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July 2015

Farm to Summer

Summer is a fantastic time of year to add variety to keep meals tasting great. In many regions across the United States, USDA’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) aligns well with the peak growing season, allowing schools and nonprofit organizations to serve products in their freshest state. Schools can develop continuous, year-round farm to school programming, and test out cooking techniques and recipes using local foods.

SFSP Summer Meals Webinars
Summer Meals Toolkit

Chickening Out

The students will dissect a raw egg to examine its anatomy, learn to handle and care for live chickens, and participate in a simulation of chicken behavior. Students also learn that chickens can provide great benefits to a garden by eating weed seeds and bugs, aerating the soil as they scratch in it, and their manure is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Geocaching 101

According to, geocaching (“JEE-oh-cash-ing”) is defined as a “worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure.” Those who participate in a geocaching event are called geocachers and they are seeking a geocache—or simply a cache—which is a hidden container. The container may hold a variety of items, but usually contains a logbook, which geocachers sign once they’ve located the cache.

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Childhood Risk Taking

Studies indicate that it’s a healthy and necessary part of childhood to have the opportunity to take risks, make mistakes, and developmentally grow from those experiences. How do we make sure that we’re allowing children opportunities to take age-appropriate risks, without unintended consequences?

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July Webinar:
Chickens &
School Gardens

The National School Garden Program hosts a guest presentation by Farmer Kim Aman of Moss Haven Elementary School in Dallas Texas to discuss chickens and school gardens.
Tuesday July 28, 2015
@ 1 PM EST

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United States : +1 (312) 757-3121
Access Code: 510-256-069

Sticks are Good for Kids. Huh?

Imagine playgrounds with sticks, mud, puddles and trees for climbing. Imagine playgrounds that welcomed children into nature rather than portraying nature as dangerous, or making creativity out of bounds and physicality intolerable.

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NCI Bruceville TX

Located in Central Texas, Nature's Classroom Institute in Bruceville is close to most major Texas cities including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston. The new EcoVillage sits in the woodlands of nearly 290 acres adjacent to a zoo and vegetable garden. It can house up to 72 people and a kitchen and dining room powered by solar cells.

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