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Cultivating Civic Leaders

The brainchild of former Obama strategist David Axelrod, the Institute of Politics at University of Chicago is an extraordinary resource and hub of political discourse. Their offerings range from a robust paid student internship program to fellowships that draw luminaries across party and geographical lines.

They aim to ignite a passion for politics and bridge the gap between theory and practice. In short, they’re shaping the public service landscape across every sector. Their current website doesn’t capture the breadth and depth of their work, so they came to us for a complete overhaul. We recently kicked off our partnership and look forward to uncovering how to tell their story and inspire engagement.

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Developers, to the Front!

In between jobs or want to feel more fulfilled by your 9-5? Looking for the chance to collaborate with a small but mighty group that really gives a damn? Now’s your chance to become a Fireballer. We’re looking for a U.S.-based seasoned developer to join our award-winning design and strategy teams to create thoughtful digital experiences that make a difference in the world.

Please share this opportunity far and wide—because while Chicago is still our home base, we’re open to any and all hard working folks who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get real with us. Let’s build beautiful things together. Application deadline is Friday, May 7th.

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Coming to you Live

Over the past year-ish of working remotely, we’ve come to begrudgingly admit to a *few* perks, but we miss our extended design community so very much. We’ve always welcomed student groups with wide open arms and have really cherished those moments of connection and reflection.

Since we can’t safely bring y’all into our space just quite yet, we’ve started a new Instagram Live series called Office Hours. In our first episode, Dean Sweetnich chatted with a design student at Northern Illinois University, and we were delighted at the thought-provoking questions that popped up throughout the hour. Don’t worry if you missed it, it’s now archived on our profile. See you next time!

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[Alt]ered States

We care about inclusivity and accessibility in all forms. From representation in photography to designing for the web to braille signage, we do what we can to ensure that truly diverse identities, experiences and abilities are considered every step of the way.

In our latest installment of Ideas, developer Matt Soria explores the world of alt text. For all of us non-developers out here, "alt text" is the copy that describes images to sight impaired visitors and people using screen readers. When researching guidelines and best use cases online, he discovered that something was missing: an easy tool for checking and testing those descriptions. So what did he do? Create a Chrome extension, of course.

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