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Out of this World 

We’re a curious bunch here at Firebelly. We search for knowledge and inspiration from a seemingly endless variety of sources and gobble up all the podcasts, webinars, blogs, exhibits, magazines, classes and audiobooks we can get our hands on. Turns out we’re not alone. The like-minded folks at The Humane Space are developing an interactive app full of original content that will explore the human experience from an array of thought leaders and innovators. 


Our partnership has produced a brand strategy that perfectly positioned our design team to create a visual identity system as stimulating as The Humane Space experience. Check out their landing page to learn about their vision. Much more to come on this one. 

Hello Humane Space 


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G4G Update

This year’s Grant for Good partnership is wowing us left and right. So far, we’ve learned all we can about People for Community Recovery and their amazing efforts to fight for Environmental Justice. Our virtual workshops, site visits and audience research have helped us discover how to best elevate their important work, and the new vibrant visual identity laid the foundation for a complete website overhaul. From historically rooted custom type to activating animations, we're really going all out on this one. 


It’s never too early to start thinking about applying for next year's grant. Applications are due in December and we’ll let you know when we're open for submissions. Learn about previous grantees and spread the word!

Get your Grant On


A colorful quilted piece of artwork with three seated women looking at the camera

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, 2019. Minneapolis Institute of Art; Promised gift on long-term loan from a private collection. Photo by Margaret Fox. © Bisa Butler


Restorative Portraits

Our feeds have been filled with rave reviews of the Bisa Butler exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, and for good reason. The fiber artist’s first solo museum exhibit showcases her stunning quilts that celebrate Black life through reinterpretations of historical portraits. The show will be up in Chicago through September 6, 2021, followed by an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston starting in October of this year. 


In the words of the artist: “History is the story of men and women, but the narrative is controlled by those who hold the pen.”

Behold Bisa Butler


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Smells Like Nostalgia

FireWorks is our new Spotify playlist series that adds a bit of atmosphere to your workday. For after that 4-hour chunk of back-to-back-to-back meetings or those precious hours of heads-down making and creating, it's a taste of some of the music that keeps us going, in and out of the zone.

This month we dive head first into 90s alternative and indie jams—deep cuts, radio hits and everything in between. From the Pixies to The Smashing Pumpkins to Portishead, we take you on a trip to the time of eyebrow rings, platform Docs, and Manic Panic. You've been warned!

Turn up the Volume