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Survey Says...

We sent out our very first issue of GoodNews waaaay back in 2006. If that doesn’t sound very long ago, the inaugural issue promoted a DVD release party. Remember DVDs? While we've moved our office and changed our visual identity since then, our goal for our newsletter has remained the same: to talk about the amazing work of our clients, collaborators and very own Fireballers. 

Now it’s time for us to listen. In the spirit of progress and self-improvement, we want to learn more about what you really enjoy (or don’t particularly care for) in our little monthly missive. Endless thanks for your feedback and support. We couldn't do any of this without you. 

To The Survey!

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Expanding Access

We kicked off a new collab with Howard Brown Health last year to help bring their new Broadway Youth Center (BYC) facility to full, colorful life. The new space will help BYC dramatically expand their health care services. It will also be a safe and supportive hub for many young LGBTQ people in Chicago, especially those who don’t have stable housing. 

We worked together to develop a dynamic design system, focusing on increasing awareness and simplifying visitor pathways and navigation pain points. From modular, practical directional interior moments to dramatic exterior focal points, the system accommodates all potential use cases across their new 20,000 square foot home.

A Bigger BYC

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On the Move

Forget being. Maya Bird-Murphy is making the change she wants to see in the world. The architectural designer seeks to empower youth through skill-building experiences and by fostering a more diverse generation of architects and designers. 

She created Chicago Mobile Makers to do just that. The heart of the organization is their Mobile Makerspace, a portable design workshop that enables them to bring opportunities to young people all over the Chicago area. 

They have some exciting opportunities on the horizon and came to us looking for help creating a solid foundation from which to grow. We’ve already kicked off our partnership, and we’re thrilled to be part of this much needed work. 

Check Out Chicago Mobile Makers

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A New Road Map

A year after being pushed into working remotely, we’ve shifted intentionally into a flexible hybrid model. Now that there are thousands of miles between some of us, we’ve had to focus on communicating more often, more intentionally, and more creatively. While we’re still firmly grounded at our home base in Chicago, we relish the chance to chat about design with folks from all over. 

Last month Will Miller and Dean Sweetnich talked with the lovely folks at AIGA Philadelphia. They touched on how to find time to get in the creative zone and how breaking rules is just as important as creating them. We love nerding out on all things design, strategy and development, so don’t be shy!

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