Fresh at Firebelly | Green Line Performing Arts Center


Building Community

Chicago’s Washington Park is a south side area brimming with incredible artistic talent. The team of Theaster Gates and UChicago's Arts + Public Life had a lofty vision to see the area flourish, putting a spotlight on its performing arts community.

We feel fortunate to have gotten in on the action to design the visual identity for the collaborative's black box theater incubator: Green Line Performing Arts Center. We played, we collaborated and we helped establish Green Line as an anchor of the new Arts Block along East Garfield Boulevard.

Unfortunately while you can't see any performances at the moment due to COVID restrictions, please consider donating to keep this incredible vision alive. Take a look at some of the work we've done with them over the last few years to inspire your generous donation.


Cue the Case Study

Just Finished | Firebelly | Planned Parenthood

We Stick Together

We’re so grateful to our friends at Planned Parenthood for the faith they continue to put in us. Our recent collab, an HIV prevention campaign, encourages self care to some very diverse and underserved communities: young Black and Latinx trans and cis women. 

Our focus areas span the nation and live in wide-ranging communities. We workshopped, sent surveys and held focus groups. We wrote, rewrote, and wrote again—in English and español.

We arrived at an uplifting campaign that celebrates sisterhood and and community and aspires to reduce the enduring stigma around HIV. Be on the lookout post-election, because #westicktogether y #mijasunidas. 

Update Your HIV Facts

In the Works | Firebelly | The Newberry

Getting Curious

The chance to hold an eighth-century manuscript or learn about your family tree with help from an expert. Free of charge. That is the magic of The Newberry. A statuesque yet hidden gem in Chicago’s Near North neighborhood. An independent research library, and so much more. 


The multifaceted institution has a beloved fan base of researchers, scholars, students, teachers and life-long learners. And they see an opportunity to expand their audience even further. We’re spearheading the organization's first comprehensive brand strategy and design system in decades to help them achieve just that. Stay tuned for much more.

Get Your Nerd On

Around Town | Firebelly | Nonprofit Webinar

Nonprofit Gold

Somehow, in the blink of our weary eyes, we find ourselves in November. For most of us, 2020 is starting to wind down, but many in the nonprofit sector are gearing up for a crucial time to engage donors. Our chief wrangler Meg DePumpo, a former-nonprofiteer herself, joined Evolve Giving Group for a webinar to share pointers and insights on how to run a year-end campaign this year. 


Piping hot tip #1: It’s about more than just raising funds. It’s about understanding your audience, learning what makes them tick and honing your outreach tactics accordingly. Trust us, if you’re in a fundraising push right now, tune in. 

Watch. That. Webinar. 


Grant for Good

The time has come: it’s Grant for Good season! G4G is an in-kind grant of comprehensive strategic design services that we award one nonprofit every year.

Applications are due by 5pm CST on Friday, December 4.

The services we provide depend entirely on our partner's needs but have typically included a mix of the following:

  • Audience + competitive research
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Strategic brand framework + creative direction
  • Visual design system (logos, colors, type, imagery, etc.)
  • Marketing collateral templates
  • Promotional materials
  • Basic website design + development
  • Signage + branded experience design
  • New brand launch strategy
  • Brand guidelines + asset library

Learn more about G4G