From: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM 
Location: Chestnut Ave. Baltimore Yoga Village
In today's stressful world, many women are challenged by a host of symptoms and conditions as a result of hormonal imbalances in the endocrine system. When women are in greater hormonal balance, they feel greater harmony, confidence, and clarity. In this workshop we will explore the causes of feminine imbalances and learn how yoga and pranyama can help to restore hormonal systems towards greater equilibrium.

Mira is a yoga and meditation teacher and a psychotherapist specializing in women's wellness and mindfulness practices. She recently studied the role of yoga in women's health in Bali and looks forward to sharing the fruits of her experiences.

$35 if registered before 9/30/17, $40 day of workshop

Meeting Our Grief and Restoring our Losses:
Restorative Yoga with Healing Sound


Sat: Nov 04, 2017 From: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 
Location: Falls Road Baltimore Yoga Village
Whether we grieve a loved one, a dream, people suffering around the world, or our Mother Earth, this workshop provides an opportunity to connect with the oneness of our vulnerability and strength. Autumn teaches us how to let go of our attachments to form, and open to boundless love. Slow-moving restorative yoga with heart-opening singing bowls and toning combine with these seasonal energies to support the release of grief from our bodies, heal our hearts, and honor who and what we love.
Mira and Andrea are both very seasoned healing arts practitioners and have been leading this well attended workshop for several years.
Cost: $45 if pre-registered, $50 on the day of

Contact the Baltimore Yoga Village to register for these events.
Mindful Meditation Class
Join us for a Mindful Meditation practice Fridays from 10:45-11:30am starting in November. Helpers and clients welcome.  Vivian will lead this with an inspirational reading and mindful meditation exercises. Email to reserve your space:
Mindful Meditation Class
Join us for a Mindful Meditation practice Fridays from 10:45-11:30am starting in November. Helpers and clients welcome.  Vivian will lead this with an inspirational reading and mindful meditation exercises. Email to reserve your space:

Our next Happy Hour is scheduled for Oct 20th at Cafe Troia in Towson.  Mark your calendars and join in the conversation!

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