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The Joy of Christian Mission.     The Joy of Christian Marriage.      
      Miguel and Lola were married at City Hall twelve years ago.  Their marriage was been good, and included the blessing of a son, Juan Miguel.  Then about three years ago they discovered the Lutheran Church, and, after instruction, became members in 2014. 
   As Lutheran Christians, they learned how important marriage is to God´s plans, even so far as to be one of the central Biblical metaphors for the Gospel and Salvation.  As they learned how the love between husband and wife is a picture of Christ´s even greater, self-sacrificing love for His Bride, the Church, they began to desire the blessing of God on their marriage.  So this summer, at the end of the Divine Service in Cartagena, with their son and the members of the congregation as witnesses, they renewed their vows and received the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit on their life together.  It was a joyful and beautiful day.
     Even more, it was a joyful and beautiful day for mission.   For, along with the 15 members who gathered to hear God´s Word, receive His gifts, and ask God’s blessing on their marriage, another 16 family and friends came to celebrate the day.  Consider this:  because Miguel and Lola desired the blessing of God upon their life together, 16 souls who rarely if ever hear of God´s grace came and heard the Good News of forgiveness and life that Christ has won for all people through His Cross and Resurrection.  Shelee and I and the congregation continued to be with these family and friends at the reception meal and celebration that followed, which continued into the evening and the next day.  We pray that the seeds which were planted and watered through the blessing of Miguel and Lola´s life together will result in a great harvest. 
     Can you help us continue planting the seed of the Gospel?  Your prayers, your words of encouragement, and your financial gifts have enabled Shelee and I to be here in Spain for 18 months now.  Will you help us stay on the field and continue serving the Lutherans of Spain, and proclaiming Christ to all Spaniards?  The work in Spain is slow and challenging, so the less we need to worry about our budget, the more we can focus on reaching out with the precious Word of grace and mercy.  Can you make a donation today?  Maybe you gave once when we made a presentation at your church.  Maybe you’ve given multiple times.  Ideally, those of you who can will become recurring givers, signing up at to make a monthly gift.  If you’d like to give by mail, the address and instructions are at the end of this newsletter.  If you’d like to talk to someone about how all this works, you can call 888-930-4438 . Or, if you have questions for us, feel free to send us an e-mail at
Early next year we will reach our two-year point and will be headed back to the U.S., for furlough, and for further support raising.  It would be especially wonderful if when we go, the next year or two of our expenses were already covered by gifts and pledges!  This is a lofty goal.  And just as we haven’t done anything yet without you, and we won’t realize this goal except through your prayers and generosity. 
     Would your congregation like an update on the work in Spain?  Through the internet, and given our 6 to 9-hour time difference with the States, it is a pretty simple thing for me to speak live to a Sunday morning Bible Study, or really any group gathering any morning of the week.  If this might be a possibility in your congregation, speak to your pastor.  We would love to “see” you, and tell everyone in your congregation about what the Gospel is doing in Spain.   
     Christ loves you, for you are a member of His beloved Bride, the Church.  Christ has given Himself for the sins of the whole world.  Christ needs to be proclaimed clearly and often in Spain, that many more might know the joy and peace of His free and full salvation.  Thank you for your support in prayers and finances so far.  We rejoice in expectation of the future blessings He will provide through you, for the sake of God’s Reign in Spain.       
¿Qué Pasa en España? 
What´s Going On in Spain? 
What Can We Be Praying For? 

    August is traditionally a slow month in Spain, as many people take their vacation, and the heat weighs everybody down.  However, Shelee and I managed to be super busy, traveling 28 of 39 days between late July to early September.  Our trips included Madrid and Toledo for member home visits, as well as a week in the Dominican Republic, (where it is really hot, and humid) for the regional missionary retreat, and then more trips for home visits in the north of Spain, and a wedding in Cartagena.  Another great mission opportunity.  But, we were really glad to get home and stay for a while!  

     We have members who are young, old, some who are ill, others recovering or facing surgery.  We have job worries, and school challenges.  And of course, we pray for more opportunities to teach more Spaniards the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Please keep all of this in your prayers, and we will seek to remember you in ours.       
     If you have questions about the work in Spain, feel free to shoot me or Shelee an e-mail:  

                                   Peace and joy in Christ to you all, David.  
      Please remember to keep up your support to your home congregation, and as you are able and so moved, please remember us in Spain. 

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