Type More Than Ever  

Drumroll please... 🥁 It’s time to pull the sheet off the new TDC website!

As our 2018 Grant for Good partner, the TDC got us for a full year. In that time, we helped breathe new life into the type behemoth's brand, developing new style guidelines, a robust communication strategy and, of course, a stylish new website (a recent CommArts WebPick!). 

The new site is an all-out celebration of type—we created unexpected pairings and moments of discovery to let the TDC's eccentric side shine while keeping the authority intact. See if you can spot Mānuka, Heldane, and Söhne from Klim Type Foundry, and open source Space Grotesk from Florian Karsten. Dig deep into the archives from past competitions; learn more about the members that make up its global community; go ahead and join, if the spirit moves you. Whether you're a type lover or just type-curious, there's something for everyone.   

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A Golden Goose

The Morton Salt building is Chicago's very own Wonka factory. Looming. Iconic. Mysterious. Our latest project landed us a golden ticket tour, and we're pleased to report it's all vaulted ceilings and salt glittering in sunlit rays. Majestic.


So begins our adventure with R2, the company leading the charge to revitalize Goose Island. Think riverfront green space, experiential retail and open, airy offices where creative minds and plants will thrive, with all historic details and landmark structures beautifully intact. Ambitious? Yes, like all visions worth their (sorry!) salt. We're teaming up to develop an equally future-forward brand identity. The work begins yesterday. We gotta be nimble and smart with this one (as if there's any other way)—progress coming soon! 

Everyone, Meet R2


Dawn F***in' Hancock:
Live in Chicago

Sheila E. and Questlove are a rare breed: the elusive front person/drummer, holding the band together with a rock-solid rhythm while leading the masses along in song. It's pretty darn impressive. We just happen to have a one-in-a-million multitasker of our very own: Dawn Hancock.

And, wouldn't you know it, Dawn's slated to speak at the HOW Design Live conference, right here in sweet home Chicago, May 7. Her talk, We’re All in This Together, will reveal the lessons she's learned along the way, leading the Firebelly family band for 20 years. As always, get ready for real talk and a few good cusses. BYOT (bring your own tissue).


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I Want My OTV

Outside of the studio, Fireballers keep quite a few hustles. We've got a farmer’s marketeer/jewelry-designer, a badminton champ-turned-3D maker, several serious doodlers and a painter-professor currently overseeing a massive home renovation. We got skills. Our Project Manager Reshmi Rustebakke is no exception. She moonlights as a TV director, currently helming FOBia, a comedy series about an Indian woman adapting to life in America. And it's coming to the big screen in April! 

You have two opportunities to catch it, Chicago—don't miss 'em. First up: the MCA on the 4th. Then on the 10th at the Chicago Cultural Center. After that, the show will live on Open Television (OTV), an indie platform elevating marginalized voices, available anywhere you can find WiFi.


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A Little Late but Worth the Wait 

Eyes up here, design heads. You've got two new reasons to visit piping hot case studies for the Uptown rebrand and our 2015 holiday piece

***Spoilers Below***

We've been dying to tell you all about Uptown, a neighborhood near and dear to the hearts of many of us here. After on-the-ground research and some high quality conversation, we created a singular system to unite the neighborhood. If you haven't had a chance to see it in person, you can get a sneak peek here. (But seriously, go see it in person. Support local businesses! Tell 'em Firebelly sent you.) 

As for the 2015 holiday mailer, my goodness. That one stirred up the feelings. It was a year of growth and welcome change; we learned so much about ourselves as individuals and what we have to offer each other. The print piece is a testament to our collective values and vision, and a re-introduction of sorts to our extended studio family. 

Go on and take a look. We hope you like. 

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