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May 2016

Exclusive 'Knock-Out' Rose Garden Fundraiser

Indulge in nature's beauty by attending an exceptional afternoon in Will Radler's private 2-acre garden in Greenfield WI. This exclusive event will be held Sunday, June 26. Mr Radler is the developer of the popular Knock Out® shrub roses. More than 80 million Knock Out® roses have been sold since the first was introduced in 2000, making it the bestselling rose series in the U.S. The event will feature hors d'oeuvres by the renowned chef, Peggy Magister of Crazy Water in Milwaukee.

The fundraiser supports the Capital Construction Campaign for Nature’s Classroom Institute's new Sky View campus. All proceeds raised will be matched 100%.

Soil Scientists

Humans cannot consume dirt and therefore require plants to transition soil nutrients into usable chemical components. Without an appropriate balance in soil composition, plants cannot become nutritive life-
sustaining organisms. Without plants, life as we know it could not exist. The composition of soil, therefore, is critical for human life.

Radial Paper Relief Sculptures

For this lesson, begin by taking about what symmetry is and the difference between linear symmetry (1 line of symmetry) and radial symmetry (more than 1 line of symmetry). Then discuss what a sculpture is (a piece of artwork you can see from all sides - it is 3-dimensional) and what a relief "sculpture" is (a piece of artwork that has depth on the surface but is not meant to be seen from all sides). Once students understand the principles behind radial symmetry and sculpture, create your very own radial paper relief sculptures!

Mindful Pauses
Can Help Student Engagement

Younger children require more time to process than do older children, and adults often forget this as they zoom through content as if they were speaking to other adults. No matter what their ages, when we give our students just a little more time to process information, they learn better.

Farm to Cafeteria Conference

Cafeterias in schools and early care and education locations, colleges and universities, hospitals and other institutional settings serve tens of millions of Americans every day, placing the farm to cafeteria movement at the forefront of the fight to end obesity and strengthen local food systems. The 8th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference is coming to Wisconsin in June 2016!

Engage the Emotions

The emotional connection that can result when teachers make learning personally relevant to students is what differentiates superficial, rote, topical assimilation of material from a superlative education marked by deep mastery and durable learning. While there are no silver bullets in education, emotional engagement and personal relevance is the tool that has the potential to improve the educational experience of every child, in every school in America.

NCI - Mukwonago WI

NCI Mukwonago is surrounded by 400 acres of woodlands and open prairies. Mukwonago is just under an hour and a half from downtown Chicago, between Madison and Milwaukee.The beautiful property is surrounded by such geological and environmental wonders as a living bog and Kettle Moraines. The site contains a private lake and is bordered by Lake Beulah to the South.
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