And the Webby Goes to...

Well it happened. Unstoppable, the digital campaign powered by Planned Parenthood, won the juror's choice Webby for Activism. The competition was steep—from gun violence to sex trafficking to justice reform, this year’s nominees wrestled with bold ideas beautifully, bravely and honestly. We were honored to even be considered alongside them.


Every single person in the studio contributed to this campaign. We found new ways to work and learned, again and again, the importance of good communication. With so many collaborators and stakeholders, on such a tight timeline, for such a big cause, we had no choice but to level up. Now, just over a year after our initial kick-off, we can look back and breathe, grateful as ever to our client for their trust and tireless work. Read the Webby 4 Good story to go behind the scenes and check out our new case study, fresh out the oven, to nerd out on process.

Together, We're Unstoppable


Hello World. Meet Diagram.

Fun fact: in 1995, there were 23,500 websites online. Sensing the potential in this new thing called the internet, a father and son-in-law started Web Solutions Technology (WSOL, for short) in a basement outside Chicago. Twenty-four years and a whole bunch of sites later, they showed up at our door, ready for a rebrand.


We’re pleased to introduce you to Diagram, the raddest family-run business we’ve ever met. We worked shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the process, brainstorming names, creating the brand and designing the new site, which launched last week. To celebrate, they collaborated with their neighbor (and client!) Solemn Oath on a Diagram-branded ale. We were on hand for the launch party and, pals, these folks are simply the tops. There were high fives and hugs aplenty, not to mention flowers and manicures in the new brand colors. Give ‘em a follow and check out their blog—it’s excellent.

Meet Diagram


Collaboration > Competition

It may not always feel like it, but most of us live in a world of abundance. Our communities are brimming with untapped strengths and resources. Maybe we can rethink how we pool and use those resources. Maybe we can work smarter, not harder to solve local challenges. Maybe we can prioritize collaboration over competition, and benefit everyone, instead of a select few. Wouldn’t that be something?

Lucky for all of us, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) is leading the charge, sharing best practices and new paradigms for civic collaboration and spending. Their latest initiative, Financial Foundations for Thriving Communities, provides a framework for creating cooperative, sustainable financial practices. With their annual conference approaching, we’ve been working with GFOA to refine the framework, develop a microsite and design an engaging, immersive space, all to encourage adoption and buy-in among financial leaders nationwide. After all, we’re stronger together.

Attend the Conference


NeoCon at the Mart

NeoCon is coming! Held every year since 1969 at the Merchandise Mart, it’s the biggest commercial and interior design exhibition in North America. We’re talking almost a million square feet of space. *Whoa.* (Bring your walking shoes!)

Find all the lighting, furniture and textile inspiration you need to get your next interior project going, and don’t sleep on the line-up of speakers and seminars. At the top of our list:

Liz Ogbu’s talk, Do No Harm: The Role of Design in Complicated Times. While you’re there, stop by the Interface booth—they’re the whizkids behind FLOR, one of our fave branding projects of the last few years.

NeoCon: June 10-12
Merchandise Mart

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Design is a Funny Thing

Besides the occasional flop sweat, you might think design has nothing to do with comedy. Au contraire! says Fireballer Nermin Moufti.

Take a spin through our latest Thoughts post, where Nermin reveals her whirlwind experience in a feminist stand-up comedy class and all the solid gold insights she picked up along the way. Turns out design and comedy have more in common than you’d think. Yes, you will learn the formula behind a good joke. But you can also expect laughs, tears and shout-outs to Hannah Gadsby, Brené Brown and Muhammad Ali. Bring a box of tissues.

You Can't Be Brave Without Fear