Our Next 20 Years

We’ve evolved substantially since 1999, but our values have never wavered. As we look toward our future, we see an opportunity to redefine our path and consider how the next era of Firebelly will be guided. Passing the torch to new leadership is integral to this progression. 

We’re actively searching for a new Studio Director. Someone who can drive the next phase of our legacy. This individual will be the primary driver of day-to-day success, working with our leadership team to co-create the next chapter. We are looking for proven management experience and see this as an incredibly unique growth opportunity. Candidates from underrepresented communities are especially encouraged to apply. 

Interested or know someone who may be a perfect fit? Please check out job description and share widely with your amazing network.

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Work. Life. Balanced.

We have a soft spot in our hearts for companies that do things a little bit differently. Back in May, we introduced you to Madison Rose. A highly personal endeavor that brings a fresh perspective to commercial leasing, this small but fearless crew is putting everything they’ve got into envisioning what office spaces can and will become. This month, we’re delighted to introduce

Matt Pistorio and his team are as passionate about life as they are about work, and we channeled that energy into the identity system. Evocative, natural textures and rich earthy colors evoke a timeless sense of wonder and possibility. Subtle linear elements support the viewer along a journey, with Madison Rose guiding the way. 



Type is for Lovers

Volume up, type nerds! Later this month, there’s a brand new, 100% free conference hitting the stage, and you’re not gonna want to miss it. Type Wknd was designed with remote in mind—whatever your location, experience or skill level, you are welcome and wanted. 

And they’re looking for presenters! Our beloved designer, Dean “Sweetie” Sweetnich, is helping out by reviewing proposals and he’s itching to see your best ideas. If you’ve been curious about speaking, putting together a panel or leading a workshop, now’s your chance—take it. 


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Whose Streets?
Our Streets

Last month, My Block My Hood My City set out to raise $10K through their 2nd annual 5K. More than 2,000 people signed up to run for fun(ds), with every one randomly assigned a neighborhood and given a pre-set route to walk, jog or fly 3.1 miles, and all for an excellent cause. 

They raised almost $50K. With your help, Firebelly contributed $2,178. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who gave. Your generosity made each step a little lighter and the air a touch sweeter. Congrats to M3 on a resounding success, with so much gratitude for lifting us out of ourselves and getting us into the streets.

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Cope by Colors

Years ago, before he was Firebelly’s resident tea-drinking, code-slinging Splatoon sharp, Nate was just a tender young pup, on the verge of going off the grid and living the #vanlife for a while, when a kindly septuagenarian offered him this sweet bit of wisdom: “The most important thing in life is learning how to cope.” 

This month in Ideas, Nate treats us to lovely meditation on life’s ups, downs and unexpected loops—living through a pandemic under an autocrat’s reign of cruelty, sitting by a loved one’s bedside through a 6-week coma, and through it all, finding peace in moments of play. Come for the extraordinary balance of humor and humanity. Stay for the original Nate Beaty comics and behind-the-scenes glimpse of a man coping by color.

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