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December 31, 2015

President's Letter

As members of the Eglin Chapter of AFA, we look forward to continuing being an active part of the military community in 2016. For example, in the first quarter we participated in the:
- Eglin Professional Consortium event called the NDIA Warfighter Forum tentatively set for the last week of January
- CAP Annual Award night 8 February
-  AFA Winter Meet 27 February in Tampa
-  AFA Membership Social in February (see details in upcoming mail)
- 5K Run with the proceeds going to the Fisher House on 5 March (Eglin AFA Co-Hosts with the Top Three)
- The Wounded Warrior Adaptive Sports Camp returning for the second year to Eglin (Eglin AFA and community provide food and drink to the Warriors, their support people and family while they participate)
- The May Education Recognition Night that provides scholarships across the Okaloosa Walton counties to top JROTC graduates
- The Fall NDIA Symposium which ends with an AFA co-hosted social at the Air Force Armament Museum and then the annual Eglin AFA Golf Tournament that brings much of the funds that are given out in May to the scholarship recipients. Our tournament this year was one of the most financially successful in the history of the tournament, netting almost $32,000.
- More Top Notch Speakers/Panels in the Eglin Professional Consortium
- Participating in the Memorial Day and Veteran Day events
- Attending events/lunches/dinners that promote AFA interest and community involvement
Thank you for the honor of being your Eglin AFA Chapter President this year.
I look forward to our AFA team continuing strong.  Happy New Year to each of you, and I look forward to seeing you throughout the year,
Candace Lovell, Eglin AFA President

Recap of Eglin AFA Awards Luncheon on October 14th
Eglin Chapter hosted an Annual Awards luncheon on 14 Oct at the Bayview Club on Eglin AFB.  New Chapter officers were introduced and Chapter, State and National Level awards were also presented. 
New Chapter Officers:
President:  Candace Lovell
Vice President:  Lee Barnby
Treasurer:  Steve Czonstka (incumbent)
Secretary:  Shirley Piggot (incumbent)

Chapter Awards:  

A Certificate of Appreciation for Special Service was presented to MSgt Kevin Shackleford from Eglin’s Top 3 Association.  MSgt Shackleford supported the Eglin AFA and Eglin Top 3 Association’s Annual Fisher House 5K Charity Run the past two years, and was the Deputy Race Director and Top 3 team lead for this year’s run.  He recruited and organized the volunteer pool, covering tasks like T-shirts, Road Signs, Flyers, Awards, and Race Day Logistics.  His efforts resulted in a two-year total donation to the Fisher House of over $11,000. 

Chapter Member of the Year was presented to Amy Gold.  Amy joined the Executive Board approximately one year ago as Vice President for Communications.  She immediately revitalized our quarterly newsletter, updated our chapter website and Facebook pages, established lines of communication with the national editors of Air Force and Wingman magazines, as well as the local media outlets.  She is an active member of the board, helping with other projects as needed.

State Awards:  At the State/Regional level, Eglin Chapter was awarded an Exceptional Service Award, Best Single Program for our First Flight Program.  Eglin chapter is in the fourteenth year of the First Flight program, a program that provides incentive flights to AFJROTC cadets.  The chapter allocates about $1,500 per year to this project.  Approximately eight cadets in each of our four local AFJROTC units are selected by their instructors, based upon academic and leadership competitive criteria.  These cadets were given a flight familiarization with a volunteer instructor pilot, to include twenty minutes of hands-on flight time, in an arrangement with the Eglin Aero Club.  The First Flight Program has proven to be a significant motivator and unqualified success.  It has become a great incentive for AFJROTC cadets as they embark on their aerospace careers.

