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Nature's Classroom Institute, the nation's premier environmental education program, creates customized and individual experiences for every teacher and student. 

September 2016

Skyview Phase 1: Completed

Our new Nature's Classroom Montessori building is now complete and school is in session! We are so excited with the completion of our 11,420 sq ft building, complete with classrooms, an office, activity room, and storage space. We don't plan to let the dust settle too long before we start moving forward with Phase 2! We're so eager to rejoin the NCI program with our Montessori school.

An Apple A Day

The students will graft apple trees using rootstock and scions. These grafted trees can become part of a school orchard.The rootstock is the part of the tree that will be anchored to the ground and support the upper part, or “scion.” The rootstock is usually from a tree that is closely related to apple trees. Grafting should be done in late winter to early spring so that you are taking dormant scions from the desired dormant apple trees.

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An Apple A Day

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Get Cookin':
Autumn Applesauce

Fall is such a great season for many reasons; one special reason is because it's the perfect time to take advantage of delicious apples. Making applesauce with your class can be a fun activity as many can be involved in the prep and all can reap the tasty rewards!

Self-Regulation vs Self-Control

So much of the parenting advice that abounds today centers around how to teach children about the consequences of their actions and make these lessons stick; or how to build up a child’s self-control. But what neuroscience is telling us is that kids aren’t going to learn anything from lectures however well-intentioned while they’re in survival brain mode. And what is astonishing is to see just how many children and youth this applies to today.

‘Natureplay’ Film Reveals Scandinavia’s Nature-based Education System

This new award-winning documentary reveals the stark contrasts between America's obsession with standardized tests, at the cost of everything else, and Scandinavia's embrace of all things nature-based. It's clear which is the more successful approach. Many children attend forest kindergartens, where they spend most of their days outside, rain or shine.  

Public Montessori
High Schools

The focus on adolescent development means teachers are always thinking about how to build curriculum that will help students take their place in the world. They recognize that high school is a training ground for the rest of society and so they focus on “valorization of the personality” — a Montessori phrase for character development — and giving many opportunities for students to engage their hands, hearts and bodies in authentic work.

NCI - Wimberley TX

Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, NCI in Wimberley is just outside of Austin and a convenient destination from most of Texas' major cities.

The camp like atmosphere accommodates housing for up to 85 students, comfortable sleeping quarters, ample bathroom facilities, and a modern retreat center. The Wimberley site is surrounded by 240 acres of rolling terrain, a 5 acre lake, a wealth of oak trees, and dawn-grazing deer.
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