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Nature's Classroom Institute, the nation's premier environmental education program, creates customized and individual experiences for every teacher and student. 

Summer 2019

Summer is upon us ! What now?


50 Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids in 2019:

  1. Bike rides. Take your kids out for a fun bike ride, either near your house, or if the kids are older, take them on a bike trail. Since it’s a hot summer day, make sure to bring water!
  2. Make ice cream. There isn’t a kid (or parent) in the world who would refuse ice cream on a hot summer day. This is a great kids activity in which parents can easily monitor. Here’s a great guide on creating your very own vanilla ice cream.
  3. Meet friends at the local playground. Call up your friends and let the kids hang out together at a local playground, where they can play on swingsets, merry go rounds, and more.
  4. Have a picnic at a local or state park. Getting kids together for a picnic at a local or state park can be a fun group activity. Just make sure to find some shade!
For more go to Unicef Kid Power

Witness Tree
The students will:
  • understand the historical relevance of marking land with preexisting natural objects (large trees, streams, boulders);
  • gain knowledge of how a tree functions;
  • learn historical backgrounds of 3 major American poets;
  • read poetry aloud with conviction and understanding;
  • realize the importance of naming;
  • entertain literary discussion and come to a democratic conclusion.
Discover the lesson!
  • “I am so happy to do this.  It has been our tradition at our school to send our newest students, 6th graders, on a retreat on their second day of school.  It is purposeful in its intent to bond the kids as they begin the year.  We didn't always use Nature's Classroom, but what a difference they have made in our experience, for the students and for faculty. Though our goals may not be unusual; for our students to bond and learn something valuable, Nature's Classroom has surpassed anything we had experienced prior. Our students have benefited from the talented teachers at Nature's Classroom and learned interesting life lessons.  As team leader, it is any easy job for me to "sell" Nature's Classroom to my colleagues. I applaud Nature's Classroom and all they are able to accomplish in a few short days.” ~Octavia Sadler, St. Stevens Episcopal School, Austin, TX
Our Executive Director Geoffrey Bishop is featured on  Nature and Environmental Education from The Xavier Montessori Conversations Podcast.
To listen to Geoffrey speak about the importance of Nature and children go to 
Montessori Conversations

A Name for our Lama
Nature's Classroom Institute would like to welcome our newest remember of our growing family. It is a female Lama, who is just under two years old. We have not picked a name for her yet, but if you have a suggestion, please email it to

The World Environmental Congresses Nov 2019 in Bangkok.

Congresses, held every two years, are the focal point in which all the actors of environmental education come together to present best practices, experiences, researches on methods and results of environmental education. 
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Stay tuned... there may be a surprise around the corner. Nature's Classroom Institute is ever discovering new opportunities for our teachers and students. Our goal is to offer exceptional environments for strong and exciting learning. 
Keep an eye on our website for updates....

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