Fear Less. Build More.

Young people are the future. Full stop. We’ve always been proud to partner with Girls Garage, a design + building camp that prepares young women and girls to do dope things. These days, we’re prouder than ever. 

We recently launched Girls Garage 2.0—a light refresh to reflect the organization’s extraordinary growth since the site first went live in 2016. As they’ve continued to instill confidence, awareness and solidarity among their community, Girls Garage has introduced distance learning and today, they drop their first book. It’s a good time to share knowledge, build skills and get fearless. So we’re gonna do a book giveaway on our Instagram this week to spread the love and shine a light on other folks doing good work. Stay tuned. 

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Reinventing Learning

There is no one easy answer to solving inequity. The Reinvention Lab at Teach for America knows this all too well. So they start with better questions. How can a classroom combat racism? What do learners need to thrive, not just survive? What might the future of learning look like? 

As they learn their way through cycles of rapid iteration, interrogation and co-creation with young people and educators across the country, the Lab hopes to reinvent how TFA operates. And we’re right there with them. We’re working together to name their values, refine their vision and ultimately, craft a fresh brand and visual identity. For now, check out Enduring Ideas, a new fund helping community leaders test fresh models for learner-centered education.


Rethink the Future


When Life Hands You Lemons

How will we move forward?  Where can we throw our strength and support? “What’s something simple I can do that’ll have a positive impact on my block?” 

There’s possibility everywhere. And our pals at Potluck Creative have taken the initiative to shine a light on what they’re seeing: Screen printers setting up small business fundraisers. Distilleries bottling hand sanitizer. Creative teams getting creative about how to help keep others afloat. If you could use some inspiration, check out their new series of short films serving up a little hope. 

Make Lemonade


Show Up + Support

We know it’s not always easy to know where you’re most needed or how you can make the most impact. And not everyone has the same access or ability to contribute in any one way, especially right now. Do what you can. Listen. Learn. Give money. Give time. Can you print and hand out zines? Can you donate or deliver food to others? Do you have a broom and a strong back? Do you care? Good. Let’s go.  

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Black Lives Matter


In Praise of Rest

Hey here’s an idea: Go take a nap. If you need it? Do it. Go sit in the grass for five minutes and breathe. Try sometimes—as a fun experiment!—doing nothing, nothing at all. Try to rest. Reset. Restore your strength. The world needs you strong. 

Our latest Ideas post comes from strategist, writer and recovering perfectionist Kristin (hi, it’s me. I’m Kristin.) and in it, we speak on the absolute, unquestionable necessity of shutting all the way down from time to time as a part of a healthy creative, spiritual and political practice. So light a little palo santo. Draw the curtains. We’re gonna let ourselves rest, so we can keep going.

Breathe Through It