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With all the LindauLab work we’ve shared over the years (see: MAPSCorps; WomanLab), NowPow should need no introduction. But just in case, the CliffsNotes: NowPow comes from Knowledge is Power. Their mission? Reducing the barriers to self-care resources. Since launching in 2015, the company's grown...a lot. It was time to evolve their website too.

What’s new on NowPow 2.0? More storytelling, more science—you want case studies? We got 'em. Custom illustrations, interactive menus, an altogether more robust, cohesive system for promoting the full offering while leaving room for intentional growth. Mmm. Shout out to Ashley Kyles, who did the final development and execution of the site.

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Life moves pretty fast. The universe expands, cells regenerate, we learn and we grow. Recently, we've realized how much we've evolved. It seems, friends, we've outgrown our own website.

Looking at it now is like flipping through an old photo album. We can see how much has changed—the kind of work we do, how we do it. And we realized our site needs to reflect who we are today and our full, glorious range of capabilities. 

Of course, we’re never satisfied with good. We only stop at fucking awesome. So in the coming months, we’ll finally refresh the ol' dot com. We’ll let you know when it’s done. Until then, savor the present, (re)visit our current portfolio. Next time you see it, it’ll be totally different.

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House Rules

Sometimes designing in a digital-first, pixel-perfect world can feel a bit chilly. Take type, for instance. Born in the sterile petri dish of a computer, modern type often lives solely on screen. Where is the mark of its creator, its unique character, its SOUL?!

Since 1993, House Industries has been resisting the type dystopia. Their old-school approach often starts with hand-drawn sketches. Obsessive collectors, they take cues from a broad range of inspiration: mid-century modern, 90s skateboarding and hot-rod culture. What they don’t do is take themselves too seriously.

And now you can hear all about the method to their madness. June 13th, AIGA is hosting House founder Andy Cruz at DePaul to talk type, obsession and their new book, The Process is the Inspiration. Want more, superfan? Sign up for their screen printing workshop!

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The Student Becomes
The Teacher
(and Vice Versa)

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding,” said some guy named Aristotle. He was onto something. The way we see it, teaching is a path to continuous learning.

Take our Design Director Will Miller, a 12-year veteran at the Chicago Portfolio School. Teaching Type Fundamentals keeps his tools sharp, his thinking fresh. But the biggest lessons are often invisible. How might designers use type with intention? How do we help others see what we see? You know, the ineffable challenges of design (and the ones we ❤️ the most).

Want to learn with Professor Miller? Try some homework from his syllabus! Read Ellen Lupton's classic Thinking With Type. Or watch Bobby C. Martin’s inspiring talk, Big Brands Need Big Type. There’s something for all students of life. Our learning is never done.  

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How We Built a Culture of Health

How’s this for a call to action: Let’s build a healthier, happier future for everyone.

No one said it’s going to be easy. It’s going to take mass mobilization and coordination, plenty of patience and a ton of guidance. Lucky for us all, RWJF is on the case.

We’ve been working with the Foundation since 2015, helping promote their vision to build a Culture of Health. A huge piece of that puzzle was, a website we re-imagined from top to bottom, front to back. We conducted extensive audits and user testing, crafted a thorough strategy, wrote and edited pages on pages of content and designed every pixel to beautifully balance complex data with human stories. And now, we have a case study to show our work. Check it out and when you’re done, be sure to give the site a good look to learn how you can help dismantle health inequity.

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