Uptown Proud

Our work for Uptown has always about pride. An iconic Chicago neighborhood, our identity system celebrates the area’s rich sense of culture and contrasts. It’s both vibrant and worn-in. Like Uptown itself, the system is resilient and designed to stand the test of time.

First launched in 2017, the system has been thriving in the trusty hands of the Uptown United team. They recently ask us to update their LGBTQ+ pride street banners to make them more inclusive. Most of our projects are large and systemic these days, so we loved the chance to make a small but meaningful impact. Be on the lookout next June as they begin the updating process. We featured the full visual identity in a case study on our site, so if you like what you see here check it out!

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Running Together

Victor Diaz is a force of nature. One year ago he launched Renegade Running, a specialty running store in Oakland. A highly experienced and knowledgeable runner himself, he’s well on his way to realizing his vision: creating community and sanctuary for runners of color. 

His next adventure? A running apparel brand like no other. Technically advanced yet unintimidating. Full of unexpected features, with an unparalleled attention to detail. Made by and for people of color. All while being exquisitely and thoughtfully designed. Intrigued? So were we.

We're extra pumped to partner with a purpose-driven client in the retail industry and look forward to expanding our impact even more in the years to come. While we're hard at work developing this new visual identity, check out Renegade Running and bask in the good vibes.

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Focused Chaos

Neurodiversity is a hot topic. Endless articles discuss its competitive advantage in business. HR orgs explain how to accommodate neurodivergent folks in the workplace. How it, like other forms of diversity, can lead to innovation. Sounds great, objectively speaking. But what does it mean on a more personal level? 

In our latest installment of Ideas, our design strategist talks about her journey to understand and appreciate her differently-wired ADHD brain. She talks about the symbiotic relationship between her brain and her work, and how the structure of a 9-5 enables her to flourish creatively and feel more grounded in the rest of her life.

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Power Couple Goals

The Firebelly family runs deep. Brian Thompson, financial advisor and close pal with the ‘Belly, recently interviewed our managing director Chantel and her husband Brian for his podcast Mission Driven Business

Chantel and Brian are both entrepreneurial by nature. Together, they chew the fat about the nuanced meanings of being mission-driven, what it looks like to start a business with your partner, and how not focusing only on profit can give you freedom.

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