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November 2017

NCI Announces New Northern California Site

Nestled among giant, ancient Redwoods on the banks of Mason Creek and the San Lorenzo River, sits our new NCI site in Ben Lomond, CA. From the full glass dining room, to the classroom in the tree house, your students will experience some of nature’s greatest wonders. Situated on nearly 100 acres of mountainous terrain, with covered pathways that pass some of nature’s great standards, students will discover banana slugs to foxes as they explore the myriad of trails. We are excited to offer this new Northern California location as part of the amazing natural facilities that Nature’s Classroom Institute uses.

Tracks and Traces

All living things have basic needs (food, water, shelter, habitat, etc.) and these provide clues to what animals can be found in a specific area. Tracks are the foot, hand, or paw prints left by an animal. They are often very distinctive and are very useful in identification. Traces are the other forms of evidence left by animals as they go about their daily lives.
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Tracks and Traces
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Terrarium Mini Garden

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish. It is made in just about any glass container. It is planted to look like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in its own little world. Chose the same type of plants that thrive in the same kind of environment. For example, you could plant all succulents (including cactus), because they need very little water. Or you could plant all ferns, because they like it moist.

The Fragile Generation

When we raise kids unaccustomed to facing anything on their own, including risk, failure, and hurt feelings, our society and even our economy are threatened. Yet modern child-rearing practices and laws seem all but designed to cultivate this lack of preparedness. There's the fear that everything children see, do, eat, hear, and lick could hurt them. And there's a newer belief that has been spreading through higher education that words and ideas themselves can be traumatizing.

Snowy Owls: The Arctic Raptors May Be Coming to the Continental US

Project SNOWstorm, a volunteer-fueled Snowy Owl-tracking organization, predicts an irruption, or influx of a species into a place they don’t usually live, to North America this winter. Snowy Owl migration patterns are mostly mysterious, there have been some tell-tale signs that the birds are on their way. Early stateside migrators have been spotted. A couple hundred have flocked to the Northeast and Upper Midwest.

Are We Raising Nature-Phobic Kids?

Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency suggest that adults spend 93 percent of their lives inside buildings or vehicles, living under what nature writer Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, calls “protective house arrest.”

NCI - Wimberely TX

Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, NCI in Wimberley is just outside of Austin and a convenient destination from most of Texas' major cities.

The camp like atmosphere accommodates housing for up to 85 students, comfortable sleeping quarters, ample bathroom facilities, and a modern retreat center. The Wimberley site is surrounded by 240 acres of rolling terrain, a 5 acre lake, a wealth of oak trees, and dawn-grazing deer.
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