The chapter is also proud to recognize this year’s Jerry Waterman Award, Col Todd Canterbury, Commander, 33rd Fighter Wing. Named after Jerome A. Waterman, this award recognizes an active duty Air Force member stationed in Florida who has made the most significant contribution to the Air Force during the past year.  Jerry Waterman was born in 1883, originally enlisted in the Army, earned a commission and served as an officer in WWI, eventually retired as an Air Force Lt Col in 1948.  A tireless supporter of airpower and the Air Force, Jerry Waterman founded the Florida West Coast Chapter, the first AFA chapter in Florida, which was renamed the Jerry Waterman Chapter in 1970.

As the commander of the 33rd Fighter Wing, Colonel Canterbury built and led AETC’s first fifth generation fighter wing.   There were many firsts--first off-station deployments of aircraft and maintenance equipment, the first F-35 night flights, aerial refueling, and hot pit refueling in a training environment.  He created a night-vision course, trained not only F-35 pilots and maintenance troops, but was the USAF’s only source of Air Battle Managers (ABMs), F-35 qualified intelligence, and special operations intelligence personnel.  Under his leadership, the 33rd Fighter Wing won numerous wing and individual level awards.  Colonel Todd Canterbury made superior and lasting contributions to America’s national security by advancing the USAF closer to F-35 IOC.

The Exceptional Service Citation is awarded for performance that increased Chapter or Florida mission performance.  The following Chapter members earned State level Exceptional Service Citations:  Mike Farrell and Amy Gold.  

The Sustained Service Citation is for AFA Florida members whose sustained superior service during the past year or multi-year period is the foundation of chapter operations.  The following Chapter members earned State level Sustained Service Citation:  Steven Czonstka and Shirley Pigott. 

The State of Florida awarded a Special Service award to Mrs. Nancy Kirk.  Nancy Kirk provided outstanding sustained support to the Eglin Chapter Aerospace Education Foundation for the past twenty-five years in assisting her husband, Gen Bill Kirk, Chairman of the Eglin Chapter Aerospace Education Foundation.  By being his primary Wingman, Nancy provided exceptional assistance to our program in key administrative tasks, of planning and conducting the scholarship golf tournament, raising educational funds, and administering our scholarship and education awards program.  She also serves each year as a Doolittle Scholarship Open Golf Tournament volunteer worker.

The Florida AFA also awarded a Presidential Citation to Gen William “Bill” Kirk.  Since 1990, as Chairman of the Eglin Chapter’s Education Foundation, Gen Kirk’s enthusiastic leadership and dedication to “sending good kids to college” has enabled the Foundation to raise an approximate $25K annually through a golf tournament and industry donations, and to superbly manage our scholarship and education awards program.  The Doolittle Scholarship Open (DSO) Golf Tournament is the primary fundraiser, and General Kirk tirelessly led the team to host that each year.  Gen Kirk personally presents scholarships at local schools.  He initiated our annual Education Recognition Night at the USAF Armament Museum where the AFJROTC scholarship winners, the Chapter Teacher of the Year are recognized.  As General Kirk ends his long history of AFA accomplishments, we want to thank him for his 25 years of leadership, innovative ideas and dedication to the AFA mission. 
National Awards:  At the National level, Eglin Chapter earned a Community Partner Achievement Award for 2014-2015.

The National Medal of Merit is awarded for exceptional services in local, regional or national fields and denotes great initiative on the part of the recipient for specific achievements.

The following individuals were awarded National Level Medals of Merit:  Shirley Pigott and Mike Farrell. 

The Exceptional Service Award is presented to those individual AFA members who have performed exceptional services for AFA in local, regional or national fields and is given to those who have previously received the Medal of Merit and whose exceptional service has continued from that point.  Shirley Pigott was also awarded a National Level Exceptional Service Award. 

Eddie McAllister, Contributor Amy Gold, Photo Contributor
It’s Saturday. What to do? Cyber Patriot, of course!

“Wait, what?”  is a normal response for any teenager that is more into their cyber searches when the parents ask if they need money for the weekend.  Of course we want the money, but at that moment we are so into what we are doing that it takes us a moment to process.  This is not new for our generation, but we need to be more careful.  The Air Force Association, along with many – I mean many – sponsors, hosts a competition called Cyber Patriot.  It is an opportunity to keep our eyes in our computers but still learn how to protect ourselves and entire networks at the same time.  There are several levels of competition, including All Services (JROTC, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, etc.). High School groups can also participate.

