The Right to Good Care

Last month we told you about Black Telehealth, a new service that offers top-notch care for Black Americans from a cadre of premium Black providers. We also told you we’d be back soon with a website, and back we are! After a speedy design and development sprint, the site is all the way live—and the team at Black Telehealth is ready to get going. 

The single page landing page introduces their bold mission and vision to partners, insurers and providers, inspiring them to join their movement. The website is the first public expression of their new visual identity, and we can't wait to watch them make some noise.   

Black Telehealth FTW


Planting New Seeds

We've partnered with foundations large and small over the years, and when Schusterman Family Philanthropies reached out, it was a quick and enthusiastic yes. Their mission is rooted in a deep commitment to the Jewish values of improving lives, strengthening communities and advancing equity. 

We’re knee-deep in research right now and are starting to get a glimpse of where the strategy will lead us. Together, we will develop a comprehensive visual identity system that gives them loads of flexibility to grow over time. When all is said and done, they’ll have a beautifully elevated brand that reflects their dedication to make a difference, and we’ll have learned more about the carob tree than we ever imagined! (Hint: it’s in their logo.) 

The Schusterman Story  


The G4G Archives: Girls Garage

As you may know, we’ve been all about serving up good design for good reason since day one. Our longest running program, the Grant for Good, is an annual award that provides one nonprofit a year’s worth of our services for free. We relish the opportunity to work with folks we wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to partner up with. In recent years we’ve worked with Onward, Plant Chicago and Chicago Freedom School.

This month we’re highlighting our work with Girls Garage, a design and building program for girls and female-identifying youth. They were awarded our 2016 grant, and together we built out a visual identity system and website — and branded their space in West Berkeley, California. Over the course of the year, we fell in love with the program and developed a cherished relationship with founder Emily Pilloton-Lam. Since our partnership began the program has flourished, and Emily recently published a 300-page book for fearless builders everywhere. Learn more or snag a copy here

Peep our Case Study


The Path Forward

Brian Thompson is a dear friend of Firebelly, and it’s been a pleasure to watch his professional glow up. A few years back, we worked together to design the identity and website for BTF, his financial planning business that specializes in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. He’s since become a senior contributor at Forbes (*ahem*), and has recently launched his latest endeavor—a podcast about making a difference while still making some coin.

First up to bat on Mission Driven Business? Our founder Dawn Hancock. Topics include: how she came to create a company at the tender age of 25, how she’s kept it afloat for over two decades (without a business plan), and her plans for the future now that she’s stepped away from our day-to-day. 

Pump up the Volume