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Nature's Classroom Institute, the nation's premier environmental education program, creates customized and individual experiences for every teacher and student. 

July 2016

NCI Celebrates 20 Years

Nature's Classroom Institute is thrilled to celebrate our 20th year teaching children across the Midwest and Texas! Our environmental education program continues to grow and reach more participants. Not only are we building Sky View, a brand new 11,420 sq ft facility in Mukwonago WI on 140 acres, we are also marking our 20th year with a festive Gala in Milwaukee WI in September. We warmly welcome all to join us!

Can't Live Without You

Students learn about Monarch and Black Swallowtail butterflies, then go out and collect caterpillars. They will also conduct an experiment to determine whether butterflies are influenced by color when choosing food sources.

Bag an Old T-Shirt

When is a shirt more than a shirt? When it is also a bag. When is a bag more than a bag? When it is also a game!

Turn an old t-shirt into a handy, reusable bag for a trip the farmers’ market, or, even better, a trip to the beach or the pool. Print the Climate Kids banner on the front and the Leaps and Flutters game on the back. Then, bring along a die (one "dice") and find a couple of rocks or shells to use as game pieces.

Fear and Anxiety
in Kids

Fears are proof that children are learning more about the world, sharpening their minds, expanding their sense of the world and what it means to them, and learning about their own capacity to cope. As they experience more of the world, they will figure out for themselves that the things that seem scary aren’t so scary after all.

Call of the Virtual

Pokémon Go and other supercharged digital devices are uniquely powerful, and they deserve respectful questioning. Here’s a litmus test: how long does it take a person to look up from the screen and actually experience the natural world? Modern technology isn’t inherently bad or good, but daily, monthly, yearly, lifelong electronic immersion in it, without a force to balance, can drain our ability to pay attention, to think clearly, to be productive and creative.

Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain

Because the brain is still developing during adolescence, it has incredible plasticity. It’s akin to the first five years of life, when a child’s brain is growing and developing new pathways all the time in response to experiences. Adolescence is the last time in a person’s life that the brain can be so dramatically overhauled.

NCI Bruceville TX

Located in Central Texas, Nature's Classroom Institute in Bruceville is close to most major Texas cities including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston. The new EcoVillage sits in the woodlands of nearly 290 acres adjacent to a zoo and vegetable garden. It can house up to 72 people and a kitchen and dining room powered by solar cells. Memorable moments, our modern facility, and a multitude of activities make NCI Bruceville far more than the usual retreat experience.
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