Grant for Good: Last Call

Get cracking, nonprofits! It’s t-minus four days until the Grant for Good applications are due. That’s right, Friday is the deadline for next year’s grant. If you need a reminder of how transformative a year-long partnership with us can be, take a gander at previous grantees Plant Chicago, Girls Garage and Chicago Freedom School.  

We can’t wait to read about all the important work you’ve been up to—and hope to achieve with us. The most difficult part for us is making the final decision, so go on and make it extra hard for us this year. It is still 2020, after all.  

Bring it On


Creating Space

Howard Brown’s Broadway Youth Center is a critical resource for young LGBTQ people in Chicago and they have big plans for 2021: a brand new home. The building will house clinical, vocational, education and behavioral health services. Their new building will enable them to provide care for as many as 6,000 teens and young adults annually. 

We’ve started collaborating with their team to create exterior and interior signage and wayfinding that brings the energetic BYC brand to life. We can’t wait to share what we come up with together.

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Ready When You Are

There’s always something to learn from our excellent partners at Planned Parenthood. Our latest discovery? They can provide care like birth control refills and UTI treatment remotely. As virtual *everything* continues to change the ways we work, play and take care of ourselves, the experts in reproductive health are a very welcome addition to the telehealth space. 

We teamed up to determine how to best promote their services in the same way they’ve always delivered care: shame-free, no-nonsense and highly educational. The campaign encourages self-care through familiar, inviting visuals and messaging that meets them wherever they are in their sexual health journey. 

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Doing Our Part

We’ve all been stretched thin in every way this year. And quite frankly, we're exhausted. But so many people are still in need and the work must continue. 

We saved you some research time and created a list of important organizations doing hard work on the ground. There are so many ways to help our fellow humans, and despite very real anxieties about volunteering or donating your time in person—there are some ways to do it safely. Do what you can, give what you can.

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A Work in Progress

“The single most important thing I think designers can help create are genuinely public spaces within which we may celebrate and engage in public life.” 

Welcome to the incredible mind of Tom Tian. Our Portland-based designer and 3D graphics wizard with a penchant for exquisitely formulated systems is also our resident brainiac with a super smooth baritone. In our latest installment of Ideas, he philosophizes on the state of our nation and how he’s remained optimistic over these last four LONG years. He also muses on design’s potential as an agent for good. This one’s real meaty, friends.


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