Eglin’s Civil Air Patrol just participated in their second round of competition this past Saturday.  There were not enough computers for us to work on the three images.  Best Buy was awesome and allowed us to borrow 2 of their prior floor models.  This made a huge difference, as the computers we had for the last round; let’s just say one of them came from the last decade.  Someone from the Eglin AFA even donated Pizza for lunch (smiley face).  We have 4 Cadets currently on our team, C/1st Lt Ethan Gunn, C/Amn William Sargent, C/SSgt Abi Thomasos, and me.  Like everything else that is demanding our time and attention, this is one activity that is fun, challenging, and most importantly is something of which we need to be aware.

Contributed by C/2nd Lt Brittany Fager


Twelve cadets and nine senior members from Civil Air Patrol’s Eglin Composite Squadron recently toured Naval Support Activity Panama City.
Highlights of the tour included the Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center, the Navy Experimental Diving Unit, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The training and research conducted aboard NSA Panama City dovetails with the focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program.

The Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center features a new 40 foot deep pool and moveable platforms and the CAP group was able to observe diver training in progress. The center trains divers from all branches of the military in wreckage recovery, mine defusing, reconnaissance and other missions. 
“The trip gave me some real perspective on further applications of diving from the standpoint of someone who is already dive certified,” said C/2Lt Brittany Fager.

The Navy Experimental Diving Unit conducts biomedical research, experiments, and testing to improve manned operations in undersea and other extreme environments.  Cadets were fascinated with the equipment and descriptions of the experiments conducted by the NEDU. Cadets learned about the stress on the human body related to long periods of time spent submerged in water and what that means to manned undersea operations.

The tour wrapped up with a look at Naval Surface Warfare Center’s functions. NSWC – Panama City conducts research on littoral or near shore warfare and its disciplines, including optics, acoustics, mine warfare and robotics. The Civil Air Patrol airmen were briefed on unmanned systems, an aviation unit and the LCAC, a hovercraft used for amphibious assaults.

Civil Air Patrol, the longtime all-volunteer U.S. Air Force auxiliary, is the newest member of the Air Force’s Total Force, which consists of Regular Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, along with Air Force retired military and civilian employees.  CAP, in its Total Force role, operates a fleet of 550 aircraft and performs about 85 percent of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and is credited with saving an average of 70 lives annually. Civil Air Patrol’s 58,000 members nationwide also perform homeland security, disaster relief and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state, and local agencies. Its members additionally play a leading role in aerospace education and serve as mentors to more than 24,000 young people currently participating in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. Civil Air Patrol received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2014 in honor of the heroic efforts of its World War II veterans.

Congressionally chartered 74 years ago, the nonprofit organization also participates in Wreaths Across America, an initiative to remember, honor, and teach about the sacrifices of U.S. military veterans. Visit for more information.

Contributed by Lt. Col. Dale K. Robinson, CAP

Civil Air Patrol visits the Navy Dive School at Panama City.

Eglin AFA contributes to Veterans Monument

On November 11th, the Eglin AFA Chapter 365 contributed to the Veterans Memorial Tower with a $500 donation. The check was presented to Tom Rice by Candace Lovell. The tower is in the memorial cemetery in Ft. Walton Beach, FL for all veterans. The tower was completed and first used to honor our veterans as part of the veterans’ memorial celebration on 11 Nov 2015.

