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Nature's Classroom Institute, the nation's premier environmental education program, creates customized and individual experiences for every teacher and student. 

November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we approached the farm for our weekly visit this Friday, the children began trying to remember the names of the new animals they had met last week . The chickens were still not out and there was one frantic turkey trying to find its community. I overheard a 4 year old confidently telling a new 3 year old who had asked why the turkey was crying, “It’s kind of scared that it’s lost because he can’t find his friends. How would you feel if you were lost and could not find your friends?” The 3 year old said, " Sad." And his older friend said, “That’s what the turkey is feeling.” Just when I was thinking what a classic example of walking in another’s shoes this was, the 4 year old says, “I know what he is saying because I can speak turkey language... all the time from when I was a baby.”

Beyond the Thankful Turkey
Thanksgiving is just one day in 365—and gratitude is a great year-round gift for any class. Check out this article explaining 10 ways to teach gratitude all year.
"One of our students who went to Nature's Classroom Institute for the first time last year as a 4th grader was heavily impacted by the refugee simulation. It inspired her to learn more about modern refugees and their experiences. This led her to choose the International Rescue Committee as her chosen charity for a summer YMCA youth leadership program. I believe she raised over $2,000 for the IRC and organized efforts to put together care kits for newly arrived refugee families in San Diego. As a result of her efforts and inspiration, the IRC gave her a Youth Leadership award. Really, the genesis for all of this community involvement and her big assistance to local refugees was NCI. 
So, thank you!!"
-Kyle, Urban Charter Montessori, California

Learn more about the International Rescue Committee.
NCI was fun and awesome. Everyone was nice and caring. As a first time camper, it was surprisingly really fun. One of my favorite activities was learning about the Native Americans and their lives. They knew so much about the natural environment around them and they used nature to heal and live so easily through different seasons. Another activity during our meal helped us prevent food waste: ORT. When we had our first meal, we overfilled our plate with food that we could not finish and we wasted 10 pounds of food! Then we learned how to be cautious of the amount of food that we put on our plates and by our last meal we only wasted a quarter of a pound! My experience at NCI was Magical. 
-Taha, 6th grade student, Florida 
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Bridgett Stevenson speaks about her time working as an environmental educator at Nature's Classroom Institute. Read her story.
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