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July 2017

NCI Executive Director to Prague

Geoffrey Bishop, Nature's Classroom Institute's Executive Director and Founder, will present "Nature the First Essential Environment" at the International Montessori Congress in Prague in late July. The program focus is 'Pathway to Peace: Montessori Education for Social Change'.

What's Up Down Under?

Prairies are being reestablished to prevent erosion and to rebuild “worn out” soils on abandoned farms and other areas. Many prairies have been destroyed by agricultural practices, but what lives in a prairie can also be a benefit to agriculture. For instance, short grasses are well adapted as pasture, and range plants can be used to graze cattle and sheep.

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What's Up Down Under

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Weave a Willow Basket

For thousands of years people have woven baskets using the natural materials available to them, like willow shoots and reedy grasses. Basket-weaving today is both a practical skill and an art form. This activity is a wonderful way for children to integrate nature into usable art.

Vertical Farming Provides Locally Grown Veggies Year-round

Vertical farming is like growing vegetables in a greenhouse on steroids.The industry includes methods like aquaponics, aeroponics and hydroponics. And it's predicted to reach almost $6 billion in revenues within the next five years.

First Time In Decades, Parts of US Will Go Dark Due to Rare Eclipse

Parts of the United States will be pitch black during the day on August 21st, thanks to a rare total solar eclipse. According to NASA, the eclipse will put a big part of continental United States, from Oregon to South Carolina, in total darkness during the daytime. This 70-mile wide belt of night-like skies will pass through the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Philly Doctors Prescribe Park Visits to City Kids

Primary-care pediatricians will be able to prescribe detailed action plans to connect kids with Philadelphia’s park system at a time when children are spending far less time in nature than doctors say is needed for healthy development of motor skills, social competence, problem-solving abilities, and even eyesight.

NCI - Wimberely TX

Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, NCI in Wimberley is just outside of Austin and a convenient destination from most of Texas' major cities.

The camp like atmosphere accommodates housing for up to 85 students, comfortable sleeping quarters, ample bathroom facilities, and a modern retreat center. The Wimberley site is surrounded by 240 acres of rolling terrain, a 5 acre lake, a wealth of oak trees, and dawn-grazing deer.
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