Candace Lovell, Photo Contributor

Recap of 43rd annual Doolittle Scholarship Open Golf Tournament 

The Doolittle Scholarship Open Golf Tournament committee finalizing details.  Left to right:
Jeff Fanto, Rick Moriyama, Dawg Madley, M/G Mike Kostelnik, Bob Patterson, Shirley Pigott, Mike Boles, Jim Abel
Doug Hardin, Photo Contributor
The 43rd annual Doolittle Scholarship Open golf tournament was held on Thursday, November 5, 2015, at the Eglin Golf Course in Niceville. Our tournament this year was one of the most financially successful in the history of the tournament, netting almost $32,000. It was played on the historic Eagle course, the oldest golf course in the area.  The tournament is sponsored by the Eglin Air Force Association Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Proceeds from the tournament will help provide college scholarships for deserving Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) cadets at area high schools, top graduates at the Community High Okaloosa Institutes for Career Education (CHOICE) Okaloosa Aerospace Academy at both Choctawhatchee and Crestview High Schools, as well as the Air Force ROTC program at the University of West Florida.  The foundation also provides resources for the Engineers for America program at the Air Force Armament Museum, the Civil Air Patrol, CHOICE Okaloosa Aerospace Academy at Shoal River Middle School, in addition to other math and science fairs in the county.  In 2011, the foundation surpassed the $1 million mark for funds raised, based in large part to the generous support of our local community.

Barb Kostelnik, her daughter, Mike Boles and Norma Rethlake handing out the door prizes and setting up the containers for the bids on the auction item. 

Candace Lovell and Tim O'Keefe, Tom Hancock, Tim Shepard, and Pete Crump as they tee off!

Nancy Garcia and Doris Demming taking donations for bid tickets at Hole #1.

The 7th Special Forces won the Eglin Team Competition for the 4th time.  Displaying their winning trophy with Gen Kostelnik are Kenny Anthony, Ryan Clark, Jimmie Russell, Scott Zastrow. 

Steve Czontska, Photo Contributor

Please join us for our
Quarterly Eglin AFA Community Partners and Membership After Work Social
Holiday Inn Express, Niceville
Friday, February 25th
After Work
Guest Speaker: Gen "Chedbob" Chedister
We look forward to seeing you!
Please consider contributing articles to our newsletter. We would love to hear about the wonderful things you are doing to support AFA – Educate/Advocate/Support. Deadline for submission is March 11th.

Thank you to our Community Partners!
Lockheed Martin Corporation-Tobi L Allen  
Paul S. Hsu TTE  
Bill Kirk  
Lamar Outdoor Advertising:Joseph Raines  
Lockheed Martin Corporation-Accounts Payable Cntr  
Ann Shambo  
St Joe Community Foundation: Janet Greeno, Exec Dir.  
Investments Unlimited-Cliff Long  
ATK - Bob Blake  
COLSA Corporation: Anderson/Orcutt/Warner/Williams  
Jimmie Adams Gen (Ret)  
Jacobs Technology, Inc  
Harvey F Eckhoff VFW Post 7674: Quartermaster Account  
Total Parts Plus: Dr Paul Hsu, Chairman  
Bluewater Fitness Center  
Destin - Fort Walton Beach Airport - Mike Stenson  
Magnolia Grill  

October — December 2015
Volume XXX, Issue 1 

Candace Lovell, President
Lee Barnby, Vice President
Shirley Pigott, Secretary
Steve Czonstka,Treasurer
Maj Gen (ret) Mike Kostelnik, Chair, Aerospace Education Foundation
Bob Patterson, VP Leadership Development
Mike Farrell, VP Aerospace Education
Shirley Pigott, VP Programs
Vickie Jones, VP Membership
Lee Barnby, VP Cyber Patriot
Colleen Smith, VP Community Partners
Doug Hardin, VP Military Relations
Amy Gold, VP Communications
Eddie McAllister, VP Awards and Past President
Bill Yucuis, State President

Inside this Issue

-President's Letter
-Recap of Eglin AFA Awards Luncheon-October 14th
-It’s Saturday. What to do? Cyber Patriot, of course!
-Eglin AFA contributes to Veterans Monument
-Recap of 43rd annual Doolittle Scholarship Open Golf Tournament 
-Quarterly Eglin AFA Community Partners and Membership After Work Social Invitation
-Community Partners

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