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Producer Notes


I would like to start out thanking all that have tested and given us so much useful feedback on the Treasure Chests.  We are in the process of making changes based on the feedback we have received and hope everyone will check out for the latest changes we have planned for this exciting update!  We had hoped to do more with SoS loot in this publish, however due to the scope of Treasure Chests we have moved the more robust changes to SoS loot to our next publish.  We will still be going ahead with the awesome new salvage loot, however the loot you find in the SoS will currently remain as-is for this current publish.  Since this is the first time we have done a full year of single-themed updates, we are able to focus on breaking down what we want to put in and work with you as players to make sure we can listen to your feedback and make the necessary changes to make the systems even better, for that I would personally like to thank each of you for making UO great!

As we look ahead to Forsaken Foes it is that time to start thinking of how our High Seas theme will fit into classic UO  favorites like our Anniversary Rewards and Halloween content! 

The last thing I would like to bring up is the proper way to put in a harassment page when you would like assistance.  We cannot act on word alone we need to be able to see the logs.  So this is the procedure you must use for us to be able to help.

1. If someone is harassing you first try ignoring him.
2.  If ignoring does not work then ask the player to please stop and do not say anything else.
3.  After you have asked the player to stop put in a harassment page and we will take care of it.

Please remember the GM will not contact you and give you the results of the page so do not be upset with the GM's.

Our next Dev Meet and Greet will be on the following dates:

Wakoku June 10th,  9 AM ET
Great Lakes June 24th, 7 PM ET

Finally, the following are actions taken on accounts that were banned or suspended during the month of May:

5  - Disruptive Behavior
37 - Macroing 
1 - Solicitation

See you on the High Seas, 

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

New Rewards in the Black Market!

Rising Tide has been a huge hit!  Our final batch of rewards to hit the Black Market will be on June 1st and we are sure you are going to love them!  The cannon updates and the plunderbeacons have been so popular we are decided to leave them in as permanent features!  The reward cargo will also come into play in the next chapter of our ongoing arc we began with, Rising Tide!  While the Black Market is open today, it won't be forever so hit the High Seas and get those doubloons today!


Question & Answer

1.  Can you add comas to the auction safe inputs for the owner?

This is something engineering will investigate to add for a future publish.

2.  Can we have a smaller version of the Garden Shed?

This is a great suggestion!  We can add new versions of these items that function the same way that take up less of a footprint.

3.  Where can I purchase a stable post?

You can purchase stable posts via the Ultima Store.

4.  Why does loot sometimes get generated with properties that don't seem to go together?

There are a number of factors that go into loot property generation, with a lot of moving parts.  We strive to make loot as desirable as possible, but this is certainly a case of "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".  Addressing the disparity between crafted and magic loot, as well as the entire gear loop in general is a big task we want to tackle over the coming publishes so that we can keep attainable game play fresh for everyone while minimizing power creep.

5.  What other features can we expect in Forsaken Foes?

We've got a number of High Seas themed features planned for our next publish, Forsaken Foes!  Some of these include popular favorites like Anniversary rewards, Halloween Pumpkins & Trick or Treating items, as well as the Treasures of Halloween!  Beyond that we will be taking a look at the Charybdis encounter, putting together some fresh loot on Corgul and Scalis, and adding new fish to the aquarium! 

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