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November 2015

AMS Spring Conference

Montessori has always offered an education for life, giving a child a strong foundation on which to build an authentic self, a robust community in which to discover an individual voice. In March 2016, the American Montessori Society (AMS) is gathering in Chicago to discuss and reflect on the fundamental principles, values, and perspectives at the heart of Montessori. It’s an exciting time for the Montessori movement, and an excellent opportunity to hear Geoffrey Bishop, Executive Director of Nature's Classroom Institute, present Montessori Science for the Elementary Student.

Where the Buffalo
Used to Roam

Prairies were part of the original landscape in the North American Midwest, expanding from the western Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Forest boarder. The North American Prairie occupies the part of the continent between desert and forest. The word “prairie” comes directly from the French word for meadow, which means “an open treeless land dominated by grasses.”

Rainbow Milk Science

Milk, food coloring and liquid soap are all you need for this striking activity that doubles as a lesson in surface tension. Milk (and all liquids) contain a property known as surface tension. Surface tension is caused by the cohesive forces of the liquid’s molecules. Soap, when applied to any liquid, will reduce the surface tension.

Loss of Fine
Motor Skills

Today’s children spend less time outside, where they might have more opportunities to explore how their bodies move through space, learn to balance and figure how to handle toys and tools in relation to one another. Some parents are afraid to let children engage in physical play or cut with scissors. Others have traded in the messiness of hands-on play dough for a sterile “educational” tablet.

Flash Flood at Central Texas NCI Site

In late October, NCI Texas students, parents and staff from The Post Oak School in Houston witnessed first hand the powerful impact of flooding in Central Texas. All NCI participants and staff were safe during the flood.

Heavy rains inundated the NCI site north of Wimberley on Cypress Creek. Central Texas is known as “Flash Flood Alley” because the mountainous terrain produces rapid runoff.

“There were stressful moments but in hindsight I wouldn’t have asked anyone to do things differently. Everyone I have spoken with were all pleased with the responsiveness of the NCI staff and leadership,” says Jeff Schneider, Elementary Director.


Junk Playgrounds & Free Play

Recent studies have shown that playing outdoors is crucial for children who are developing motor, problem-solving and observation skills, in addition to developing an understanding and relationship with nature. Enter the emerging "free play" movement, an adventure playground in Plas Madoc in Wales, UK, where kids are allowed to run free, take risks, build things, and do what kids do best: play.

NCI Mukwonago WI

NCI Mukwonago is surrounded by 600 acres of woodlands and open prairies. Mukwonago is just under an hour and a half from downtown Chicago, between Madison and Milwaukee. The beautiful property is surrounded by such geological and environmental wonders as a living bog and Kettle Moraines.

The site contains a private lake and is bordered by Lake Beulah to the South.

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