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After 50 years, Design Concepts—an independent design consultancy out of Madison, WI—was ready for a change. A name change, to be exact. Their new moniker? Delve. It speaks to deep insight and a willingness to dig in and get those hands dirty. Wild, how five little letters can do so much work. 

With the new name in place, Delve tapped Firebelly to develop the visual brand. The sturdy logotype and simple mark suggest precision and curiosity. Featuring natural textures and calming neutrals paired with soft pops of color, the system is confident, collected and primed to take flight. 

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Housing is Key to Health

Having recently wrapped up work on RWJF's 2019 Annual Message, we're back at it again, this time bringing that digital experience to full, technicolor life at two upcoming events. As an underwriter for the Atlantic Festival and CityLab in DC this fall, the Foundation will be shedding light on the connections between housing and health for an audience of journalists, changemakers and civic leaders. 

We're building out RWJF's 21'x25' space, complete with data visualizations, digital storytelling and a dazzling print comic by Alexandra Beguez that explores the history of housing inequity in the US. Keep your eyes open on Instagram later this fall to see how it all turns out. 


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Sharing is Caring

If there’s one thing you need to know about Firebelly, it’s that we love to share: food, playlists, ideas and (especially) work. On 9/13, Firebelly torchbearers Kristin and Nermin will get to do just that at First Round Chicago.  

Here’s your chance to get a rare glimpse behind the curtain, where designers show first round client presentations. We'll be offering a sneak peak of our work for Onward, the 2019 Grant for Good recipient, and sharing the stage with local all-stars, including Firebelly alum Nick Adam. Come bearing hugs and high fives.

First Round
Presented by Under Consideration
Friday, September 13

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See the Cosmos

Join us, join us later this month at Expo Chicago for what will no doubt be a stellar conversation between two masters of the universe: Eduardo Terrazas and Edra Soto. 
Terrazas helped design the identity and pavilions for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, drawing from the geometry of Aztec calendars. Soto builds pattern-based installations that explore the nature of urban space, cross-cultural dynamics and the legacy of colonialism. Together, they're sure to offer a most illuminating experience.

The Cosmos: Possibilities of a Structure
Moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Sunday, Sept 22
2:00—3:00 PM
Navy Pier


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Thoughts: In Progress

We just couldn't wait until First Round to tell you, our friends, all about Onward. Coming in hot with this month's Thoughts, Nermin gives us a look at some work in progress. 

Head over to our site for a first-hand tour of the work we've done together thus far, and a few reflections on the process. We've laughed, we've cried, we've pushed pixels and perspectives to brave new heights, and we wouldn't trade a second of it for the world.

All Eyes on Onward