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Kristin Senior School PrincipalFrom the desk of...
David Boardman, Senior School Principal

It is hard to grasp that Week 6 is already upon us and we are into the second half of Term 1. The pace of life at Kristin and the many opportunities we offer our students never ceases to astound me. Looking back over the last week and forward into next we can highlight just a few of these.

Last Friday saw the sun shine upon us as we came together to celebrate Foundation Day. This day will always be central to the heart of Kristin and act as a reminder of the core values and beliefs the founding parents and board envisaged 44 years ago. Beyond that, the day is special as it is one of the few opportunities we have to gather as a whole school.

Writing this I am currently trying to recover from over-indulgence at many of the International Food Stalls, which were running in the LIC foyer over lunchtime. This continues to be an incredibly successful and popular way of celebrating the diversity of the Kristin community, while sharing a common love and appreciation of culinary delights.

Next Friday will see a group of students performing on the Samoan stage at Polyfest 2017. This is a huge challenge for the students involved and one where their courage and determination needs to be recognised, performing on such a large stage and in front of so many other groups from around Auckland and New Zealand.

With so many things happening it can be easy to feel that things are getting away from you, and I encourage all students to keep the lines of communication open. Talk regularly to your class teachers, year teachers and Deans who are there to answer questions, offer support and/or advice whenever needed.

All the best in your endeavours and challenges over the remainder of this term.

What's been happening?
Kristin School Sport
Tennis through to the NZSS Finals
The Kristin Premier mixed tennis team comprising of Macsen Sisam, Hector Fleming, Lauren O'Malley and Kennedy Taylor, competed in the Auckland qualifying matches to advance to the National Secondary School finals.

Macsen lead well by winning the No.1 boys match 6-0, 6-3 giving our team the early confidence. In the No1 girl`s match Lauren O'Malley faced a stern test going down in straight sets to a formidable opponent. Hector Fleming was again able to regain the lead for Kristin with a convincing win over his opponent. This left the last singles match on the court where Kennedy Taylor showed real grit but went down 6-4, 6-4.

The overall tie came down to the doubles and was put out of reach when the boys doubles won 6-0, 6-3. The girl`s doubles fought to the end in a fantastic display, before losing 5-7, 6-3, 8-10.

Well done to all four players who will now go onto the National finals with the top eight teams from New Zealand schools.
Kristin School
Family Picnic
The incredibly sunny weather was likely a large reason behind the record turnout at the Kristin Family Picnic last Friday afternoon. The KFF ice creams sold out within 60 minutes and there were a vast array of treats ​available from the many service and cultural group stalls at the event.

One of the features of the Kristin Family Picnic is that it enables groups to showcase and raise funds for Kristin community groups, so thank you to everyone who supported the many groups that were on show.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the picnic. View photos >>
Kristin Junior School
Camp Words
Year 4 had such an adventure and thoroughly enjoyed their time together at camp. They wrote poems on their return.

The Huia Camp
Year 4 camped at Huia in a cabin and a tent in a farm paddock.
We explored the environment, caves, river, beach and bush.
These are some of unique camp words.

jellyfishtickle, sandjump, waterflow, cabinyawn, raftcrash, possumcreep, tentrustle, cavecrawl, tentsnore and pigwhiff
By Imogen

mosquitobite, cabinchat,
sandwichchew, fishflip,
eelswish, seaweedbend,
mountainhigh, cavedark,
tentsnore, roostercrow,
fruitmunch, cookiecrunch,
sheeprun, hotdogsizzle,
owlhoot, fernsway,
cicadachirp, rockypath,
riversplash, wavewgistle,
piggyhonk, turkeyrun,
birdchirp, midnighcry,

By Jessica

We sit and remember with smiles on our faces. This camp of ours took us to amazing places.
Kristin School Sport
Year 9-13 Athletics
The day dawned fine but cloudy for the postponed athletics championships. We got underway at 9am working through six rotations for all the age groups as well as the 100m, 200m and 400m on the track. The Year 9-10 students completed all the rotations including the tug of war and obstacle course.

The participation levels were high and there was some great competition throughout the day. Yes the rain came, but only for 10 minutes, failing to dampen the enthusiasm. The class and house relays on the track were a fitting way to end the day. There was some great relay running and some very close finishes.

Congratulations to the individual champions and to Mariner for winning the overall House competition. View results >>
Kristin School Bouquets
Congratulations to all students receiving bouquets this week.
Middle School Bouquets >>
Kristin School
Foundation Day Assembly
Last Friday Kristin celebrated Foundation Day with a Whole School assembly.

