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August 2016

Back to School: Back Outside

Today’s indoor children are less physically fit, less able to concentrate and are less able to relate to peers and adults than any previous generation of children. And, they are less able to be effective in the classroom. One partial solution is to give them more time outdoors: playing and learning. The goal for the National Wildlife Federation's Be Out There campaign is for every child to have at least a daily “Green Hour” of outdoor time.

Trash to Treasure

Composting is the essence of organic gardening. It completes the nutrient cycle by taking otherwise unusable waste and transforming it into beautiful, rich humus that can be applied as a garden fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers are like a multivitamin for the soil, but they are sometimes incomplete. In contrast, compost is a gourmet, balanced meal supplying macronutrients. It also supplies a complete supply of micronutrients to garden plants.
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Trash to Treasure

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Compost in a Cup

Organic materials provide many of the macronutrients that plants need for growth and activity. Eventually, these nutrients are returned to the soil, used again by trees, grass, and other plants. This is nature's way of composting and recycling! The compost that your students make can be used as mulch or mixed into the soil in the school's garden. Compost is one of nature's best mulches and soil amendments.

What's My
Carbon Footprint?

Inevitably, in going about our daily lives each of us contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. Yet, there are many things each of us can do to reduce our carbon emissions. The choices we make in our homes, our travel, the food we eat, and what we buy and throw away all influence our carbon footprint and can help ensure a stable climate for future generations.

Harvest Fest

Join NCI in celebrating our 20th year! We're hosting a Gala in downtown Milwaukee on Saturday, Sept 10 and gathering for our annual Harvest Fest at our new Skyview location on Sunday, Sept 11. Gather with us to mark 20 years of offering unique environmental education to students across the Midwest and Texas!

Garden-Based Education

In a garden we are able to cultivate children’s love of learning, their appreciation of healthy food, and their connection to the natural world. With vision, commitment, and some good hard work, educators and families are ripping up pavement, sowing seeds, and growing garden classrooms because they believe children need to be engaged by hands-on learning in a context that matters to them.

NCI - Lake Geneva WI

Nature's Classroom Institute in Lake Geneva is less than 1.5 hours from downtown Chicago, and less than 1 hour from Milwaukee. Our Lake Geneva site sits on the shores of Geneva Lake with ample woodlands, wetlands and open fields to explore. The property shares it's boundary with Big Foot Beach State Park which offers amazing marshes and bogs.
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