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A couple of trips to China, a whirlwind of deliverables and a few years later, we’re thrilled to share a deeper look at our work with Shanghai American School. 

After equipping SAS with a new look and feel, the school came back to us for help developing sub-brands, wayfinding and environmental assets for a few signature spaces and community events. We got to mix it up with the big brains at Perkins + Will while pushing the existing system to daring new heights. Learn all about it in our new case study.

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All the Way Live

Last month, we introduced you to the Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity. This month, we’re pleased and privileged to share the final fruits of our most spirited labors. The full site is now live, and our work is (for the moment!) finished. 

Not to get all “now more than ever” on you, but really and truly, now more than ever, we need all hands on deck in the movement toward bodily autonomy and collective liberation. Let us follow the lead of those who have been doing this work for decades and show up however we can. Step right this way and scroll down to see a list of folks on the front lines; stay and click a while to learn more about CGRE’s three-pronged strategy for building a more equitable future. 



One Hub to Rule Them All

What does it look like to build a Culture of Health in the midst of a pandemic? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation may not have all the answers, but they have a lot of ideas. 

Recently, RWJF came knocking, looking for help developing a user-friendly digital hub of vetted research and reliable resources, freely accessible to the public. The goal: Connect community-based organizations and policy makers to timely, trusted data and clear recommendations, all filtered through an equity lens. Look for thoughtful UX and content strategy, a strong, cohesive point of view and design that does what it needs to do and then gets out of the way. More coming soon. In the meantime, mask up and check out the “before” product.


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Feed Your Mind

Despite our social distance, we charge forward together, seeking new ways to think about old problems, designing our way toward new futures. This month, we’re excited to learn alongside leaders and learners across many fields. Join us. 

The Artistry of Black Organizing in the 21st Century
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August 6 + 13
Deem Forums: Designing for Dignity
8/6: Architecture + Social Responsibility
8/13: Designing Hyper Local Food Systems
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Let's Race

My Block, My Hood, My City is hosting their 2nd annual 5K and a few Fireballers are entering the fray. Together, we’re hoping to raise $1500 for the organization. Every cent will go toward the Explorers Program, which gives young Chicagoans the chance to experience the full breadth and beauty of our fair city. With runners choosing their own adventure through different neighborhoods between August 9-16, the event promises to be a safe and sweaty good time—and all for a most excellent cause.  

Any other design teams out there looking for a little friendly competition? Assemble your squad—let’s raise a little hell while we raise some funds. 😈💰🏃🏻‍♀️

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