This is Onward

Let loose the airhorns, we've got a live one! We're thrilled to officially announce the Onward brand launch. After a year of excellent conversation and collaboration, Onward now has a comprehensive brand identity and collateral as bold and beautiful as the people behind it. The full case study drops in early 2020 (along with our new site), for now, feast your eyes on their glorious website

And so wraps up another successful Grant for Good. We've loved every minute with Onward—such courage, what compassion! Supporting their work has been our pleasure and privilege. Should you need a powerful partner to lead equity and inclusion training at your organization, do yourself a favor and call Onward. Tell 'em Firebelly sent you. 

Move Onward


For Survivors,
By Survivors

As deserving as we all are of love, hope and support, so many of us fear what might happen if we speak our truth, particularly survivors of sexual trauma—which is how the Prism Project came to be. 

Though still in its early stages, Prism will provide a safe digital space where survivors can take the first, or next, step on their healing journey. We’re joining forces with an extraordinary group of problem-solvers, led by human-beam-of-light Scott Dille, to bring it to life. In addition to research, naming and brand identity, we’ll lead site design and development, with plenty of co-creation and testing along the way. More to come in 2020. Until then, should you or a loved one need support this holiday season, remember—you are not alone.

No Shame, No Stigma


Last Call for Applications

Speaking of excellent causes, this is the **final week** to apply for the 2020 Grant for Good. Let’s see those applications, people! Give us VISION. Give us VALUES. Give us big beefy design challenges, the kind we can figure out together. 

What could your organization accomplish with a full year of Firebelly’s strategic design services, free gratis?! Probably a bunch. Help us help you! The application deadline is Friday. If you’ve got questions, we've got answers.

Apply Apply Apply


Typeforce is Coming

Lovers of letters, titans of type—your time has come. Submissions are now open for Typeforce 11. Once again this year, we’re accepting submissions from designers, artists and studios near and far. Show us what you’ve got. 

Deadline: Friday, January 3 
Opening Night: Friday, February 21
Show Runs: 2/21-3/8

Gallery-ready typographic and letter-based entries are eligible—no typeface design, please. Other than that, G O  W I L D ! ! !

Submit Your Stuff


Precisely Good Enough

You may have heard—we love making cool shit. We simply cannot help ourselves. Which is how we came to cobble together an in-house woodshop. This month Tom “The Nitpickler” Tian is giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at our homegrown maker space, responsible for such productions as the Typeforce X window installation, and some super beautiful planter boxes. And because Tom’s a thoughtful and wonderful genius, he’s included some hard-earned wisdom. No spoilers! Read for yourself. 

With that, beloveds, we wish you a warm, loving holiday. At our recent Firebelly Friendsgiving, we were reminded just how far we’ve come, and how much we have yet to do. Let this season guide you, steady and true, toward a bright new year. We’ll see you in 2020. Until then, enjoy this Feeding the Firebelly original, a recipe sure to bring some joy to your table. 

Embrace Imperfection