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Farmer’s Fridge fans are a devoted bunch, and we totally get it. That first crisp, colorful salad-in-a-jar from an automated Fridge? You wanna hug it. When you spot the Green Halo in O’Hare’s sea of soggy sandwiches? You want to marry it. Fresh, healthy food as accessible as a candy bar? Let’s make a baby. 

We’ve been immersed in the FF brand and customer experience for months, sampling their handcrafted snacks and savory meals and getting to know the wonderful folks who are taking this scrappy, socially conscious start-up to the next level. Together, we’ve shored up the brand story and developed both a Customer Experience Roadmap and comprehensive Service Blueprint, giving staff the tools they need to serve up a seamless, satisfying experience for their fans, every single time. 

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Dollars + Sense

Money might make the world go ‘round, but you’ll need more than mere dollars to build a thriving community. That takes trust, communication and collaboration. Great cities—cities that are built to last—require shared, long-term vision. 

A tall order, sure. But the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) is here to help. Earlier this year, we worked with GFOA to develop a microsite and book design for the Financial Foundations Framework, a blueprint for building financially sustainable communities. Now we’re teaming up yet again to create a video, a quick, powerful introduction to the Framework for busy civic and financial leaders. That’ll be up soon enough; for now, check out the Five Pillars to Financial Success. You might learn a thing or five.

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Fail Better, Fail Bold

To the perfectionists among us, "fail" is the dirtiest four-letter word. A source of shame, the opposite of success. But what if—stay with us here—failure is vital to growth?

We're not just designers, we're human beings. SPOILER: We're going to fail sometimes. And so far, the world hasn't ended. We've kept learning and growing. Maybe, just maybe, our failures have Wild idea, we know, but don't take our word for it. At this month's AIGA Bold event, speakers will share tales of epic fails, but more importantly, of resilience. Come get vulnerable, get inspired and get a few snacks while you're at it. 

Wed, Aug 21, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
WeWork 515 N State
515 North State Street
Chicago, IL 60654

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Typeforce Lives

Type nerds rejoice! Typeforce lives on. With an assist from the AIGA Chicago Heart + Soul grant, the baton's officially been passed from long-time organizer (and our beloved leader) Dawn Hancock to our own Design Director Will Miller and Senior Designer Nermin Moufti. And boy howdy, have they got plans.

We love this community dearly and in the new organizers' capable hands, Typeforce will keep growing. Think print pieces, mentoring and workshops. Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, take a stroll through memory lane. (Or better yet, get your hands on your very own TF book!)

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🚨Hot Content Alert🚨 want case studies? Oh we have case studies, real good ones. Feast your eyes on the work we did for Type Directors Club, recipient of the 2018 Grant for Good. We're talking a gorgeous new website, fresh member welcome kit and comprehensive communications strategy, all in the name of building community and celebrating the awesome power of type. 

Want more? Very well then. Meet Diagram, née WSOL, a friendly, family-owned web shop that needed a fresh brand from head to toe. From new name and logo to website and celebratory custom beer labels, we set them up to step into the light and shine shine shine. Goodness, we do so love our jobs.

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