The assembly celebrated 44 years of Kristin existence and it is hard to imagine that any Kristin assembly that occurred under sunnier skies.

The assembly was led by Junior School Principal Mrs Patchett, who acknowledged the solid foundation laid down by the pioneers of the school.

Guest Speaker at the assembly was Carin Wilson, who created the artwork Nga Kaihaina that was installed in the LIC foyer as a result of a generous donation by the Will Family last year. Mr Wilson spoke of how the artwork comprises 20 “marks” that were used by tribal chiefs who signed the Treaty of Waitangi, and how their signing of the treaty was the very first time they left their mark in any printed form. Mr Wilson spoke of the power of leaving a mark and the opportunity this presents for all students.

As is tradition, we had our youngest students and head prefects join in the lighting of the Foundation candle and if you want to see the “ahhh” moment of the assembly then look for the candle lighting in this video of the assembly here.​
Kristin Junior School
What's the Time Mr Wolf?
Year 2 have started to learn about time. They created paper plate clocks to help with their understanding and to model different times. They loved decorating the clocks using their own creative ideas.

In pairs they undertook several tasks to work out which took longer, such as building a tower of ten cubes or hopping on one foot 15 times. During reflection, they discovered that some of the results were surprising. Who knew that jumping on the spot 10 times would be faster than writing your name twice?

Outside they constructed their own ‘human’ clock. Holding the clock numbers spaced evenly around the circle and taking turns with someone in the middle operating as the hour and minutes hands. They had to show different times beginning with o’clock and half past. They are excited to master quarter past and quarter to now!

‘I really liked decorating my paper plate clock.’

‘It was really cool when I got to be the hands of the clock.’
‘Quenna and I enjoyed seeing which activity took the longest.’
Kristin School Sport
George Rush Leads The Fleet
Two wonderful summer days allowed for six races to be completed, albeit in shifty wind conditions, at Narrow Neck Beach.

Kristin, the defending champions with a young team, finished a close second to Westlake Boys. This year the top two optimist and top two starling results counted for the overall trophy.

George Rush finished second in the 34-strong optimist fleet to lead the Kristin team with other counting sailors, Carrington Brady, Ben Gentry and Josh Berry. It was pleasing to note that Zac Pickles received a special award for his time helping out a struggling sailor in the optimist fleet.

Well done to all and special thanks to the parents who also helped out over the two day Regatta.
Kristin Middle School
Volunteering at Aria Gardens
By Jacob Siohane-Royle
The Year 10 Community and Service Leadership team visited Aria Gardens Retirement Home. We took some delicious baking and went along for an hour or so, spending time talking to the residents.

One of the team members brought her dog, Ted. He was a huge favourite and could be seen relaxing on many laps. It was an amazing experience to just sit and listen to these lovely people talk about their lives and all the experiences they had gone through. Not only did they talk to us, but they were also very interested in who we were. Sally and Fiona gave the residents a treat by playing the piano. This impromptu performance was well received and one which we will repeat next time we visit.

Arriving back at school, we reflected on our visit. Volunteer work throughout the community is very important; it is stated that the plague of loneliness and boredom are what contributes to the often stereotypical decline in quality of life in retirement. It was a real joy to try and combat these problems. It is often overlooked at how a conversation can drastically make one’s day.
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What's coming up?

Key Dates
  • Year 3 Zoo Trip - 13 Mar
  • Year 6 St John in Schools First Aid - 13 Mar
  • PYP Parent Seminar - 13 Mar, 6pm, Pacific Room
  • Year 5-6 Chapel - 14 Mar, 2.25pm
  • Year 1 MOTAT Trip - 15 Mar
  • Kindy to Year 1 Parents Literacy Afternoon - 16 Mar, 1.30pm, Pacific Room
  • Year 2-4 Chapel - 16 Mar, 2.25pm
  • JS Assembly - 17 Mar, 2.25pm
  • MS Talent Quest - 13-17 Mar, The Octagon, lunchtimes
  • MS Ronald McDonald House Charity Dinner - 13 Mar, selected students
  • Year 9 Science Tri - 14 Mar, Rainbows End
  • Year 7-8 Dental Van - 14 Mar
  • Year 9 Dance and Polynesian Group Trip - 17 Mar
  • Euphony Camp - 17-19 Mar, Peter Snell Youth Village
  • Year 12 IB Parent Info Evening - 13 Mar, 6pm, Dove Theatre
  • University of Auckland First Round Presentation - 13 Mar, 12.40pm, Tasman Room
  • NCEA Level 1 Business Trip - 15 Mar, Extreme Edge
  • NCEA Level 3 Geography Trip - 15 Mar, Waitakere Ranges
  • Introduction to Victoria University Presentation - 16 Mar, 12.45pm, Tasman Room
Premier Sports Draw
  • Water Polo Girls: Kristin v Rangitoto Girls – 10 Mar,6.30pm National Aq
  • Tennis Boys: Kristin v Mt Albert Grammer – 11 Mar , 8.15am – Mt Albert Grammar
  • Tennis Girls: Kristin v Macleans – 11 Mar, 8.15am – Kristin 1-3
  • Cricket: Kristin v Rangitoto – 11 Mar,10.30am – Kristin G1
  • Water Polo: Kristin v St Cuthberts – 12 March, 8.10pm – National Aq
  • Golf: Kristin v Westlake Boys – 13 Mar, – Pupuke GC
  • Touch Boys: Kristin v King`s – Mar, 4pm – Cornwall 4 rescheduled game TBA
  • Volley Ball Boys: Kristin v Glenfield Black – 15 Mar, 4pm – AMI Stadium
  • Volley Ball Boys: Kristin v Mahurangi A – 15 Mar, 4.45pm – AMI Stadium
Prefect Project Quiz Night
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Things to note...

Scholarships at Kristin
Kristin School is offering a range of scholarships for new students entering into Years 5, 7, 9 & 11 2018. Academic Excellence Scholarships, General Excellence Scholarships, Foundation Scholarships. Applications for all scholarships close at 2pm on Tuesday 28 March 2017. For more information about Kristin Scholarships please refer to our website or contact Linda Teagle, 415 9566 ext 2324 or email Linda.

Little Doves Construction Site
The construction site for the Little Doves early learning centre is now underway close to the entranceway at Gate 1. Only members of the construction team can be inside the fenced area, even if the gates are open. This is for obvious health and safety reasons. Please ensure that you do not wander onto the site. As the building develops, we will be sharing images of the site.

Junior School Grandparents Day
Invitations for Grandparents to attend their special morning at the school on 31 March have been sent out and RSVPs are due by 24 March. Please encourage and remind grandparents about this wonderful event.

Dads Drinks
All Kristin Dads are invited to come and share a craft beer with the boys at the New Brew Bar, William Pickering Dr, Albany on Thursday 6 April, 7pm-10pm. Junior School Parent Teacher Interviews are on Tuesday 4 April and Thursday 6 April, so we recommend Dad's get in early to book their interviews on the Tuesday night.

Prefect Project Quiz Night
Friday 31 March, 6.30pm, LIC Foyer
Do you enjoy challenging your intellect and want to help the children forced into foster care, well, we have the event for you! The annual Kristin School Quiz Night is a fundraiser for the School’s Prefect Project. Every year the Kristin Prefect team organise and carry out a community project aimed at helping those in need.

This year we have chosen to renovate a foster care home in South Auckland during the July school holidays, so that the children who stay there can have a safe and happy environment to call home. Dingwall Trust is a foster care house that has been working for 70 years to improve the lives of children by providing them with a nurturing environment that encourages all of the children to reach their potential. The aim of the Quiz Night is to raise funds for the project to go ahead so that we are able to provide a more homely and pleasant environment for them.

Thank you for supporting this event and we look forward to seeing you there! Tickets $45 pp (10 people per table). Online booking >>

Year 12 IB Parent Information Session
Monday 13 March, 6pm-7pm, Dove Theatre
Parents of Y12 IB students are invited to this session in which we will outline the key requirements of the IBDP (including the core components of CAS, TOK and EE) and expectations of students over the two year programme. 

Open Air Cinema
Saturday 1 April will be a special night, with Kristin Family and Friends (KFF) planning an inaugural Open Air Cinema event at the school. We have secured the right to show Hunt for the Wilderpeople under the stars and for the younger children we will be showing the Lego Movie. We will be offering an all-inclusive ticket of entry to the movie and a snack bag – with a Gold Class option of preferential seating and food. A major UK cinema publication has just named Hunt for the Wilderpeople the best film of 2016. Wilderpeople topped Empire magazine's list of the 25 best movies of 2016, beating out the likes of Arrival and Spotlight. Tickets on sale now >>

Entry to Kristin Kindergarten for Siblings
There is high demand for places at Kristin, so please ensure you submit any application for admission to the Kristin Kindergarten of a younger sibling of a current student as early as you can. Although siblings are given priority, we can only offer a place if we have a vacancy, so submitting an application as soon as possible is important. For any further information about admission to Kristin please contact Linda Teagle, 415 9566 ext 2324 or email Linda.
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